Hello - I'm looking for an English 1A dl class I can start right now

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    I'm new to this site but it looks like a good one for my problem.
    I'm one class (English 1A) away from being able to apply to a program with an annual application deadline for Feb' 20. I'm a nursing (RN) undergrad at a CA jc and I'm pretty confident that I can complete a semester of english in 5 weeks (it will be the only thing I'll be working on). Most programs require waiting until the beginning of the semester - probably for test proctoring reasons which for me means waiting a year... ugh!
    Any suggestions? I've placed into 1A btw...
    Thanks in advance.
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    What exactly do you need?

    Do you need an English comp class? Any English class? Have you checked to see if they will accept a CLEP exam? CLEP exams would be fast, cheap and to the point. This would be your best bet. Usually, you can find the prep book at your local library and if you're a fast study you should be able to study and take it before New Years. CLEP Exams | CLEP

    If you need a class (instead of CLEP) LSU has an independent study/online class that you can do as slow or as fast as you need to: LSU Independent and Distance Learning

    APU/AMU has an 8 week classes but you've missed the last ones that finish before 2/20. University of Phoenix has 5 and 6 week classes, too but you'll have to rush the admissions process.
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    No CLEP or UoP

    I appreciate the quick response.
    I spoke with my matriculation office they say no CLEP or UoP, I sent the department head the LSU course description for a decision... That would be great if they were as fast as you getting back to me.
    Any other ideas? It looks like comp is the class.
    Thanks again - keith
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