Edgewood College DBA, $22,500 total cost

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    I think there are two components to look at here. First is that the Chair plays an outsized role in the student's development as a scholar and should know how to be a scholar, while committee members may be on the committee because of other relevant experience (e.g. a student writing a thesis on the medicalization of grief may wish to have an MD psychiatrist with DSM-V experience on their committee.)

    The other piece is that it sounds like Dr. Lexchin actually had published in the literature and was familiar with that process, unlike many other physicians. The same could be said about your average attorney, and possibly the JD that @chrisjm18 was referring to.
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    On my original committee at Union, one of my two adjuncts was an MD.
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    Unless you have a Ph.D. in law or its equivalent (JSD/SJD, LL.D), I will not address you as "Dr."
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    I forgot about the LLD! They award it in Canada, but apparently not much in the US (except as an honorary degree.)
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    On a completely unrelated topic, Edgewood College is regionally accredited and offers a DBA that can be done completely by DL in fewer than 3 years for $22,500.
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    Sure, but why would we want to talk about that in this thread?
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    But JDs..lol.
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    Obviously, I'm joking around. But this was the first time in about 15 years where I actually reached out to a school to learn something being kicked around here. Had about a half-hour conversation with their representative, who was pretty helpful. But it was clear to me that a lot of the finer details about course design and delivery were still being hashed out.
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    I just a Facebook ad for Edgewood's dual MBA/DBA that claims you can complete the combined program in as little as 2.5 years. How do you think they pull that off? The coursework for the MBA is usually at least a year, and even assuming they satisfies the coursework requirement for the DBA and they also add the necessary research methods and stats courses into the MBA curriculum (a lot of ifs here), that only leaves you with 18 months to write a proposal, get it approved, collect data, analyze, and write your dissertation (or capstone.)
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    The DBA is 45 credits/15 classes. The MBA + DBA is 60 credits/20 classes. So, it’s a quite abbreviated MBA.

    The program uses 7-week courses, 6 sessions per year. I had a conversation with a person at Edgewood about this program and I think a few of the courses may be longer, but don’t hold me to that. So, if you are doing 2.5 years, that presumably is 15 total sessions, so 20 courses in 15 sessions. Seems doable on its face, but I certainly agree it is a quick pace to complete research and write it up.

    I do remember being told that the goal is that folks will identify a topic early in the course of the degree and, ideally, use coursework and assignments throughout the program to help with the final project.
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    Nah! I don't like Ph.D. or DCJ; I like STD better.:D

    URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_of_Sacred_Theology
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