Easiest, Cheapest, Fastest, and 100% Online Masters Degree?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by educateFuture55, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. educateFuture55

    educateFuture55 New Member

    does anyone know of the cheapest, easiest, fastest, and fully online masters degree in any area of education? I just need to get that masters degree to get the pay bump. At this point the content of the degree isn’t on the priority list but more so just getting it.

    Anyone know of anything that may fit that criteria above? Thanks
  2. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Why, yes, we do.

    And you can, too - start by typing "cheapest easiest fastest online masters education" in the search box at the top right of this screen.

    Or did you expect us to do your legwork for you?

    Welcome to DI. :rolleyes:
  3. educateFuture55

    educateFuture55 New Member

    New to this forum - still figuring out how it works. No need for the sarcastic response
  4. educateFuture55

    educateFuture55 New Member

    And I just took your “suggestion” and nothing came up except the thread that I created.
  5. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Then try different combinations. We've been around for almost 20 years in this venue. You can bet your bupkiss that you are not the first to ask the question you asked - in exactly the words you asked it.

    And now you're not only impatient, you're setting yourself up for a major screw-up. You seem like the type who is suddenly so impatient that you will end up with an unaccredited degree mill credential that will not only waste your money, it will also not count toward your pay bump.

    So you should start by learning the basics of what constitutes a legitimate accreditation, what type of accreditation will be required by your employer, and what type of degree you can pursue that will be of additional benefit to your knowledge base, not just represent a salary bump.

    I will give you a standard response that many of us use: When it comes to fast, cheap, and easy at the master's level, you may be able to meet two of those criteria. It is highly unlikely (in fact, almost impossible) that you will meet all three.

    There are several things that you have not told us: for example, what do you consider fast, cheap, or easy? Do you even have a clue of what the norms are? How about less than a year, less than $1,000, and less than half a dozen quizzes? There are lots of schools where you can get a degree like that - we call them degree mills. And they'll come back to bite you in the ass faster than I have already done.

    Since you say that you need the degree in education, what are we talking about? K-12? Are you a subject-specific teacher and, if so, what subject and what grade level? You may be able to pull off a degree with 18 or more credits in your teaching area that justify the effort you will put into it. Of course, if you want it easy and are not willing to put much into it, you're wasting our time. In which case you're better off reading classified ads in airline magazines and The National Enquirer.

    So, do we have answers to your questions? Schveetheart, we've got the best, most accurate answers you'll find anywhere. Because many of us already have the type of degrees you're seeking for yourself. But we did it legitimately. And we know that when some newbie comes along and combines the words fast, cheap, and easy, there's a high chance that he or she is simply looking to scam the system.

    I will admit that I'm surprised no one else has responded to you yet. But then I realized that most of our experts are simply tired of your question. To them, you're just another putz doing the fast-cheap-easy riff. We've heard it all before. Come down to earth, and you'll find us more than ready to help you.

    Again, welcome to DI. And if you can't hack sarcasm, welcome to the Internet. Because, like it or not, I am your reality check. I shall now go and laugh at you. Wait, I feel it coming . . .

    BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! :D
  6. educateFuture55

    educateFuture55 New Member

    Wow - that’s your response with an honest question I had? Your pathetic. Do you also get angry when people say “Merry Christmas” as well? I don’t want a degree from a diploma mill at all. Life circumstances happen (almost life my wife to a health issue) and I need the pay increase that comes from a masters degree ASAP (WITH putting the work in) to make ends meet....
  7. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of Masters in Education degree programs. I am not certain what state you are located in, but I would start by looking at your state universities as they may be the cheapest route but they would also be geared more towards your states requirements.
  8. AlK11

    AlK11 Active Member

    First of... you're*

    Second of... you didn't answer any of the person's questions and still gave us no way to guide you towards an answer. You need to be specific instead of saying. I need a degree and I need it now.
  9. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    To your questions, yes and no, in that order. Now, as you continue your educational journey, learn the difference between your and you're.

    Like I said, I'm your reality check. Next reality check: stop whining. It will skew your rational thinking.

    Now go back and look at Josh's response: start with your own state and move out from there. You have still not answered any questions that were presented to you, but if you have done any checking at all, you will find a plethora of both MA/MS and M.Ed. programs. Online degrees have become downright chic, and it's difficult to find colleges that don't offer them at all.

    So stop whining and be more specific about your needs. If you're gonna get a master's at all, may as well make it relevant.

    Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas.
  10. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    I'll go one step further. If you do find one that's fast, cheap and easy then you'll eventually discover that people are laughing at you because a degree of that sort will have zero credibility. Especially the "easy" part. If you think about it, a Masters degree is supposed to mean that you've actually mastered something. If it's "easy" then what could you actually have mastered? Nothing. That's the answer. You've mastered nothing. So in order to be even a little bit respectable you should prepare yourself for 2-3 years (part-time) of work that is at least as difficult as anything you did in your last two years of your Bachelors program. I know it's a radical idea but you might have to actually learn something. If you are not now dissuaded then I'd suggest that you start your search by reading through the entire thread linked below.

  11. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member


    I know you are getting some responses you may take as harsh, but the reality is that if you do a little digging, you will find so much information readily available. Cheap is doable. Fast is attainable. EASY should not be realistic. Like Kizmet stated, you are wanting a MASTERS degree. This is meant to challenge you and make you master a subject. If you cannot find an online MA, MS, or M.Ed in your state, you would likely live in the only state in the US that does not offer one.
  12. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    educateFuture55, haha, I am the one who always goes with the cheap/easy/fast recommendations, but I like to also add a value proposition to that... Your answer is simple, WGU (Western Governors University), they are the cheapest/easiest/fastest competency-based degree provider available with a very good ranking and recognition. They are RA and CAEP accredited, with NCTQ recognition - https://www.wgu.edu/about/accreditation.html

    The reason I recommend it is because it's the #1 accredited "online" university for education/teachers, the value is you pay $4K/6months. Many people have completed WGU Master degrees in just 6 months (not only in education, but in Business or IT as well). You can't beat that value anywhere! (Except if you're NOT in the USA, they will not accept you, you'll have to go with NA degrees.)

    Now, you should tell me more about yourself, which BA/BS did you obtain and where (which country/state)? There are requirements for entry to WGU, are you a teacher already? Some states will not accept specific WGU degrees for licensing without prior approval from their state agency. My recommendation is one of these three offerings from WGU: MS Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Instructional Design, MEd Learning & Technology

    If you are an international student looking for a Masters in Education, there are two NA schools that are DEAC accredited that are cheap/easy/fast.
    1) New Charter University Masters of Science in Education - https://www.new.edu/master-of-science-degree-in-education/
    They're cheaper than WGU but only have NA accreditation - Tuition: $1,497/term (3 months) - https://www.new.edu/tuition/
    2) University of the People Masters of Education - https://www.uopeople.edu/programs/ed/degrees/master-of-education-med/
    They're cheaper than WGU but only have NA accreditation - Tuition: $2,660 total - https://www.uopeople.edu/programs/ed/degrees/master-of-education-med/paying-for-school/

    Give us more details of yourself and what you need, otherwise, these are just recommendations - We can't help you without knowing more.
    You might want to read this thread post to how I recommended someone looking for the cheap/easy/fast Bachelors of Business - Link: https://www.degreeinfo.com/index.php?threads/self-paced-bachelors-degree-for-less-than-2000.52514/#post-512158
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  13. BusinessManIT

    BusinessManIT Member

    Wow. Whatever happened to politeness and the concept that no question asked is too dumb? People making rude responses cheapens this site, even if the rude posters are correct. Perhaps someone was just having a bad day. Ok, go ahead and attack me now.
  14. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Why, are you a glutton for punishment? :D

    Seriously, I see no reason to attack you. You've been an active member for several years, albeit one who often acts like a chicken with its head cut off. And two of your four degrees are totally legitimate, although the other two are a bit of a joke. (I'll let you guess which two.) But as long as they make you happy, I'm delighted for you.

    As for the notion of rude responses, keep in mind that we've been hearing the same questions for going on twenty years. People who combine the three words, cheap, fast, and easy don't deserve a degree. People who provide inadequate information for an evaluation, then neglect to answer the questions that are posed to them in response, also do not deserve degrees.

    And, as Walter Cronkite would say, that's the way it is.
  15. I rarely comment but I'll add my two cents. Give buddy a break. Yes, he's asked the question that I've probably seen 50 times on this board. Yes, he didn't use "your" or "you're" right. This is still supposed to be a forum where people can ask stupid questions. It's unwelcoming to newbies. I'm tired of seeing the same ole people post over and over. This forum used to be full of new life of a weekly basis. It seems like it's dying off. I would really hate to see that.
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Speaking for myself, it was a reality slap. A blunt, forceful piece of advice design to get your attention and convey the seriousness of the situation. It worked. It might sting a bit at first but if it prevents you from walking into some sub-standard "university" then that's a good thing. If it makes to stop and think about how much work and time is involved in earning a respectable degree then that's a good thing. More often then not, in my experience, talking about this particular issue in soft tones, beating around the bush, etc. results in the questioner simply doing what was in their mind all along, that is, finding a fast, easy, cheap degree.

    The fact is that fast + easy + cheap = degree mill. You don't want to go that way. If I've ruffled your feathers in that process, well I'm sure you'll recover. Try and earn a degree that you can be proud of, not something you can whip out in a few months in your spare time.
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  17. Everyone isn't you. If you have kids, taught individuals, or been a leader/supervisor then you know this. Yes, there has to be a certain level of standardization but we all are different. I've been around this forum long enough to know that there wasn't always a "blunt/forceful" tone in everything. That worked for some. Didn't work for others. You can be polite and still convey the seriousness of a situation. Would you agree?

    I may not agree with it...but some people just need to check the box off. They aren't in your situation. They may need the fast/cheapest/quickest degree. I agree with the early post that the fastest/easiest/cheapest degree is probably WGU(depending on the situation). I'm sure you wouldn't characterize WGU as a degree mill. It's all relative. If the guy jumped on the forum and asked, "How can I pay for a degree and not do any work?" then it would be different. We have entire threads pinned for cheapest
  18. BusinessManIT

    BusinessManIT Member

    Interesting. So I did get attacked. Of course your words are invalid. You also make a good target yourself.

    However, I will refrain from attacking a big target like you since I don't believe in insulting anyone. Based on this response, I see that this site has degenerated into a something quite disreputable. And I used to think this was a serious education site. So goodbye everyone, have fun insulting others.
  19. BusinessManIT

    BusinessManIT Member

    First of all, I am not interested in earning any degrees. I have all the education that I need. I was simply reading posts here when I saw impolite and unprofessional posts written by people whose advice I respected (no more). I don't agree with your and other's "tough love" method that you describe and that I have seen demonstrated here.

    Respect has to be earned and isn't an entitlement as many here may believe. But it does not make any difference to me now, as I am leaving this unprofessional site, never to return. Goodbye and have fun with your insults in "teaching" others.
  20. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    @educateFuture55, @BusinessManIT

    Hey. @educateFuture55 ,welcome to degreeinfo, and my apologies for the inappropriate behavior of one of our long-time members. All posters, especially folks new to the community, should feel welcomed, and the sarcastic and unhelpful posts above are not the sort of experience I, as the founder and admin of degreeinfo, want anyone to have. While there is plenty of sarcasm, rudeness, and flaming on the Internet, it isn't something I consider appropriate, especially for new members here, and it should not be held as acceptable by our moderation team (or contributing members).

    Steve will freely admit that he can be an ass. And, now that someone interrupted my day-after-Christmas to let me know that the problem is going on, I will address that.

    The challenge that Steve (and, perhaps many of the folks that have been around here for a while) encounters is that, inherently, education is something that involves personal motivation. And I think some folks (wrongly, in my opinion) perceive that asking for help and suggestions is a 'shortcut' to doing one's own work. Now... that said, I can agree to a point, but I will also say that the education landscape has changed dramatically since degreeinfo was created close to 20 years ago. There are an insane number of options, many of them wonderful, and some not-so-great. And price bears little relationship, and sometimes an inverse relationship, to the quality of the education offered.

    I think the question of earning any degree is what is the intent behind it? Sometimes it is simply a checkbox to be eligible for a job or a promotion. ("Do you have a 4 year degree from a legitmately accredited institution? No? You aren't eligible to go further"... that sort of thing.) Sometimes it is genuinely to develop deeper knowledge to progress one's career. Sometimes it is for credibility. And sometimes for other reasons. So all of that plays into what sort of degree will serve your needs.

    I personally believe that the minimum standard should be a degree from an institution recognized by a CHEA accreditor. (There's a search box down the page.) Outside of that, degrees from many for-profit schools confer considerably less credibility and acceptance than degrees from state or private nonprofit schools. And the credibility of a school is also keyed, at least to some extent, to how rigorous the school is perceived to be. So the quickest, fastest, least-work degree, even if from a properly accredited school, may not help you as much as a degree that takes longer and requires more effort. But again, it depends on what you're after.

    I personally am not up to speed on which schools offer the best options, nor do I believe that any one school fits the bill given what I said above about needs. I do think there are a number of folks here who probably do have good, current information on that, and I think it's entirely reasonable to ask in a thread like this and not get snarky, unhelpful responses such as you've received.

    So I'll try and keep an eye on this thread, and I'll also encourage the mods to keep an eye on the thread and keep it on track.

    Again, my apologies for the rude and unhelpful posts, and I'll take this as an opportunity to discuss with the mods and see if we can't make a real difference in the tone you see here going forward.

    Thanks much for taking the time to post, and especially, for not just dipping out after you were so rudely treated.
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