EC is now officially EU (08/01/2022)

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Allvia, Aug 1, 2022.

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    I'm glad that they changed their logo too!
    Their old logo looked too cheap.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I am smelling that eventually they are offering Doctorate; perhaps starting with Ed.D., DBA, and DNP. :D
  5. Messdiener

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    Regarding the Ed.D., they might need to start by offering the M.Ed. first!
  6. chrisjm18

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    Why? There are schools that offer Ed.D. and no M.Ed.
  7. Rachel83az

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    The whole reason why they weren't a university before is that they weren't allowed to be without offering a doctorate or two. I doubt they'll be adding any for a while if they haven't already.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Just realized they don't have School of Education. Maybe starting with these:
    Business: DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
    Health Science: DPH (Doctor of Public Health)
    Liberal Arts: DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts)
    Nursing: DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practitioner)
    Public Service: DPA (Doctor of Public Administration)
    Information Technology: DIT (Doctor of Information Technology)
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  9. Alpine

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    Just a correction to the DNP. It stands for Doctor of Nursing Practice not Doctor of nurse Practitioner. Many “DNP’s” may practice nursing in other areas like leadership or academics and not necessarily be licensed to diagnose, prescribe and treat patients.
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    By the power vested in me as a Well-Known Member of, I hereby approve the renaming of Charter Oak State College to Charter Oak State University effective 9/1/2022.

    Signed in the Great State of Maryland!
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  12. Alpine

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  13. TEKMAN

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    No, it should be the University of Connecticut Global Campus. :D
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  14. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Send you old EC diploma to me, I'll replace it as New York University Global Campus for FREE. :D
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  15. SteveFoerster

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    I assume this is your way of saying that "Global Campus" is a silly name for a university.

    And you're right. :)
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  16. Messdiener

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    Whether M.Ed., B.Ed., a PGDE, or anything in between, it doesn't appear that they have any kind of education courses thus far. My general point was that they might want to start with some kind of foundation before jumping directly into a doctoral program.

    While not required, isn't that the norm?
  17. SweetSecret

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    I'm officially meming this combination of posts and putting a printed copy by my desk for the next time I am working on designing a logo and feeling uninspired
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    So I received the new Excelsior University diploma. Certainly not worth $100! The Diploma does say Excelsior University 1971. My old USNY diploma says 1784 - way more impressive! I went to the website to check out the school and overall was not happy with the turn Excelsior has taken. Probably "old news" for you readers but, they have discontinued the Excelsior/Regents/UExcel College Exams. Do not accept GRE subject exams. The pre-licensure RN program has lost accreditation but maintained New York State's "acceptance" making it difficult to get licensing by endorsement in other States, Tuition is $510 a credit hour. I love this school but am not happy with the numerous changes! With that said, I updated my resume to show Excelsior University to match the transcript.
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  19. AsianStew

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    They charged $100 for a printout of the diploma. I think that's a bit expensive! Especially for a re-print of something you already have... Hmm
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  20. Alpine

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    It’s not something I “already have.” Excelsior University was previously Excelsior College which was previously Regents College which was previously The University of the State of New York…..external degree program Regents College. With the new diploma. I also received a letter of congratulations from the President on graduating Excelsior University. The official transcript details my degree with Excelsior University on the header and I changed my resume to reflect the new name of the school. My hope is to not explain all this nonsense. The University of the State of New York was a much better sounding name for the school but I have had employers ask why the transcript doesn’t match the resume or diploma and I simply don’t want to explain it anymore. One hundred dollars well spent!

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