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  1. Maniac Craniac

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    Correct. That is not the purpose of this thread. These are free courses that can be taken via the internet which lead to the granting of a certificate when completed. Basically, neat little resume boosters which are completely free.
  2. farmboy

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    Just curious

    Do these type of Certificates actually pad a resume?
  3. mrwho

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    Of course they do! As long as you choose a well known and recognized institute employers will definitely take that into consideration and you will have the better chances to get the job - no doubt. I found another site who talks about the same things and explain in more detail about this subject and dealing with free online courses with certificate. Check it out when you have some time, I found it highly informative.
  4. farmboy

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    Where exactly would that site be my friend?
  5. airtorn

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    I just finished up the Leadership Communication certificate as continuing education for work. It was about 15 hours of videos broken up into five classes with a quiz at the end of each class. Each class was broken up into several shorter blocks. For each class, a downloadable/printable certificate is available that tells anybody who cares to read it that it is a certificate of completion awarded by Tulane University and the University of Alabama-Birmingham with the number of topic hours and course name.

    In theory, I should be getting a certificate in the mail in about a month that covers the entire set of five classes.
  6. Pata5359

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    Some are also free, but yout pay for the certificate if you want it.

    Have not completed any of these yet.
  7. Maniac Craniac

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  8. airtorn

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    I just did the bioterrorism certificate...good set of courses, 25 hours long.
  9. carltjorgensen

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    Airtorn! What is the bioterrorism certificate all about?
  10. airtorn

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    It covered bioterrorism from a emergency management/public health aspect. A lot of it focused on signs/symptoms of various agents with an emphasis on recognizing an outbreak/attack from a medical provider perspective.
  11. widereader

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    Can people outside the US can apply to this online courses?
  12. hi, i have seen this topic come up from on line free degrees, while they may not offer credit, you can then take that knowledge and try to get credit for it through CLEP/Dantes or Prior Learning Assessment for free course of degrees. they are free degrees for have you.

    MAHEEN AHMED New Member

    where i can find these courses?
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    WOW!!! This is what I am looking for!! thank you for posting this links.. and starting this thread... very helpful to me... Thank you very much...
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  16. vinodgopal

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    i am very interested on the Stanford and five other elitist universities' free initiative through their

    Have you guys tried a couple of these courses?
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    please make this a sticky thread Bruce the almighty mod:) (God) wow it rhymes :)
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    Does anyone know if these really have any significant value for your resume? I'm interested in a few of them, but not if they won't actually benefit me beyond just having the knowledge. I would love to get any free help I can, if it will actually help.
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    Holy thread necromancy, Batman! A three year old thread!
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    Do you think Batman really cares? ;)

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