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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JLV, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. JLV

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    I just realized I am member of these fora since March 2001. Well over eighteen years!!! It has been a while since I last read & posted... I became inspired here so I though I’d I stopped by to say hi and thank you very much.

    In those years DL education was an oddity and there was a thick cloud of suspicion around it. Fortunately the industrial university system is behind us and education is not confined anymore to the walls of a physical classroom.

    I can humbly share that I have accomplished my goals these years. I have for a while now graduate degrees in engineering and business administration that have propelled my career to a level I never imagined. So again thanks! Being exposed to these ideas definitely changed my life!

    Best regards,
  2. Kizmet

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    With over a thousand posts you've been a productive member all these years. Thanks for your contributions and I'm glad it's all worked out for you. The Netherlands has a certain reputation in DL circles. Maybe you could give us some perspective on those universities and their programs.
  3. Rich Douglas

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    My wife likes to joke about every university we come across, "You could teach there." (She doesn't realize that no university would have me.)

    When walking through Leiden (in South Holland) one day with a tour company, we came upon Leiden University. Out came the "you can teach here!" I blurted something like, "Fat chance since I know about 5 words in Dutch." Our tour guide, Loos, looked back and me sternly and said, "They teach in English, too, you know." Uh, no, I didn't. But thanks to Loos, I'll never forget.
  4. Vonnegut

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    Congratulations! What area of engineering? What types of courses having you been teaching?

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