Hawaii Laws Under Attack

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    The history
    Until a few years ago, Hawaii had the fewest school laws in the country, which led more than 100 non-wonderful institutions to register there, as if they were Hawaii-based schools. Then the state passed a disclosure law, requiring unaccredited schools to state, in their literature, that they were, in fact, unaccredited, and also requiring that Hawaii-based universities have at least one employee in Hawaii. This had a modest effect, and was beneficial to South Dakota mailbox rental services.

    Now the Hawaii legislature is in session, considering a new bill, written by Pacific Western University (whose Hawaii campus was shown, on the program American Journal, to be an empty room adjoining their lawyer's office), maintaining that they can't compete fairly with unaccredited schools in other states, and outside the US, if they have to disclose that they aren't accredited.

    Pacific Western had earlier settled the million dollar suit against them by the state by agreeing to stipulate that they were unaccredited in all their materials, but now they want the change in the law, for obvious reasons.

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  2. tcnixon

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    Is it actually possible that they could get this through? I would think that politicians wouldn't like the bad publicity. Although I readily admit that politicians never cease to amaze me where dollars are concerned.

    Tom Nixon
  3. Chip

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    I would propose the following:

    1. Somebody (I'm too busy finishing drywall and installing flooring at the moment) locate email contacts for as many HI legislators as possible.

    2. We get as many people on a.e.d. as possible to write an email that can be sent to each member of the HI legislature.

    3. We prepare a generic email for those too busy or otherwise occupied to develop an individual message, and provide it to be mailed.

    To me, this is an important issue. And if we're successful with this, maybe we can then do the same with all of the states that Lloyd Clayton is lobbying to prevent passage of naturopathic doctor licensure standards (which would, of course, put his bogus naturopathic school out of business)
  4. Bill Huffman

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    I like your proposals very much, Chip.

    I'm pleased that they don't like this idea of requiring a statement about being unaccredited. To take care of their unfairness concern, I think that all states should have such a law.
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    **** How come I've got the feeling that things will get worse in Hawaii before they get better ?? ****


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