Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Business School DBA Experiences / Comments

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by ahardinjr, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    I have the MSc and MBA from Heriot-Watt, and am enrolled in the DBA. I had to take a few courses to build up 18 hrs in Finance (due to my teaching role), but plan to submit a dissertation proposal in June.

  2. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    I am working on IBR3 now, having passed the first two!! Then I will be working on my research proposal this fall. Jim, if you have any last minute tips or tricks for IBR3, they are always appreciated!! For the price, I just think this is one of the best options out there for a 100% DL program (Royal Charter accred.)

  3. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    When you "pass" a Heriot-Watt module, do they assign a letter grade to it, or is it a pass/fail type of thing?
  4. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member


    The exams are pass fail, but they also show grades. Passing requires achieving 50% of the marks. I forget the exact ranges, but between 50 and 70 something is a B, above that is an A.

    I have taken and passed 22 HW exams. I have never failed any--but last term I took 4 exams and I just scraped by with a 53% on one of them (Financial risk management). I have the MBA and the MSc., but went back to complete IBR2 and 3, and pick up more finance credits for teaching purposes.

    I will tentatively submit a proposal for the dissertation sometime this summer.
  5. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    The main pointer for IBR 3 is to study the data analysis/hypothesis testing sections. From my review of past exams, some questions are more difficult than others. In December the analysis involved chi square so it wasn't too difficult.

  6. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    Just a quick note here as well that I have now passed the course work stage (IBR3) and hope to hear from them soon about the next steps!! Should be working on my Research Proposal this fall and then hopefully start the dissertation stage after the new year!

  7. Jawara

    Jawara New Member

    Ebs-hw dba

    Hello i would like to inquire regarding the HW DBA program when you submit your application does the HW inform if you have to take other courses or not beside the three research courses. I am contemplating applying i like the program i find it really interesting, very good compared to the Walden and others it looks well pace. Any information you can provide regarding your experiences would be greatly appreciated thanks much.
  8. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    I suspect you would know up front, based on what I have experienced and seen. I suppose it is possible they might require something if your dissertation is an area you do not already have sufficient education? For example, mine is Finance/Accounting which is mostly what my MBA was in and my other certifications, etc. But if I had picked say an Economics topic, or possibly project management, I can see how they might require me to take another class or two?
  9. Brian Bates

    Brian Bates New Member

    I, too, am very familiar with that University. It is Royal Charter (equivalent to the USA's RA).The DBA is no walk in the park. You would do well if you enrolled Wwith a US institution that has many years of experience offering DL education.
  10. Brian Bates

    Brian Bates New Member


    I wish you luck with HW's DBA.
  11. Brian Bates

    Brian Bates New Member

    He said that he "believes?". That doesn't accurate coming from a sales rep. These programs are easy to enter but hard to leave.
  12. Brian Bates

    Brian Bates New Member

    The certificates are graded
  13. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Brian's motto appears to be, "Never say it in 1 post when you can say it in 5.":newbie:
  14. Brian Bates

    Brian Bates New Member


    Acutally, I wasn't sure if my comments were going through. I don't thnk HW's DBA is an easy program to pass.It would be interesting to know how many students have graduated since it's inception (around 2004). Yes, it is cheap (when compared to others), but I don't think HW learning structure for the DBA is developed as North American DL programs. In other words, the teaching mode is weak.

  15. major56

    major56 Active Member

    It increases to his posting numbers… :smokin:
  16. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    Just a follow up, I am officially in the Research Proposal phase as of this week!! So for the next six months I will be fine tuning my proposed research question and then once it has been accepted by the committee (with any changes they require) I will be in the final dissertation phase!

    My thoughts so far, this has been a really well run program, the three courses will focus your attention on what is needed to perform research at the doctoral level and the steps needed. So the three courses are covering what a Research Proposal is, a Lit Review and finally Statistics/Research Methods for the final dissertation.

    I am always happy to answer any questions!! I hope to wrap up my research in the couple of years and get that coveted DBA after my name!
  17. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Congrats. To me, getting through the research proposal (and the comps) was the hardest part of the whole process. The rest was fairly straight forward (and a lot of writing.)
  18. porkfloss

    porkfloss Guest

    Hi guys,

    I am looking forward to take up the DBA programme and the one from EBS is one of those I have shortlisted and offered placement.

    Now I am considering if I should really take up the offer and commence my probably 4 years of pain and agony journey.. haha. Appreciate if those who are already in the programme, whatever the stage you are in now to offer me some insights of the pros and cons of this programme. Thanks!

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