GRE subject exams: How did you prepare?

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    If you have ever taken a GRE subject exam how did you prepare?
    I am planning to take the biology exam in the fall. I googled some test prep material and the reviews I have read were not too positives (many mistakes in the material).

    I've decided that I will just use a college biology text + study guide along with online resources. I downloaded the GRE biology practice test from the ETS website.

    FYI about me: Dropped out to excelsior, did not take any CLEPs that I had planned too, have not studied anything, did apply and was accepted to COSC. My major....excuse me, "concentration" lol will be in biology, which I will need by 2013. My short term goal is just to get an associates so I can sit for my med tech certification exam sometime this year. COSC sent me an associates degree plan and I only need 42 more credits.
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    perpetual grad student; sometime ranch hand; somet
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    took the GRE Subject Tests in History and Political Science (that was back in the day) cold turkey and made the 93rd percentile on both.
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    Took the Sociology one cold, but I had a background in statistics, which really helped. Got 39 s.h.

    Took the Undergraduate Achievement test (no longer offered) in business cold, but I'd taken a couple of business courses, which also really helped. Got 30 s.h.

    If you have some courses in the area you're testing in, that would be best. I don't know about reading alone--it would seem a very hard way to do it and retain enough for the test.
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    First of all, I don't suggest taking the GRE in Biology "cold turkey" as some of our posters seem to imply! Either that or they are just bragging!

    Although I haven't taken the GRE subject exam in Biology, I took the CLEP in Biology and scored high through studying the Princeton Review Biology, a Biology textbook and the Standard Deviations video series for Biology. The Princeton review has Cracking the Biology GRE exam but I have also enjoyed using the Kaplan review books! As a suggestion, if you haven't taken the CLEP in Biology take it as a prep for the GRE and get a good idea where your current knowledge is in Biology!
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