Easiest Master Degree and Schools? Please Help!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Futuredegree, Sep 23, 2013.

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    No need for two threads on this...

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    Ok, as I suspected, we're being played. I don't know why I get sucked up in these threads. My new rule is never to type out more than 1 sentence for someone with fewer than 25 posts.
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    You're right, apologies to Liberal Studies students.

    In all fairness, IF the OP has two Bachelors degrees and an associates then any of the schools he mentioned with either of the degree programs he is interested in are within his reach, probably just not in the time frame that he wants and he needs to get over not having to work.
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    It does depend on the individual, but there is some data to back up my opinion. I couldn't find the average GRE scores for those intending to major in criminal justice, but I did find the scores for the main social sciences. Technically, criminal justice/criminology isn't considered a discipline yet. It will be treated as an area of study until the field graduates more PhDs. I did receive a document from one of my professors that showed that the average GRE score for admitted criminal justice students is below those of sociology and psychology majors. Economics and anthropology/archaeology majors have the highest GRE scores. Among those intending to major in one of the social sciences, the ranking is similar.

    GRE Scores for Social Science Programs | Magoosh GRE Blog

    For LSAT scores, criminal justice/criminology is at the very bottom, which is ironic since so many people think that majoring in CJ will increase their chances of getting into law school.
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    " Easiest Master Degree and Schools? Please Help!"

    The Master degree is a heck of a lot easier to get than the bachelors degree overall! Why? Because most people already have a background in the area of focus and are expanding their horizons with a masters. For example, my first master degree was in aviation management and I had 20 years of experience in the field along with numerous coursework in aviation. For me, the master degree in aviation management was a piece of cake! When I went for a Masters in Nursing...holy crap it was hard because I didn't have the background! My wife was a Human Resource director for 10 years and had a bachelor degree in business. Her Master of Human Resource Management was a walk in the park because............ she knows it! If you want an "easy masters degree" I suggest studying a field that you already know then you simply become a "master" in it!
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    Get Masters degree in Theology from a Bible college with CHEA recognized accrediting agency.

    My wife works for the county and there any recognized masters degree can be used to apply for a better paying position.

    Yes even accredited Masters in Theology or Biblical Education..
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    Get Masters degree in Theology from a Bible college with CHEA recognized accrediting agency.

    My wife works for the county and there any recognized masters degree can be used to apply for a better paying position.

    Yes even accredited Masters in Theology or Biblical Education..

    THE KING’S UNIVERSITY not easy but interesting program on line
    Seminary | The King's University
    Seminary | The King's University

    In the Seminary, students may apply for Institutional Challenge Examinations if they have
    had corresponding courses on the college level. In the Seminary, credit earned through this
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    Please answer makana793, thanks!

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    Futuredegree, until you tell us more about specific goals you have, you are wasting everyone's time. That said, a law enforcement career would not benefit greatly from a grad degree unless A.) You already work in the field or B.) You are interested in a specialized position such as forensics, etc. IMHO, a degree in management would serve you just as well as a graduate degree in criminal justice were you to simply work as a regular beat cop, which is to say, little to none unless you move into management.
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    I am seeking soem federal jobs such as ATF or DEA or to be director of security for a big company. A masters degree will help me move into these positions. I did study criminal justice and natural science from my under graduate. So im guessing a masters in Criminal Justice / Home Land Security or Business would be best for me. I really wouldn't mind what I study just worried about course work required. As I said im just seeking information based on peoples experiences with different colleges to find a pretty easy one that doesnt require much.
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    Maybe I missed it but do you have any relevant experience in these areas?
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    "I want the easiest, fastest Masters degree I can find. I don't care about the subject matter, I just want a federal job."

    Your tax dollars at work.

    I'm about to push the troll button.
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    Okay, then you should do your homework and find out the educational requirements and "likes" of each agency. For example, if you want to work for the FBI, you need a degree in Law, Accounting, Computer Science, etc. They prefer technical people. The US Marshalls? Criminal Justice works fine. ATF? Not so sure, I didn't know many of those guys. Border Patrol? Mostly require a willingness to relocate and ability to learn another language (BTW the Border Patrol would be the easiest to get into out of all of them). Federal Protective Service? Criminal Justice degree. Now before Kizmet gives you the old 86 for being a troll, you might want to try Google, and get a direction.

    I should note that a masters degree will not help you with any of these any more than your BS would with the exception of private security management, in which case you need experience more than anything else. Don't academically overqualify yourself for positions you need in order to gain experience enough for the positions you want (I hope that makes sense). Otherwise, may I recommend starting a security company? I know more than 1 guy who has done so successfully in my area and their secret can be found in 2 words..."niche market".
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    I echo Friendorfoe's remarks. If you are looking for something at the federal level fields like accounting, computer science or engineering would be more helpful.
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    now, now friendorfoe, would I do something like that?:newangel:

    actually, trolling is not a violation of the TOS. they sometimes get a bit of harassment but mostly they just get ignored and leave on their own as a result of boredom.
  18. Online Master

    32 competency units for the Master's. It's self-paced. With your background, you should be able to get through in less than a year.
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    I'm not sure the OP would like this program, for two reasons:

    The OP has previously posted that he doesn't want to work that hard on a degree, and since 15-20 hours per week is the normal work load for a Masters degree program, OP would be looking for less than that number.

    The only way it can be easier is if the OP has good experience/knowledge in the field. In that case, it would be easy.
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    To me, it doesn't sound like the OP is looking for the easiest degree, he's looking for the smallest time commitment. How much time per week can you allocate to studying? Seems to me that criminal justice might be the best place to focus your search since you already have a foundation in that.
    A business degree doesn't typically require a lot of writing/long papers, but it does require the ability to write coherently and succinctly. Honestly, a degree in higher education administration might be a good area to consider. I found the material less strenuous than both my bachelors and MBA. It's still going to require the ability to allocate several hours a week to studying.

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