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  1. Kizmet

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    This is a kind of two part post. Part 1 is simply to point out that Hallmark has an online Masters in Cybersecurity. Part 2 is to point out that Hallmark is accredited by ACCSC, an accreditor we don't talk about much. Maybe obscure is not the right word but it's certainly not common.

  2. SteveFoerster

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    Total tuition is $17,820 in case that's of interest.
  3. sanantone

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    I lived in the city where Hallmark is located. They advertised in the same manner as the for-profit career schools and charge just as much. I think they used to be called Hallmark Institute, and their specialization was aviation.

    I had a former coworker who earned an associate's degree there, and he said that only one university in the city would accept his transfer credits. I think it was Devry. It was a poor choice since the Alamo community colleges were offering online degrees at the time for less than $60 per credit hour.

    I worked for one school accredited by ACCSC. The administrative tasks were cumbersome and had little to do with educational quality.
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    I find it interesting that Hallmark University is comparing its tuition with those of regionally accredited universities. What a joke!
  6. Kizmet

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    One myth in the NA v RA question is that NA schools are cheaper than RA schools. Some NA schools are rather expensive and you can easily find cheaper RA alternatives. We generally track things like "What's the cheapest RA Bachelors degree?" but I don't know if we've ever answered the question "What's the cheapest NA Bachelors degree?"
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    You can earn a comparable master's degree for less than Hallmark's tuition at Georgia Tech, WGU, and Cumberlands, to name a few. I think the cheapest NA bachelor's degrees are at the University of the People, Nations, Ashworth, and Penn Foster. I could be wrong.
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  8. Johann

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    I don't think you're wrong.
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    I've found schools accredited by ACCSC and ACICS to be quite expensive. ITT Tech was among the most expensive schools in the country, but they weren't handing out grants and scholarships like candy like many RA non-profits do. Instead, they had students take out loans directly from the school at high interest rates because the tuition was higher than the max in Pell Grants and federal loans, combined.

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