Easiest Master Degree and Schools? Please Help!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Futuredegree, Sep 23, 2013.

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    You need to use "our" (academic geeks) language. Try this: "Can anyone recommend for me a very accomplish-able convenient delivery format degree program at the Masters level?" ... I get it. I was military for a decade before the pastoral ministry and more factors factor in when trying to "check a box" for advancement in the Government. I would consider American Public University / American Military University. Not going to be "easy" in that they require a fair amount of thought in their coursework BUT they are very flexible and geared toward people in your situation... (see more of "our" language) ...
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    Isn't that the truth. In all my studies Its funny that I found advanced theological education "easier" than undergraduate general ed because I am passionate about the subject(s) and am able to immediately apply the learning in the context of my ministry life, answering people's biblical / theological questions, pointing them to deeper questions, etc.
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    All right. I'll bite.

    You said you weren't the brightest student in your undergrad and didn't get the best grades. I'm going to assume that means you fear you don't have the grades to get into a traditional masters degree program since most require at least a 2.7-3.0 gpa, correct?

    Also, this means you might not want to take the GRE or GMAT, right?

    And you don't care what the degree is on since you just want to check off a box for a job and don't plan on pursuing a higher degree?

    Texas Christian University has an online MLA degree. Basically you get a masters when you take any 10 random yet somewhat interesting sounding classes (classes like "The Wild West" & "Ancient Mysteries" & "The Importance of Plants" & "Light, Color and Space") that they offer online (no thesis required) and finish with a 2.7 gpa minimum.

    And they take anyone with a bachelor's degree, GPA be damned. Obviously since you have a bachelor's it's assumed you have at least a 2.0 which is the minimum GPA allowed to graduate from anywhere anyway. HOWEVER, it will cost you. TCU is not cheap. But it is a good school with a "good name" and a nice football team (if that matters to you).

    I dont go here. I did look into it and then realized that while I would absolutely LOVE to take some of those classes, the cost and the fact that its an MLA and ridiculously expensive when it comes to ROI, it simply did not suit my needs.

    But it might suit you? Maybe you can get an employer to pick up the tab? (I'd like that myself)

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