Fake Degree Scandal

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    British universities do not typically issue transcripts for doctoral degrees. But they do issue letters verifying the award.

    At Leicester, taught doctoral degrees were transcripted by the individual school. Thus, I have to produce a letter from the university and a transcript from the School of Management. (However, because of my Union degree, I haven't had to prove my Leicester degree. I just haveUnion transcripts sent upon request.)
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    "If you come at the King, you best not miss."

    -Omar Little, The Wire
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    Allegation with regards to the veracity of President Tsai’s degree is merely one of the many under-the-belt tactics used by pro-communists supporters to discredit her. In the past, she has refrained from suing critics and political opponents in the name of freedom of speech.

    However, given communist China's recent intensified meddling in both Taiwan's internal and external affairs as well as a disturbingly visible section of pro-China population, it is inevitable that she has to take a firmer stance if she and the DPP are to win the upcoming 2020 Presidential and Legislative Yuan elections.

    Counsels for President Tsai have submitted documents to the Taipei District Court from numerous sources including LSE confirming the authenticity of President Tsai’s dissertation and doctoral degree. An original printed copy of her dissertation has been made public since September 27, 2019 at the National Central Library, while digital copies can be accessed on the library's website.


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