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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by ahardinjr, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. ahardinjr

    ahardinjr New Member

    Hello All,

    It has been awhile since I have been on this forum. Last time I was here, I had just got admitted to Capitol College's DSc in IA; however, I was quickly turned off to the program due to lack of formal structure and maturity (no official orientation for my cohort, no program or disseration guide available to doctoral students, poorly structured class, etc). In short, the new program had some growing to do.

    I left the program during the first course and took some time away from school. Since I have an AASCB-accrediated MBA, I have decided to look at DBA programs and focus my dissertation in Information Systems Management or Corporate Governance. I have been looking at several regionally accrediated / royal chartered / AACSB accrediated programs and Edinburgh Business School's DBA program looks quite interesting and appealing.

    I was wondering if anybody on this forum has any experience with this program. If so, what are your thoughts on it?

    I would like to obtain my DBA for several reasons: (1) personal gain and professional development, (2) opportunity to move up in the corporate ladder, and (3) potentially teach later in life at a small / online university of community college.

    I am quite aware that since the program is not AACSB-accrediated that it limits future AACSB tenure track position possibilities.

    Any information would be welcomed. Thanks!
  2. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    I'm very familiar with the university, but have not been through the DBA program. I suggest you check out the EBS Watercooler, which is the "unofficial" website for EBS students. There are some DBA students there. Delphi Forums Login .
  3. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    The Delphi Forum is not very busy, but still some good information if you simply read back through the posts there.

    I was accepted at HW - EBS program for my DBA last month and just registered for my first course about a week ago, still waiting on the materials. (Intro to Business Research 1)

    So I will know MORE in a few weeks once I actually get up and running but all my reading on the materials has me pretty excited about the opportunity!!

    The classes appear to have lots of good material in the "classroom" including testing software that will allow you to concentrate your studies on the areas you need more help in. (A HUGE plus...)

    They only have MAJOR tests twice a year, so I will be working towards taking the exam for IBR1 in June and then I will work on IBR2 for next December. (IBR3 for June 2014) That would put me on track for my six month period to focus my dissertation in July-December 2014.

    From there... it will be an annual deal as I work on my dissertation.

    I really like the 3 "classes" system and 6 month mentoring, it "sounds" like a well thought out process, they have been working on it for about 10 years from what I understand.

    HW EBS has some interesting lectures on their Youtube page, and William Wallace just posted one recently about the Project Mgmt course. (He is one of the DBA mentors / in charge of the program.)

    My dissertation focus will be Accounting Education (or possibly Accounting Information Systems...), since I already work and teach in the field and have a pretty interesting topic to research!

    I hope to see you there, if you want to exchange more info give me a shout, we can start up an informal group of DBA students for HW!!

  4. ahardinjr

    ahardinjr New Member

    Thanks for your replies, I appreciate them! I have reached out to HW EBS and recieved information regarding the program. I agree, I like the format of the program as well and how it progresses from the taught phase to the mentoring phase and finally the disseration phase.

    The only downside is that they offer their Major tests only twice a year, so either you double down on two of the IBR classes at once or take 1.5 years to complete all three. Both my undergraduate and graduate degree are from schools on the quarter system, so I am used to 8 - 12 week quarters.

    I am strongly considering the program, along with Walden University. EBS is very appealing in the sense that a majority of your work is research based working on your disseration. Walden, on the other hand requires much more course work. Also, what I found to be interesting is that when I talked to a Walden Rep, he told me that he believes there is no oral defense for your dissertation...which seems odd to me.

    Sam - please keep me updated on how things go with EBS; I may be applying soon! I will review some of the lectures on YouTube. Thanks again for the info!
  5. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    He believes there is no oral defense? Sounds like a sales rep. Isn't there a faculty member you can talk to?
  6. ahardinjr

    ahardinjr New Member

    He was an Enrollment Advisor, aka sales rep for their doctorate programs. I asked him to look into and confirm if there is an oral defense or not and am awaiting his response.
  7. Ponnanil

    Ponnanil New Member

    I too am a matriculated DBA student of EBS and I am very glad to get connected with you and all in this forum. I got the Study material about a month back and started studying it in detail

    I need your support and guidance and kindly help me by posting tips , sample questions etc .

    Warm Regards
  8. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    In about a week or so I should know the results from the first class, IBR1. I am pretty active on the Watercooler forum as well, and will update here as I go through the program!
  9. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Please do. Since taking on the role as EBS Alumni Ambassador, I get a few emails each month from prospective students asking about the DBA. The short answer I can really give them is "I don't know", since I've only been through their MBA program.
  10. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    Just got the results and I have officially passed the first of three classes for the DBA!! IBR 1, 2 and 3.

    Basically those classes teach you how to write a Research Proposal (IBR1), Do a Literature Review (IBR2) and then how to Decide on Research Method (IBR3) [This one is where the "math" comes in is my understanding]

    One of the guys on the Watercooler forum sat for all THREE exams at once and passed and is moving on now to the 6 month mentoring stage as he writes his Research Proposal!

    I will continue to check in here as I move forward, I am taking IBR2 now, exam will be December 2013.

    I am happy to answer any questions that folks have as well.
  11. hbalani

    hbalani New Member

    Format of courses

    Hello all. I am narrowing down my choices for a distance learning DBA program, including EBS. For those currently matriculated there, how are the courses delivered? I understand you order the material (IBR 1,2,3) and receive them by mail. You can take tests twice a year. Is there any other faculty interaction? Are there online material available? If you have questions/issues, how can you resolve them?

    I appreciate EBS is fairly standalone and am also considering University of Liverpool/Laureate online program as well. UofL seems more interactive. Lancaster University also seems an interesting choice with some residency, which is fine with me.

    Would very much appreciate your feedback.
  12. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    You also have the option of downloading the material directly to your PC instead of via mail. I have done this for both classes to date and you get the e-book. (I read mine in the Kindle App on my iPad)

    There is a Q&A area for each classroom monitored by the staff and a some frequently answered questions there as well.

    Other materials include previous exams AND their solutions, both the ones that were written by the instructor AND an example written by a student.

    So far, VERY easy to get ahold of the school via email with any questions I have had!

  13. hbalani

    hbalani New Member

    Thank you. Have you tried speaking to an instructor live? Is that an option?
  14. JeepNerd

    JeepNerd New Member

    Not sure if it is, I have never considered it, but I suspect if you really needed to you could hunt one of them down. The topics are pretty straight forward and once you get to the mentoring stage THEN I suspect you will have as much contact (electronic/voice, etc) as desired!
  15. sharonshaz

    sharonshaz New Member

    Hi there i just joined this forum. I started the dba program recently, infact i have yet to receive the notes for the research mtds 1. I am told that the exam is
    In december. Perhaps with your experience you can give me some helpful guidance.
    Regards, sharon
  16. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Sharon, welcome!

    You don't have the materials yet and the exam is next month? That's not a lot of study time to be ready to pass a challenging exam!
  17. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    Ebs dba

    I did the EBS MBA, the MSc. in Strategic Planning--and although I have a PhD from Capella University (2004), I am going to go ahead and finish out the DBA. (I am also going to do 4 of the Financial Management Exams to build up my graduate units in Finance).

    I love the program, and have always been impressed with the university and their methodology. Yes, exams are only given twice a year--but keep studying, and take the exams when you can. (During my MSc., I had to cancel exam dates a couple times in a row--but then took five exams in one week. It was a tough week, but I got it done and passed them).

    I took IBR1 during my MSc. Coming up first week in December, I am going to take 4 exams: IBR2, IBR3, Financial Risk Management, and A Practical History of Financial Markets. If I pass, I will move on to the dissertation, and then take Derivatives and Credit Risk Management next June.

    Why am I doing this? I am Program Chair, MS in Engineering Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (tenure-track)--so scholar activity is appreciated.

    Jim Marion
    Ph.D Organization & Management, Capella University
    MSc. Strategic Planning, Heriot-Watt
    MBA Heriot-Watt
    MS Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
    BSEET Grantham College of Engineering
    Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  18. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Four exams in one diet, and then another dissertation. I feel like such an underachiever with my one PhD and 2 masters. :notworthy:

    However, I did just remodel a kitchen with my Penn Foster certificate!
  19. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member

    Ebs dba

    ...and I stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night!....

    I fell into the DBA program by virtue of the fact that taking exams was a good way to brush up on things and I had to do something for faculty development. So, I am thinking I have to do research anyway--I may as well just do it and be done with it...
  20. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    It's been awhile since this thread has been updated. How are things going in the Heriot-Watt DBA program?

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