First Semester Dakota State D.Sc Program!

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by mrtito02, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. PM_guy

    PM_guy New Member

    Thanks Tim!

    About the testing: How is that handled? Is it all open book or do you make arrangements to test at a local institution?
  2. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    The testing varies by instructor. In one class the midterm and final exams were more like a research paper. You were given a scenario to respond to and then had respond to the questions and substantiate your responses with credible sources.

    I'm also taking a statistics class now where there are some short online quizzes. But the midterm and final exams will need to be proctored.

  3. PM_guy

    PM_guy New Member

    Proctored? How does that work?

    Also, I read there are seminars to attend (maybe this replaces the residencies?). Have you completed any of them so far?

    Thank you for the input.
  4. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Proctored exams are not uncommon in distance programs. Essentially you must have your test proctored (e.g. monitored by someone) that is approved. Most local community colleges have testing centers where proctoring is provided. There are also some private tutoring centers that provide this service too.

    I am taking one of the research seminar classes now. I will be presenting my research findings through a distance webinar. Hope this helps!

  5. distedadvisor

    distedadvisor New Member

    Thanks for the information. I have been considering a doctorate program as well, but have been procrastinating about it.

    If I may ask, what other schools/programs did you consider before choosing Dakota State? And why did you choose Dakota State over them?

  6. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member


    Those are some great questions and I'll answer them as follows:

    Other Schools I Considered:
    University of Phoenix
    Colorado Technical University (School of Advanced Studies)
    Capella University
    Walden University

    I was fairly open as to what subject to get my doctorate in. All my previous education is in Information Systems, but I was open to a doctorate in business or education.

    The school had to offer a distance/online program. I was also concerned about reputation and costs. All the for-profit schools were in the 50k-60k or more range. So although I considered them, they were really out of my price range.

    Then I found Dakota State. A brick and mortar state school that had a distance doctoral program in Information Systems. The school has a great reputation and the program will run me about $18k. I applied and got accepted so now I'm here!

    Does that help?
  7. Cyber

    Cyber New Member

    DSU's Information Systems doctorate is a best buy. In addition to a superb IS faculty, it is super affordable compared to those online ones listed by mrtito02, and it seems very flexible because you only need a bachelor degree in anything to get in.

    I think in a not so distant future, it will be the talk of town in terms of DL IS doctoral program. I am applying to the program right now, and can't wait to start. I do have an IT management master's with limited IS courses, I plan to take almost all classes offered in the program to fill-in the gaps in my undergrad/masters IS course work.

    If anyone is looking into it, frankly, it can't get any better than this! Goodluck!
  8. mrtito02

    mrtito02 New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm glad to hear that you are applying at DSU. I am now half way through my 2nd semester and I am truly enjoying my learning experience. There's a lot of work and time management is critical.

    The earlier you apply the better. More people are becoming aware of DSU's doctoral program and their admissions are becoming more selective. Best of luck to you!

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