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    I got curious, so I thought I'd check were GUST is located, physically. The US address is "Coastal Highway, Lewes, State of Delaware, USA", so presumably, GUST has a company registration in Delaware.

    The registered address in the UK is CIEPUK, 40 Thorne Road Stockwell. That's where Marcel Okechukwu Ezenwoye runs Concepts College/Concepts University from. The beauty salon Glam Pit by Jenny is on the ground floor.

    Concepts College was one of the first UK schools accredited by ASIC UK, later Concepts became an affiliate of Saint Monica University Cameroon - the vice-chancellor of SMU was/is George Gonzalez (St Regis, American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation, UCN) and Concepts is a member/affiliate of California University FCE.

    Saint Monica was also ASIC accredited for a while
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    Interesting. I didn't realize Concepts was still running. Silly me. One of the schools that CIEPUK says it can get me into is St. Monica (Cameroon) - I'll pass, thanks. Another interesting thingy they mention is that they could get me into American Heritage University of Southern California. Very impressive building shown - I think it belongs to another university. I'll run the pic through when I get time and see which one. Whatever facilities this AHU has are in Rancho Cucamonga CA.

    American Heritage U. site says it has BPPE permission to operate. That's a pretty meaningless statement now. Accredit-or-die time has run out and sunset is upon the BPPE pretty well. They teach (taught?) business degrees and Law - I even found a Bar Pass rate somewhere for 2013 - 33%. I think this (apparently) unaccredited school's time has pretty well run out.
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    As I said before - interesting. Last I heard of Mr. Ezey or Ezenwoye was quite a while ago -several years I think. Back then, we were informed here at DI by mbwa shenzi that the Nigerian Police had detained him (Prof. Ezenwoye) for questioning - I presume re: the unapproved operation of one of his schools in that country. I looked up Concepts College today and found Concepts College and several other Concepts schools and academies etc. in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. I'm reminded of Brook Benton's "Boll Weevil" song from 1961 - "Just lookin' for a home..." :(

    Fr. George Gonzalez we've met before - most recently in the UCN thread. Lot of interesting reading and schools referred to in the CIEPUK pages. Brings back memories for old-timers like me. Like this:

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    Oops! The pic of American Heritage U. on the CIEPUK page doesn't match the pic on the University's page -or Google's. The CIEPUK page shows a stately, traditional building of the late 19th Century - that I still think belongs to another university. Google shows a completely different pic - at the known address of the Uni. It's a very modern-looking building. The University's page says it occupies suite 210 in this building. I believe the Uni's own version.

    Got it. The image on the CIEPUK site that's supposed to be American Heritage U. of S.Cal. Is actually the Henry W. Bloch School of Management at University of Missouri in Kansas City MO.

    Bye bye, CIEPUK!
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    Hold it! I back-checked this to make sure it was properly attributed -- and it ISN'T. I did a thorough search and there is no post by mbwa shenzi - or anyone else - on DI that mentioned that incident. I must have received that info from someone else, somewhere else. I probably read it on a now-defunct forum. There are so many.

    @mbwa shenzi Mbwa - my sincere apologies for mis-attributing this info.
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