Hi guys looking for a online high school ?

Discussion in 'High School Education via Distance Learning' started by lilphilog, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. lilphilog

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    Hello guys im 19 years old and looking for a online high school to get my diploma i dropped out in the 9th grade and been out ever since ,i live in washington,d.c im looking for a online high school that i can be able to complete the high school within months or quickly as possible ,can you give me a list of accredited online high schools where i can get my high school diploma and is continental academy a accredited online high school?
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    Hi lilphilog! Welcome to DegreeInfo. We'll be glad to share all we know with you (and even a few things we don't know!)

    I think this is the same online high school that is in the links that show up in your post automatically. But, if not, here is one:

    Advanced Academics High School
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  4. lilphilog

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    yea i did some research and alot of people are saying they lost there Accreditation ,do you know any cheaper online legit high schools
  5. lilphilog

    lilphilog New Member

    and also is NORTH TEXAS ACADEMY accredited??
  6. lilphilog

    lilphilog New Member

    do you know any more accredited online high schools for cheap and quick to complete
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  8. AV8R

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  9. SurfDoctor

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    This is the best advice. I'm sure you could get one on Amazon used pretty cheap.
  10. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    The correct title is:
    Complete Guide to Online High Schools
    by Thomas Nixon
    ISBN 13: 978-0-9764716

    Maybe you can find it thru your local library - you can search for a library on Google Books (you also read several pages on this site):
    Complete Guide to Online High ... - Google Books

    John Bear's books are also listed on this site.
  11. lilphilog

    lilphilog New Member

    o.k guys i think imma go with ashworth high school i have read some good things about them and did some research to make sure there really accredited and they are thank you guys
  12. SurfDoctor

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    Glad we could help. Be careful that the school you choose has a legitimate accreditation; there are some fake accreditations out there. If you have questions, post them here.
  13. Delta

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    Take the GED exam. With a little study, who knows you may just pass! Good luck!
  14. consultco

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    GED Prep

    If you decide to take the GED, you can prepare for it by using the InstantCert service, which is inexpensive. I subscribed some years back to study for CLEP and DANTES tests. It is all done online, and the method worked for me.

  15. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    Depends a lot on what you're doing after high school also. If you're going on to college, then the GED will allow you to start community college. If you're going just into employment without college, having a high school diploma looks marginally better to some employers.

    You might also take a quick look at k12.com. They are a private company that partners with school systems all over the US, and in a number of areas they offer free online schooling funded by public school funds.
  16. Stadium

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    I think a GED is a much more practical choice for you. Consider that.
  17. kbchow

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    Online High Schools

    I would recommend one of the programs offered at state universities - they are non-profit, accredited and affiliated with a campus (which helps in perception).

    The University of Oklahoma High School OU High School

    University of Missouri High School High School Credits | Online high School Diploma | MU High School

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School Online High School, Home School Program, U. Of Nebraska: Home

    North Dakota Center for Distance Education Plans of Study | ND Center for Distance Education

    There are also many similar programs that offer distance learning (online or correspondence/mail) high school courses that will transfer into the above programs but may not grant their own diplomas.
    The big one is Brigham Young BYU Independent Study - High School Courses
    BYU Independent Study - Online Courses

    (Disclaimer: I work at OU.)
  18. Ted Heiks

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    Does Tom Nixon still have his website on online high schools?
  19. Shawn Ambrose

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    Also, if he is planning to go to a community college, if he scores high enough on an approved college placement test (ACT-Compass or College Board - Accuplacer), he would be eligible for Title IV Financial Aid (probably dependent on parents income since the OP is 19 years old).

    If the military is in his plans, he should avoid the GED UNLESS he puts a year of college in first. It is much more difficult to enlist in the military with a GED v. high school diploma.

    If none of these options apply, I would go with the GED. Many community colleges offer GED classes for free or reduced cost, far less than an online high school.

  20. chris james

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    Sorry, for the delay. I would suggest you one of the accredited online high school in united states named The Ogburn online school. The Ogburn Online School is a premier online homeschool designed to fit the specific needs of each one of our students. My daughter has been a part of this online homeschool with full flexibility of time and comfort. According to its educational standards this would offer you the best options.

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