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    well what can I say. I am depressed. I had my education evaluation done from ECE (Education Credential Evaluators) and they gave me ZERO credits for two years of British technical diplomas in Computing (all done with high grades eq to "A") :confused: . I have wasted all my money on this stupid evaluation.

    Is there any other way to get credits for those diplomas ? Can ACE give credits for those although they may not have reviewed this qualification ? I mean can ACE evaluate courses/qualifications based on individual request ? or alternatively can I get credits by doing portfolios ? These courses were taken a while back, how do I do portfolios ? and should I do it through COSC or TESC ? I want to transfer them to Excelsior though. any hints/ideas would be appreciated.


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    > I had my education evaluation done from ECE (Education
    > Credential Evaluators) and they gave me ZERO credits for two
    > years of British technical diplomas in Computing (all done with
    > high grades eq to "A"):confused:.

    Why are you puzzled, after Lawrie has described his experiences and I've described mine? ECE is so stingy that anyone with foreign credits should seriously consider colleges other than Excelsior.

    > I mean can ACE evaluate courses/qualifications based on
    > individual request ?


    > or alternatively can I get credits by doing portfolios ?


    > how do I do portfolios ?

    The first step is to search through US college catalogues (on the Web, of course) for courses that you're going to claim are equivalent. Look through the Sinclair Community College catalogue first, because if you can get the credit there, it'll be a lot cheaper than going through COSC or TESC.

    > I want to transfer them to Excelsior though.

    Have you considered taking the GRE subject exam in Computer Science? Excelsior will give you up to 30 credits for that.
  3. Not necessarily true - in my case regarding Canadian university credits.

    I got full credit for every course that had a "D" or higher.

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    ECE are the people who say that the Edinburgh Business School MBA is worth 0 credits. Every other evaluation service says it is a valid MBA. When Paula Peinovich was running Excelsior, she agrees that this was not a good thing, and she accepted evaluations from World Education Services. Paula is now presidenet of Walden, and Excelsior is back to the old ways. Pity.

    Question: Does Excelsior accept Edison and Charter Oak credits at face value? If you got a decent credit recommendation from WES or IERF or one of the others, and it appeared on your Edison or Charter Oak transcript, could those units then be transfered to Excelsior>

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    GuitarMark writes:

    > Not necessarily true - in my case regarding Canadian
    > university credits.

    Yes, ECE also gave my wife full credit for a course from British Columbia Open University -- but nothing for her Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English, for which Western Illinois University had given her 11 credits. It seems that, if there's the slightest doubt whether credit is "academic" or "professional", ECE will award 0 credits.

    John Bear writes:

    > Does Excelsior accept Edison and Charter Oak credits at face
    > value?

    I don't see how it could. In my wife's case, it rejected the transfer credit on the Western Illinois University transcript. Accepting Charter Oak State College credits at face value would imply awarding more credit for some GRE scores than Excelsior itself awards.
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    ETech writes:

    > I would definitely consider colleges other than Excelsior

    How about the Bachelor of Technology (Computing) from British Columbia Open University?

    Canada'a virtual universities, BCOU and Athabasca University, have their own Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) programmes, which you must use to get credits without doing coursework. They do not generally accept US challenge exams. But Sinclair portfolio credit is not identified as such on the Sinclair transcript, so you should be OK there.

    > Does Sinclair college enrol out of country students ?

    I believe so.

    > and are all their courses DL ?

    No, but that doesn't affect you. You'd only be taking one course there, Experience Based Education 100: "Prior Learning Portfolio Development" (which is DL), submttting your portfolios, and transferring your credits elsewhere.

    > how much is their per credit fees ?

    I seem to recall that a couple of years ago, it was $45 per portfolio. has a phone number you can call for current fees.
  8. etech

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    Athabasca is very expensive. I have already looked at that. I will check out BCOU but I believe that will be expensive too. The main reason for me to go with the "big 3" is cost. I will call Sinclair to get more info.

  9. seekinghelp

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    etech - When you get the info from Sinclair on the port folio class will you post it here?
  10. kayausa

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    what level were they at?
    ece awards credits for level 3 and up.
  11. Tarbuza

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    What is the nexus?

    My friend too had a very bad experience with ECE two years back. He spoke to evaluators and found out that they have no ideas of what they are doing.

    You should go with WES as they know their stuff very well. Almost all US Universites accept evaluation of WES.

    What is the nexus between Excelsior and ECE? Why can't Excelsior go with other evaluators? You figure it out when almost all US Universities go with WES. It should be obvious.
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    I found WES to very unhelpful and nonresponsive. Almost impossible to talk to a real person. Took 6 months to decide they couldn't decide on my degree. I chose WES for it's reputation. I then submitted my degree to two other NACES members who gave it equivalency and I got a report back in 3 days and 10 days! MY College accepted these evals. So "shop " around -Be warned WES may be frustrating to deal with compared to some other services.
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    I'm receiving 9 credits from ece for a btec national award, the evaluator explained to me that it's 1.5 credits for each unit... which I think is quite harsh. I'm using excelsior so I guess I don't have much of a choice... just wondering if anyone had a btec evaluated ny a diff evaluation service and how much did they get for it?
  14. sentinel

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    For those looking for some background the UCAS has some information about BTEC National Awards.

    From the Edexcel International web site:

    "01/04/2002 Destination USAEdexcel International recently signed an agreement with AACRAO (the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers), whereby we recommend AACRAO to our HND graduates as the foreign education credential evaluation service for students interested in higher education in the United States.
    HND graduates, who would like to study in the US, are able to provide their HND transcripts to AACRAO, who will, in return, provide a credit transfer recommendation that they can use when applying to US universities.
    US college and university admissions officers and registrars, who are not familiar with the Higher National Diploma and who receive applications from HND graduates, can now request an evaluation of the foreign study by AACRAO. For more information, contact AACRAO's Office of International Education Services at +1 202 296 3359, or e-mail them at: [email protected]"
  15. Ian Anderson

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    Why not appeal the ECE evaluation?
    ECE gave me credit for all my UK technical courses I took several decades ago. When I sent my records in I wrote them in a report format: For each course I included a copy my diploma (both sides), course descriptions, books used, hours, exam marks, who they were "accredited" by (in my case the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers), and cited equivelent degree level course offered by US colleges. I also suggested what credit I should get for each course. In other words I did my own evaluation and ECE pretty much agreed.

    If this fails you might consider earning a degree at COSC or TESC and using your UK courses to help earn credit via portfolio.
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    Oooops - I did not notice I was responding to a 4+ year old message.
  17. Bruce

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    When I saw a response from Mark Israel, I was briefly excited until I noticed the date. :(
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    hmmm... interesting... then why can't edexcel just give me a recommendation? and if they would, would excelsior accept it?
    btw I am really happy with what ece is giving me for my A level... 5 semester credits for my AS and 10 for my A level= a total of 15... Which I think is great! and since the btec and a level are both worth the same ucas points I think the btec should be worth a total of 15 credits too... the btec takes a year to do, isn't that the least they should give?
    oh... I'm just not sure what to do now!:mad:
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    I used both WES and IERF to evaluate my EBS transcripts. IERF when I earned the post-graduate diploma, and WES when I finished the MBA. IERF was very friendly and pleasant to deal with, and always kept me up-to-date on the process. They took a long time because they were very thorough. They contacted EBS with questions, but EBS was slow in responding to emails. WES customer service was awful. They couldn't even give me a straight answer if they received my transcripts or not. However, they were much faster. They are a much larger company and have probably done many EBS transcripts before.
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    How is he doing? I hope his recovery is coming along. It was just tragic what happened to him.

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