First Semester Dakota State D.Sc Program!

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  1. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I just thought I'd post a quick update for everyone. I started the Doctor of Science in Information Systems program at Dakota State University for the Fall 2009 semester. I did a lot of research into which doctorate program to choose and I am very happy with my choice.

    I took 2 classes for my first semester:
    INFS 614 - Introduction to Research
    INFA 713 - Managing Information Security Risk

    As with any new degree program there were a lot of new things to learn. Now that I've got the routine down, I'll be in much better shape for my 2nd semester. The classes are conducted 100% online. Homework consists of writing several research papers. Lectures are recorded and available online to review.
  2. teCh0010

    teCh0010 New Member

    Did you have any graduate transfer credit or a MSIS? How did they handle it?
  3. rrobin1173

    rrobin1173 New Member

    Class load

    How many hours do you study per week for each class?
  4. major56

    major56 Active Member

    To me there’s something really cool sounding about the name Dakota State University; hoping for the very best to you with your D.Sc. endeavor.
  5. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Hi Folks,

    Just wanna follow-up with some of the questions that were asked.

    1) Yes, Dakota State accepted my MSIS degree as the equivalent as their MSIS degree and thus I did not have to complete the master's level MSIS courses. Kinda cool huh!

    2) Course load - It varied from week to week. Depending on whether or not we had a research paper due. But I would say that a good average would be about 10-15 hours per week. Some weeks more, some weeks less. But the workload is manageable, you just have to be disciplined and make sure you don't get behind. Otherwise you'll be in in quite a pickle!
  6. rrobin1173

    rrobin1173 New Member


    I am currently pursing an Ed.D at a B&M school, but I have graduate and undergrade degrees in information systems and will apply for the program at DSU.
  7. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Well if you're interested in applying at DSU to their D.Sc. program just keep in mind that they only admit in the Fall semester and that the application deadline is May 15th.
  8. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    I am glad to hear you are happy with your decision to go with the DSU DSc program. I was admitted to their DSc program in 2007 and have been taking courses with them since then. I recently passed the comprehensive exam for the MSIS. DSU is a solid school and one that I strongly recommend.
  9. karem

    karem New Member

    DSU D.Sc. applicaiton question

    I am seriously considering applying for the Fall 2010 semester at DSU. I have a question. The applicaiton requires the applicant to complete a 1 - 2 page essay on why they want the D.Sc. degree and what the research interests are. To be totally honest, I want the degree for career advancement and to prove to myself I can do it. I don't think that answer will be satsifactory. I am not sure what I want to research and have no clue as how to answer that. Any help? Suggestions? I am sure I can come up with something but wondered if anyone had any thoughts that help me in my thinking. Also, for two classes a semester, what is the tution? And one final question, if two classes are taken a semester, what is the gestimate time it would take to complete the degree (this doesn't really matter but I was wondering).
  10. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Hi mrtito02,

    I see you have MSIS from National university. Is DSU regionally accredited. If yes how did you manage to get from DETC school to RA school. I also want to do DSC but is concerned about doing Masters from NA university as it may not be accepted by most of RA universities.
  11. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Hi Rohan,

    Actually, National University ( is a regionally accredited school. I'm not sure if you're getting National University confused with another school perhaps. What school did you get your masters from?

  12. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Hi Karem,

    I just noticed your questions and I'll answer them as follows:

    1) Entrance essay - This is just like getting asked in a job interview why do you want the job? Obviously you want the job so that you can have a paycheck. But you have to dress up your answer. Do the same thing with the entrance essay. Give an overview of your educational history. State how you could benefit others be receiving the degree and what you'll do once you get it.

    2) Tuition is very affordable. The tuition is $337.05 per unit currently.

    3) Time to completion - this depnds on many factors. However, the program is advertised as being a 3-year full-time program for students that have a masters degree in Information Systems.

    I hope this helps!

  13. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Actually, I am getting accepted to a NA university MS in CS. I plan to do Dsc after than but don't know how easy it would be to get into one after that. So, having seconds about going to NA university
  14. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Hi Rohan,

    At minimum the D.Sc. program at Dakota State requires a Bachelors from a regionally accredited school. However, if you get a masters degree from a regionally accredited school then you could possibly wave some of the graduate level requirements for the D.Sc. program. This may be something for you to consider.

  15. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    If you plan on going to a RA school for a PhD, Dsc etc. down the road, I'd go to an RA program for your masters degree. You'll have a much easier time getting future programs to accept masters credits towards an RA doctorate program.
  16. PM_guy

    PM_guy New Member

    I too am considering DSU

    Does anyone know if there are any residency requirements for the Information Assurance program? If so, what are they? Thank you for the information in advance.
  17. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    The program can be completed 100% online and there are no residency requirements.

  18. PM_guy

    PM_guy New Member

    What about tests?

    Is it all open book or do you need to make special arrangements locally?
  19. pdbuzz

    pdbuzz New Member

    Great info!

    Hi mrtito02!

    I have been looking at the DSU program for awhile and hadn't been able to gather much useful information (very low-level effort on my part) without contacting the school.

    Thank you for providing so much great info! Very encouraging to say the least!

    Best of luck!
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  20. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Sure thing! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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