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    The Aussie Specialist Program does offer a certificate.
    If you look under "Benefits" is says "Exclusive Aussie
    Specialist Certificate".
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    The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

    The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

    Free, Online, Certificate.
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    North Carolina AHEConnect

    North Carolina AHEConnect

    Free, Online, Certificate.

    AHEConnect offers online educational programming in varied formats targeted to the needs of healthcare professionals in all disciplines.
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    United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

    Control Systems Security Program (CSSP)

    Free, Online, Certificate.

    Cyber Security for Control Systems Engineers & Operators is a web-based training package consisting of five lessons covering threats, risks, cyber attacks, risk assessments and mitigations for control systems. It can be completed in less than an hour. This course has been approved for North American Electric Reliabilty Corporation (NERC) continuing education credits.

    OPSEC for Control Systems is a web-based training package consisting of seven lessons covering the definition of OPSEC, the five-step OPSEC process, common information-collection techniques, information protection, physical protection, appropriate and inappropriate use in the control system environment, and a summary. It can be completed in less than an hour. This course has been approved for North American Electric Reliabilty Corporation (NERC) continuing education credits. OPSEC for Control Systems won the 2007 Interagency OPSEC Support Staff (IOSS) National Award for Multimedia Achievement.
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    CSA International Holiday Quiz

    CSA International Holiday Quiz

    Free, Online, Certificate

    Christmas safety information.
    This is a nice quiz for adults and children.
    Cute certificate with a snowman on it.
    Good one for parents to take with their children.
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    Thanks for posting this. Does anyone know of any "free certificate" courses pertaining to the health and wellness field?
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    Free CobIT IT Governance certification

    As I've gotten so much out of this forum already it's about time I added something -
    For those interested in CobIT or IT Governance, here's a site that offers a free "Cobit-based IT Governance Foundation" certificate-

    You have to register, but there are several courses in CobIT leading up to the Foundation exam.
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    online computer based training

    Take a glance on following info this is all related to online computer based training.

    [content removed by Admin]

    We are pleased to offer private, on-site classes for organizations seeking to train 10 or more. We have Self-Study Solution Packages, Computer Based Training, On-Line Training, and we develop customized training for your needs.Logical Security leads the industry by providing comprehensive and varied educational solutions to meet a variety of needs.

    i hope this will help u

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    Are the courses free?
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    ebased academy

    I had no trouble registering with a non-Ohio address, so looks like the course are free for all.
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    The free course was fun but I don't think anyone without at least EMT training will get much out of it. The exam requires EMT-level knowledge not included in the course.
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    Re: free online courses with certificates

    Dear sir,

    I am interested in gaining an online degree. please send me details on how i can start. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,
    Abigail Alomele
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    South Central Partnership: public health, emergency preparedness

    Training Catalog | South Central Center for Public Health Preparedness

    Individual courses have printable certificates.

    Also, certificates available for completion of a group of courses

    SCPHP Public Health Certificate Program | South Central Center for Public Health Preparedness

    from their website:

    The CDC-funded Centers for Public Health Preparedness (CPHP) Program is a national network of academic institutions working in collaboration with state and local public health departments and other community partners to develop, deliver, and evaluate preparedness education.
    The strategic partnership of public health practitioners and the South Central Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (SCPERLC or Center) academics provides a comprehensive, regional approach to professional emergency and disaster workforce development. The SCPERLC provides training opportunities tailored to the unique needs of the region through onsite courses, web-based courses, satellite broadcasts, regional conferences, and newsletters. The Center also fosters and coordinates information sharing and relationships among state and local practice partners through regular conference calls, meetings, and joint training activities.
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    The National Children's Advocacy Center

    The National Children's Advocacy Center

    The National Children's Advocacy Center

    Free / Online / Certificate / Non-college

    Free continuing education courses dealing with child abuse.

    Look under "For Professionals", "National Training Center" and "Online".

    Law Enforcement's Initial Response to Child Sexual Abuse course and 30 other courses.
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    Not all these courses can be converted to credit to be used at a regionally accredited university.
    Most of these free courses are not in the ACE database for credit.

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