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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by AdamJLaw, May 27, 2008.

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    two years for a PhD, it took me a year just to get my proposal together and another year just to get my dissertation examined and corrected. I guess this is possible at some of the online schools but I can imagine the quality of the PhD you will end with. Sometimes it takes just a year to publish something or to get some ideas together, it took me 6 years part time to do mine so I guess I must have done something wrong.
  2. AdamJLaw

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    I meant two years until I start my PhD. The actually degree will take between three and four years to complete when coming in with a masters degree. If I didn't have a masters it would take another year.
  3. AdamJLaw

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    extending the thought on my last post.....

    I am trying to get into the best PhD program possible. I am going to go the traditional route rather then online so I can have a better school on my resume.
  4. AV8R

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    No need to hold back....you're anonymous here.....name names for us so we can know which ones to avoid.
  5. RFValve

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    I would say avoid Kaplan and UoP. Very cheap pays and unreasonable expectations. McDonald's might be a better option in terms of pay and requirements.
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    You are absolutely correct if the only basis for comparison is dollars per course. There are other variables that must also be considered - length of course, number of students, degree or course development, courseware, etc.

    Someone teaching a 16 week course to 20 students for $3000 makes substantially less money with more effort than I do teaching a six week course at UOP to eight students for $1200 (about 1/3 in terms of dollars per student).

    I am forutnate to teach a high-need course at UOP where I am one of only a few instructors for the course. I have taught ten courses so far this year with three additional ones currently ongoing and I have yet to have more than eight students in any course.

    I teach at four online schools and UOP is above a B&M state school and another for-profit in pay. Expectation wise, UOP requires no more than any other school I teach at. UOP also provides entry to online teaching without significant prior teaching experience.
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    At first, teaching for UoP is very time-consuming and tedious, but even then it's hardly fast-food wages.

    Once you get the hang of the UoP system and create your own within that framework, the money paid by them vs. amount of time involved in course activities is actually quite good. That's even more true recently, as they've streamlined things quite a bit with a new online learning platform, interactive online gradebook, etc.
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    Folks I hate to sound like a broken record here. Correct me if I'm wrong but if a master's degree holder obtains say a grad certificate in another subject area he or she can teach (online) in that particular area? I have a M.S in CJ and MPA say a I get a grad certificate (18 credits) in homeland security does that qualify me to take an adjunct gig in this area? If so, cooool.
  9. truckie270

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    Makana - that is correct from my understanding. I have an MPA also and have 18 credits in emergency management and 18 credits in homeland security. I have been teaching PA, EM, and HS with those credentials in addition to my professional experience.
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    Thanks Truckie, that's what I thought as well. I heard that as long as the subjects are semi-related it works out. BTW, you should start a blog on your experience with Valdosta (keep us posted). :)
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    You would be surprised at how many fields you can cross over into with an MPA. CJ, business, health care admin., management, political science, etc. are all viable becuase they have an administration component addressed very well by the MPA.
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    Another option

    Another option to consider, is the fact that most of the schools I have taught for offer tuition reduction / reimbursement. If you can get into teaching for a school that also offers grad classes you want, you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

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