Facebook blocks Infowars’ Alex Jones from posting for 30 days

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Abner, Jul 28, 2018.

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    This must be new. Facebook has standards.
  4. cookderosa

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    this is slightly off topic since I've never posted anything controversial on FB, however, I admin for 45 Facebook groups - I own 44 of them. I have a personal page and a page that I post on 3/day called Homeschooling for College Credit. The page is subject to different FB guidelines than my groups- FB has a clear and separate set of rules. Anyway, the groups represent states- so the *idea was I'd post on my page daily and then I could set a bot to auto-post in each of my groups. BANNED. FB shut me out for 30 days instantly. They said it was because excessive sharing is spam (even in your own groups), but there is NO WAY to contact FB or ask for clarity or get help. Zero. When your account is banned, you are essentially sent to solitary. Freaked out, I sent tons of messages and explanations, they go unanswered. It is very hard to let people know what's going on, because FB banns all of your accounts, I couldn't even access my personal pages. When my account was reinstated- they tell you nothing. Again, there is no feedback loop with FB. So, I posted to all my groups again (sometimes I'm too curious) and was banned again - wash-rinse-repeat. A second 30 days.
    Anyway, I've since created a two-layer workaround for my problem so it doesn't happen again, but if FB will ban a homeschooling page for posting in their homeschooling groups - they are for sure monitoring activity and will zap anyone without hesitation. The problem I think Infowars is experiencing is partly that FB is unclear about their exact rules and criteria. It's kinda like "we know it when we see it" but it's subjective.
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    Facebook is garbage. Just delete it in it's entirety.

  6. Abner

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    Wow! It sounds like you are a FB expert. I just joined FB, and therefore have very friends. I don't know what I am doing yet.

    Please see this:


    Is there a way to get this maximum exposure on FB? Like I said, I am new to FB, and your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and have a blessed day! :)
  7. Kizmet

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    Abner - what is your FB page name?
  8. cookderosa

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    No, that's the platform I use to run my homeschool community. Just gotta play by the rules.
  9. cookderosa

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    It's long and slow to develop an organic following (organic means naturally occurring, as opposed to buying followers or paying for marketing). My advice is to first connect with your friends and family, then post to your page making sure you use the "public" setting. Then any friend or family member can share it, and even if they comment, it is seen by their friends. That's how I built my FB audience, but you can only do so much within your circle, in order to get exposure, you have to have OTHER PEOPLE share your stuff, and that's the trick.

    It is my opinion that a post asking for money is less likely to get shared than anything else. I almost never (99% of the time) link to something that costs something. I try very hard to keep my followers from falling onto a site that asks them to register their email or give money, because that pisses people off and they just leave. So, as your *first* post, it might be hard to get the gofundme going, instead, maybe you could create a Caringbridge page. People love to share/comment on those, and Caringbridge does allow you to link your gofundme account, which visitors will see. Think of your posts as knocking on someone's door at their home. Most people won't answer if you're selling something.
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    Abner Ivora. Thanks!
  11. Abner

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    Oh, and Kim's name on FB is Kimberly Lawless Ivora.

    Thanks! :)
  12. cookderosa

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    WOW! Those are not the faces that go with you and Kim in my imagination. :) You're a badass ;)
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  14. Abner

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    Thanks for the great tips!!!!!!!
  15. Abner

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    The Go Fund me account is picking up a little steam. The total so far is $4,75.00! Thanks! :) There are still a lot of good people out there.
  16. Abner

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    I have to admit that FB has some value if it is used the right way. I just recently joined.
  17. FTFaculty

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    It's not like I'm a FB fan, but Alex Jones is a lunatic.
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  18. Ted Heiks

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  19. Abner

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    He's really out there!
  20. Maniac Craniac

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    Alex Jones is extremely entertaining. He's like a personified version of Weekly World News (Remember that awesomefest of nonsense? I used to love reading that stuff!)


    Oh, please- like I'd EVER believe something as outlandish as a college student getting killed by an arm-wrestling machine.

    Alex Jones is mostly harmless, with some notable exceptions when he gets needlessly personal. He just needs to stay in his little studio and stop scaring the old ladies and the children.

    Outside of him, there is actually insightful content produced by InfoWars. They're not all crazy, actually, but they are all snarky ideologues that speak unnaturally fast. Sometimes, there are some fresh perspectives. Sometimes, there's just childish name-calling and baseless speculation.

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