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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by WR213, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. WR213

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    I am in search of the best 12 Month MBA online school I can find to enroll in the Spring 2016. So far I have narrowed my search to these schools in no particular order:

    1. Boise State, 12 months, 49 Credits, $32,250, pre-req included, 7 wk terms, GMAT Waivered
    2. Miss State, 12-16 months, 33 Credits, $13,072, possible 4 Pre-reqs needed, 8 wk terms, GMAT not waivered
    3. UTPana, 12 months, 36 Credits, $17,000, possible 4 Pre-reqs needed, 7 week terms, GMAT waivered
    4. LSUShreport, 12 months, 36 Credits, $12,652, possible two pre-req needed, 7 wk terms, GMAT waivered
    5. UTenn-Chatt, 12-16, 36 credits, $23,088, no pre-reqs needed, 7 week terms, GMAT waivered
    6. Southeast Missouri, 16 months, 33 Credits, $9,636, possible 9 pre-reqs, 8 week terms, GMAT Waivered
    7. Umass-Lowell, 12-16 months, 30 Credits, $25,000, possible 4 pre-reqs needed, 8 weeks terms, GMAT Waivered
    8. UL-Monroe, 16-24 months, 33 credits, $15,675, possible 2 pre-reqs needed, 1, 6 week terms, GMAT Waivered
    9. Temple, 20 months, 48 Credits, $62,208, pre-reqs included, 4 week terms, GMAT Waivered
    10. Colorado State, 16 months, 33 Credits, $32,250, No pre-req course needed, 7 wk terms, GMAT Waivered

    All these schools are AACSB.

    Here is my situation; I am a Navy Vet. I have an undergrad GPA of 3.5, a Grad GPA of 3.92. I don't want to take the GMAT if at all possible (Savings of $250). All but one of the schools above will waiver the GMAT thanks to my other Masters. I have one year left of VA-911 GI-BILL money left to use to get this MBA. I am in Florida so it has to be a distance/online program. My preference is to attend Temple if I am able to find the money with grants but without any loans. Having said that, my other preference would be to get the most bang for my money and go after the MBA with the most punch. I have read the threads about getting a local or regional MBA from the schools in your area as they would be better recognized, etc. Being in Florida, I only have one school near me (UNF) and not only is it expensive, but it would take 24 months to complete, thus depleting my va funds. So that is why I eliminated them.

    Based on people's experience here, what do you guys recommend? What can you chime in as to any of the schools above? I am waiting for an answer from Miss State about being able to complete in one year, which is where I would like to go if I decide to take the GMAT. If they say no then I would likely look at UT-Chatt, LSUShrevport, UTPA.

    If I was to take the GMAT, then I could open other doors and look at other universities like Auburn, SDSU, UND, ETC. But again, my preference is not to take the GMAT.

    I really like to know what you guys think in regards to reputation for these schools. Is Boise State a good choice? are LSUS, UT-Chatt, UTPA good programs?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Kizmet

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    First, I'd like to commend you for doing your homework. Despite that however, you're not really going to know the answer because the prerequite issue will change both the time requirement and the cost. Assuming no prerequisits are required I'd go with Mississippi and then maybe UMass (just because I like UMass in general). Good luck.
  3. major56

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    Of the B-Schools you’ve listed … I’d consider the Temple-Fox online MBA Rankings | Online MBA | Fox School of Business | Temple University | Philadelphia, PA to be the more likely recognized brand and rankings choice. One of the DegreeInfo members CavTrooper is currently in the program. You may want to PM him for his direct feedback concerning that particular MBA program.
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  4. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Hmm. You have been very thorough in your research. Looks like you already answered your own question. So ... why did you need my opinion?
  5. WR213

    WR213 New Member

    I appreciate everyone's answers. I guess I was looking for biased answers with explanations as to why "X" school is worthy choice, etc. I would be curious to know how CavTrooper located the funding needed. I only have a year's left of 911 GI Bill and that is my predicament. To be honest, I am looking to speak with Miss state and Umass Lowell. I kinda like Boise State, so if anyone has any experience with it I would love to hear it.
  6. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Re Temple-Fox funding: My recollection is that CavTrooper is /was on active duty in the Army … at least when he began the program.

    Re UMass-Lowell … have you too taken a look at the UMass-Amherst (Isenberg) online MBA ($32K) Although both Lowell and Amherst are AACSB accredited … the Isenberg brand would generally be considered the more renowned of the two B-Schools.

    Isenberg GMAT waivers:
  7. WR213

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    That really does look like a nice program. The only draw back for me is that it will take 2-3 years to complete. I am willing to go to 16 months, maybe 18. The Va will only pay for one year or 16k of that and I will have to find the other 16k. I will look further. I signed up for the info webinar, I 'll see how it goes. Thanks again!
  8. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Re education funding:

    Several states (re home of record at time of enlistment) waive tuition for enrollment in state supported colleges /universities programs for veterans whose federal education benefits have ceased (e.g., in your case: re Post-9/11 GI Bill). In Texas, it’s the Hazlewood Act (wartime veterans) – Texas Veterans Commission. You may want to research your possible options through the Florida Dept. of Veterans' Affairs (if FL was your state of enlistment and current residence) Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs | Connecting veterans to federal and state benefits they have earned.
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  9. Sacricolist

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    What field did you study for your first grad degree? If it is business related the MBA program may transfer in 6 credit hours reducing time and cost.
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  10. kittenmittens

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    You forgot West Texas A&B which is AACSB accredited, around $10,000 out of state tuition, and only 30 credits long. They also have concentrations in Computer Information Systems and Healthcare Management.
  11. major56

    major56 Active Member

    WTAMU was not in the OP’s listing of considered programs. Not considered … doesn’t imply he /she overlooked /forgot this particular program. With the sheer numbers of MBA programs (even AACSB); maybe the OP simply excluded WT, with many others, from consideration …

    PS Technically per the WTAMU MBA may conceivably minimally call for 31 graduate credit hours (w/o area of concentration … with concentration, add 9-hours /three courses). Nevertheless, don’t consider such as an absolute toward the degree conferral requirement. My own experience at WT was a 37 credit hour (36 plus 1-hour Portfolio /Capstone) obligation AND I was not required to complete any prerequisite coursework. Note: I did transfer in the maximum permissible 12-hours from Tarleton State to WT. Additionally, in that every MBA student must take the 1-credit hour Portfolio course; this could too be considered a misnomer (e.g., don’t let the one hour credit course fool you). Whereas only a single credit hour will be granted; the Portfolio course (BUSI 6105) will entail as much, if not more, work /time commitment as any three hours of graduate coursework. It’s set in lieu of a concluding comprehensive exam … a newer trend in some AACSB MBA degree programs. In retrospect and if given the choice, I would have preferred a comp exam… :smokin:
  12. major56

    major56 Active Member

    You’re welcome. Most importantly … find the MBA program that will best validate and support your professional, financial and personal needs. Some programs will be more restrictive than others; nonetheless, there in that there are a whole lot of MBA degree programs out there to pick from (as well as those with AACSB recognition) … measure their overall value/s; both in the short- /long-term.
  13. WR213

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    I did look into WTAMU but could not find where the fees where. I was already dealing with TAMUC and TAMUCC out of state fees so I figured WTAMU was also the same. I just got the phone with the VA lady from TAMUC and she told me that it is up to the school to give veterans in-state tuition rate but TAMUC was not one of them. UTPA is so I am not sure why not others. Southeast Missouri just started giving In-state tuition to vets but they want 9 pre-reqs completed. I forgot to mentioned that prior to pursuing my MS in IDT at University of North Dakota, I completed 15 Credits with Embry Riddle's MSM program with 4.0 GPA. They are ACBSP not AACSB, would WTAMU accept those credits as at least electives?
  14. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Re your question regarding tuition: West Texas A&M University: Business Office Cost of Attendance

    PS I sent you a PM.
  15. WR213

    WR213 New Member

    Ok, so here is an update. I put a call to Dr. Mills at WTAMU and now I am waiting for her call back. I spoke with UTenn Chatt and they are checking to see if they will offer all the necessary courses in a year for me to be able to complete the degree in a year. Their website says 16-24 months yet there are six 7-week terms in a year, at 6 credits per term = 36 credits= 1 year. I would like to get some feedback on this program from someone who has attended/completed the program. They have no prereqs whatsoever and at 23k, I am very interested. I am waiting for Umass Amherst to call me. UTPA is merging with UT Brownsville so I don't know if that will have an effect on their Online MBA. At 17k, this is also very attractive to me. I am still undecided but I have some time before I have to make a decision. The earliest I will attend the next school will be this october. Thanks Major and everyone else who have responded.
  16. WR213

    WR213 New Member

    I just stumbled across Shippensburg University, PA. Their program is AACSB, only 30 credits for the General MBA, 8 week terms for $13,620. Do anyone here have any experience with this program? Has been AACSB since 1981 and it sounds very good.
  17. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator Staff Member

    Shippensburg is a solid state school in Pennsylvania. I have no input specifically regarding the MBA.
  18. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    Ship is my undergrad alma mater. I can't speak to the MBA. I know that the US Army War College has partnered with Shippensburg University for the MPA

    USAWC GAP Program

  19. WR213

    WR213 New Member

    Thanks, I wonder why I never heard of them when I was in Mass. I am looking forward to speaking with Justin, their recruiter tomorrow.
  20. WR213

    WR213 New Member

    I just found USFSP, CSUSB and Delaware. All are AACSB schools. USFSP is here in St. Petersburg, FL for 20k. As a vet I get an automatic $2500 scholarship. I am waiting for an answer to see if they would accept any of my 15 credits from Embry Riddle. That would lessen the time. They have 8 week terms and I am trying to find out if they have weekend only classes.

    CSU San Bernandino has no pre-reqs, no GMAT, will accept 9 transfer credits and classes are in a 5 week term format. Their tuition is 750/unit so I can be done for 27k.

    I am waiting to hear from Delaware.

    Anyone here have any experience with them?

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