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    Rich, no interest in comparing the size of our... well, you get the point. I stand behind my comments... but will provide a personal anecdote.

    A large US company sent me to a prestigious US business school for a certificate program. Not for academic credit, but it was taught over a many weeks by the same faculty that were professors in their EMBA program. Part of the gig was that we lunched with the instructors in the faculty lounge. One professor was particularly forthcoming in casual conversation over lunch. He mentioned that a professor in marketing had been let go because she had been failing too many students. The rationale being that the school had rigorous entry criteria and it was assumed that all were qualified to graduate upon admission, assuming work was completed... of course. The EMBA students were not paying $$$ for a marketing professor to tell them they were not worthy of a degree. This was many years ago, current environment may be different... but an interesting insight from an honest professor and a casual lunch.
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    I will add a personal anecdote as well:

    I currently have a Professor for my Strategy course. Did his MBA and PhD at MIT - Sloan. Teaches in the MSQM (my program), Daytime MBA, Executive and Weekend MBA, etc. He told us first class to fasten our seatbelts because we were not missing out on any material just because we are online. He was not kidding. I have more work in this Strategy course than I had in any course for my undergrad or MBA. Arguably one of the more difficult courses I hav
    Again, maybe the EMBA programs you have looked at are not rigorous, which is fine. I can tell you right now, my MBA from SOSU that I did online is not near the rigor the online MBA at UMich Ross is. I think Johann made a good point that some schools provide a degree with less rigor as compared to some top tiered programs.

    I will tell you right now from personal experience, Fuqua (Duke) is insanely difficult. Arguably the most challenging curriculum I have ever participated in.

    The top tiered schools are generally pretty good at discerning who will succeed and who will not. This is why MIT - Sloan and UVA - Darden are making the GMAT/GRE optional again this application cycle for their full-time 2-year MBA programs. I foresee many top business schools doing the same in the near future.
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    Perhaps that list was dropped from the beak of "das Urhuhn" - the "Original Chicken" as some German philosopher might (not) have written. I'm thinking it may have started as a list of all AACSB schools - maybe even provided by AACSB. :) Urhuhn --- Kant, Heidegger, Hegel --- or AACSB?
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    Think we are talking about two different things. I remember reading years ago, think it was in Bears guide, but I may be mistaken... that one consideration in choosing a distance MBA program was whether the program and degree was the same as it's B&M counterpart (assuming there was one). In other words, the criteria and degree should be the the same and only the mode of delivery different. That is different from "some" EMBAs which are truly different academic offerings.

    With respect to GMAT, I think the catalyst is DIE rather than the GMAT being unuseful. There has been discussion about waiving various entry exams because they are an obstacle to achieve DIE (e.g. CPA, Bar). This is an interesting article.

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    It's the middle of the pack, ranked 45th in the UK and 251-300 in the world.
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    Yup, some have it ranking slightly higher but second quartile UK, top 300 World is probably ballpark.
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    ... or was it Nietzche? No, I think that's das Überhuhn. Yeah, definitely. Gonna have to review all this stuff before the Philosophy CLEP. :)

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