Graduate Math Credits for the 18 hour rule

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    Hi all!

    I'm trying to find some online math credits for a colleague of mine. At our high school we offer dual enrollment courses. That is, courses offered through the community college which are taught at our school. We have to have the masters with 18 hours just like everyone else. We had a teacher who was doing our DE Precalculus class, but she had to resign. The teacher they have doing the class now is doing so provisionally, but has to take a bunch of math credits to get qualified. I've searched the forums, and I've found some courses, but it seems like most of them are just "refresher" courses that may not qualify for the 18 hour rule. Does anyone here know of any courses I could recommend to her that would meet the requirements for teaching through the community college?

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    UCF has an 18 hour Grad Cert in Mathematics that is available via online courses.

    Cert PDF

    Its kinda painful though at $1,099.01 per credit... (Out of state kills the price by adding $700 on top of the regular fee..:( )

    USF has one as well... They're a little cheaper at around $800/credit hour.

    There also look to be a bunch of Australian schools that offer them.
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    Mississippi State Interdisciplinary Sciences MA

    This program has a math concentration of 21 semester hours and then you can choose between other assorted sciences. The nice thing is that initial math course has only a lower level undergraduate course as a prerequisite. I found this program awhile back when I was looking for some undergraduate math courses. Another nice thing is the price, only $286 per semester hour wherever you live. I think you have to take one residency trip at the end of the program, but it's not like Starkville, Mississippi is expensive or hard to reach for most Americans at least.

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