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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by thesage43, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. thesage43

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    Greetings all. Anyone have input on a solid GRE prep program . Thanks.

  2. mattbrent

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    When I took the GRE I just used one of the study books. I believe it was Baron's. It covered everything about the test, even the parts I found pointless.

    I did excellent on the math and recieved a perfect score on the analytical writing, but I didn't do all that great on the verbal. I still don't understand how knowing 10 syllable words that use the letters X, Z & Q together will demonstrate your ability to be a grad student... Despite the score, however, I was still accepted into a variety of grad programs that require the GRE.

    Are you taking it on the computer? I did and supposedly they adjust each question based on your answer to the question the before it. I don't know if that's 100% true, but several people have told me they believed the program did this as they took the test, and I believe it may have done that for me as well.

    Either way, good luck. If the Baron's guide isn't for you, check out some of the others. I recall some of them coming with a CD that had practice tests on it. Those are more expensive, however, and being a poor undergraduate student, I opted not to buy that one.

    Another suggestion is to look for these books on You'll find a ton there.

  3. thesage43

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    Thanks Matt. I have been using just that. I was curious as to other offerings.
    Yes I am going to take the test via computer. I will post my impressions after.
    Again thanks.

  4. Bruce

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  5. truckie270

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    Agreed.....with that being said I would recommend you get a GRE vocab. book and practice heavily in this area since it is such a foundation on the verbal section.

    I used Kaplan and it worked well for me.

    I remember thinking "Who really uses these words anyway?" - when I got into my doctoral program I found out.
  6. perrymk

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    Practice tests with explantions are what I would look for in a program.

    I used a test prep program that consisted of practice tests with explanations and cassette tapes. This was in 1989. I don't recall the name of the course but I mention it because the explanations and tips were invaluable.

    Find a course that provides explanations of how to solve problems. I don't think all courses do this. There were some logic principles that I was not familiar with and have since forgotten that were helpful at the time (if John, may and Jane have this, and Joe and Jane have that, then...).

    My score actually qualified me for Mensa. Never joined though.

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