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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jfsheriff, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Good mornining everyone! My name is John and I live on the gulf coast. I decided to join the forum last night after hiding out in the shadows for some time. The extent of the information and experience here has gotten me motivated to finally finish my degree in CJ.

    I am going on 34+ years in law enforcement at the city, county, and now federal level. During this time I have completed about 65 hours of college credits from over twenty years ago. I am thinking that I should attempt to combine my experience, college credits, two law enforcement academies, and use CLEP and Dantes to complete a bachelors degree.

    Since I have been out of the college game for some time now I am wide open for suggestions from those who have gone before me.
  2. Welcome and I look forward to reading your posts. Others with more experience will address your concerns.
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    With 34 years in, you're nearing the end of the line as far as LE employment.....why the need/desire to obtain a degree now?
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    I got started in LE at 19 working in the sheriff's office while attending college. After becoming a road deputy at 21 it became impossible to continue school and working 60 + hours a week. Later moved on the PD and then the feds in 1991. I will be 54 this summer and I want to finish my CJ degree. I still enjoy learning and am working on completing a private pilot rating now. Under FERs you can retire at 56 with 25 years federal service. I am ready to leave to govt. but not ready to quit working. I am determined to complete what I should have already done!

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