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    Well, I'm back.

    Yeah, I probably wasn't missed, and most likely if anyone was around back when I was here, you might not even remember me. But I had to say that.

    Life seems to always be a series of roller coaster rides for me - I moved (good), have the usual financial stress (bad), and a little guy very close to me was kidnapped [dirt-bag, druggie, family member] (very, very bad) & I've been trying to be emotionally supportive until the courts can get off of their @#$*% butts & send him back. I won't even get started about what I feel about the court system. :soapbox: Oddly enough, this caused to to consider - again - my previous interest in Social Services (I know - I think I just got used to being tormented.

    Anyway, now it seems the worst is over & I can get back to actually thinking about my own life. And I decided I need some sort of peace in my life, so I'm working on my creative side. :dance:

    Something a little more substantial than basket weaving - but crafts are good. Making an income from them - maybe not that good...

    So, once again, I'm trying to figure myself out. (yep, I'm back in the Indecisive Club again!!) This is what I think I know about myself:

    1.) Forget Columbia College. Tried it last year. My brain will just start to get rolling, and their 8 week semester is finished. :banghead: Had to withdraw from the classes, but fortunately, with my massive health problems, lol, I was able to get WE, withdraw excused. Well, one wasn't approved, but I need to send in more documentation. Hopefully I won't end up owing them money. I'm sure it's right for others, but not for me.

    2.) Forget testing. I never know, w/my pain level (I have an annoying disability) if I'll be fine on testing day. Plus, I have a horrid time remembering facts. Plus, with the level of distraction that I have, I probably have ADD. Plus, there's always some crisis that pops up in my life & I never even know if I can make it to a scheduled test!

    btw - my future son-in-law went to grad school at Harvard and he NEVER HAD TO TAKE A TEST W/OUT A TEXTBOOK.

    OK, distraction ended...

    3.) I have to do something artistic. I want to use color. Texture. Perhaps Graphic Arts. Maybe working w/websites - but not development. Or actual hands-on art (kind of doing this on my own)...


    4.) I want my work to be judged, (as in a portfolio, maybe), not by taking a test.

    5.) I need to be able to finance my education w/financial aid, since I am currently (as always) dirt poor. No. Below dirt poor. Sigh... once again, I cannot even afford application fees... sigh...


    6.) I hate tests. Just in case you didn't figure this out already.

    7.) And it has to be as cheap as possible.

    Now, I can - and have been - doing a lot on my own, BUT I really want that degree. My problem now is that I can't find much online - that doesn't cost an arm. Plus, I have so many credits that fin. aid won't cover too much more. I'm really burnt out on psychology, sociology, and all the other stuff I took for what seemed like forever. On the other hand, I don't want to start all over from the beginning (considered applying to Mass Art - I'm near Boston - but I'll never be able to get the fin aid for all the needed credits).

    I know that I'm so close to a bachelor's (about 40 more credits), I should just do it... but I can't. I'm totally burnt out on all of it. Yet I don't want to give up entirely...

    So guys - coming here for any thoughts. Just don't kick me in the shins, lol!!

    And now - dancing bananas. Just because:

    :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Hey - my dancing bananas aren't dancing!! WTF???? Is this what happens when I leave???
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    Your dancing bananas are dancing!
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    Thanks so much. I looked into the Academy of Art U before - they are just too expensive for me to justify the cost - I'm realistic & realized that may never work in the field.

    Penn Foster actually looks interesting - but I checked & it looks like they don't accept financial aid.

    One of the threads here (forgot who mentioned it) mentioned the Lynda site. I used that when I was taking some online classes at my local C.C. It's great - I forgot about it.

    So if I can actually find the time, I want to study some things there, on my own. Hopefully I can find something for a degree that won't be the opposite of my (new/old - I went to art school like a million yrs ago) goals.
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    YES!!!! I just noticed that. You don't know how happy that makes me!!

    (boy, do I need a life!!)
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    Thanks a lot for sharing all your information here.....

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