Free Theology Courses, Master and Doctor degree

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  1. zvavda

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    Tuition free course at Trinity School Of Apologetics And Theology.

    Masters Degrees
    1. PGDA - Post Graduate Diploma In Christian Apologetics
    2. MBS: The Master Of Bible Subjects
    3. M. Div. - The Master Of Divinity
    4. M.Min. - The Master Of Ministry
    5. MRE: Master Of Religious Education
    6. Th. M. - The Master Of Theology

    Doctoral Programs
    1. D.B.S.: The Doctor Of Bible Subjects

    2. D.Min. : The Doctor Of Ministry

    3. Th. D.: The Doctor Of Theology

    4. Dr. Apol: Doctor Of Christian Apologetics

    5. DD: Doctor Of Divinity

    6. PhD : Doctor Of Philosophy (In Theology)

    7. DRE: Doctor Of Religious Education (In Theology)

    8. STD: Doctor Of Systematic Theology

    9. DLit: Doctor Of Letters (In Theology)

    10. DSc: Doctor Of Science (In Theology)

    11. DrTheol: Doctor Of Theology
  2. Rob Coates

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    Interesting concept. Seems on the surface to be legit. Would a degree from this institution be recognized in India and if so, would it be considered RA equivalent in the US ?
  3. zvavda

    zvavda New Member

    I don't think it legit.

    Affiliation And Recognition
    Trinity School Of Theology is theologically a Conservative, Calvinist, Separatist, Dispensational, institution. We are thus affiliated to Calvin Research Group, a Theological-education Think-Tank. Our merit and recognition depends upon three things: our faculty, our course content, and the quality of our graduates.

    As you would have noticed above, our Faculty is made up of very high caliber theologians, thinkers, and writers. All of them have published books, articles, and papers. Many of them continue to study for higher degrees even today. None of them is allowed to join Trinity for their basic and advanced degrees so as to maintain our objectivity.. Our course-content is conservative, biblical, and of the best quality by any measure. The above two factors combine to produce students who leave a mark wherever they go. This is our recognition . Most evangelical and conservative institutions recognize degrees granted by each others -- whether affiliated or not.

    Unlike many other external-education institutions or degree-mills that grant honorary degrees for a financial consideration, Trinity NEVER offers anything like that. This practice of selling "honorary" degrees for money is unethical for Christians -- and a criminal offense for any institution operating in India. If your primary interest is in buying a degree, then Trinity is not the place for it.

    How do you think about that sentense?
  4. Rob Coates

    Rob Coates New Member

    I think it speaks in their favor. It seems pretty clear they are saying work must be accomplished to earn a degree from them.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am not sure about the Calvinists. I have complete confidence in the Hobbesists. :p
  6. zvavda

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    I think this school is illegal in india because longtime I had send e-mail asking for legal status but still no answer.

    No matter how hard to get degree if it still illegal(no government recognized) it worthless degree.
  7. Anthony Pina

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    I would be highly suspicious of this school. It has no recognized affiliation with its government, no course descriptions are listed, most of the degrees have similar requirements, and (a big "red flag" here) no listing of where any of the faculty received their degrees.

    The website is pleasant enough and looks fairly professional, but I could have created the whole site in a couple of hours. I was very unimpressed with the amount of content and disclosure on the site.

    Tony Piña
    FAculty, Cal State U. San Bernardino
  8. Bill Grover

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  9. Tireman4

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    The picture that is on the website....I thought it looked familiar. Boy was I right. That is from the Texas A&M website. Oh man., it is a revolving picture, but it is from professors carrying a mace in the quad. Those stealers. That is Robert Gates the president of Texas A&M....this is rich.
  10. Gus Sainz

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    The corrected links are and .

    The Aggie Code of Honor: An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.
  11. Guest

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    I didn't even notice Bush 41 on the Trinity site when I first pulled it up.
  12. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Isn't this an oxymoron?
  13. My knowledge of bible is limited

    I went to Catholic school, so I learned the position of the Catholic Church, whereas my husband, reared as a fundamentalist Christian, knows the bible by heart. All that knowledge forced upon my DH has made him cynical and more of an agnostic than a true believer.

    Since I intend to teach history, I would like to know more about Calvinist beliefs, for my unit on the Reformation. Calvinism played an important role in European migration to North America. The overall problem I have with Calvinism is the notion of predestiniation--it seems like there is no chance for salvation if you aren't one of the chosen few.

    Is there anything on the website about accreditation? If there is, I should be able to use the units for salary point advancement.
  14. BLD

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    Re: Re: Free Theology Courses, Master and Doctor degree

    Theology is the greatest science of all.
  15. Bill Grover

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    Re: My knowledge of bible is limited

  16. drwetsch

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    Re: Re: My knowledge of bible is limited

  17. Jeff Hampton

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    Re: Re: Re: Free Theology Courses, Master and Doctor degree

    Perhaps I am incredibly ignorant, but could you please explain to me how theology is a science?
  18. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Re: Re: My knowledge of bible is limited

    Of course, if you have a problem with predestination ,then St. Paul also must be a worry for you too :rolleyes: [/B][/QUOTE]

    Paul presents a problem for me............too much of what he presents seems to be simply personal opinion.....does his writings really add to the bank of knowledge, or maybe the question is: "could we cut out the Writings of Paul and not detract from what the scripture has for us?" I think so!
  19. Guest

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    Re: Re: Re: My knowledge of bible is limited

    Wow, Howard, we agree on something else! :)
  20. Dennis Ruhl

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    Re: Re: Re: My knowledge of bible is limited

    Paul - you mean the first preacher who thought he was an academic.

    None of those around here.

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