Easiest, Cheapest, Fastest, and 100% Online Masters Degree?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by educateFuture55, Dec 19, 2018.

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    Thanks Chip. Your response is refreshing and very helpful.
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    He is correct, many professionals have completed the degree within 1 term (6 months) for under $4,000. The reason is it's competency-based, meaning that the student is tested through assessments of their knowledge of the material. The fastest I have seen someone complete the degree is within 3-4 months and many have done it while working full time and have kids. I am looking at getting the MSML and MBA ITM combo from WGU for roughly $8,000 and in 1 year, other competency-based programs I have looked at is Purdue Global Exceltrak MBA and Walden Tempo MBA and some others.
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    This is not going to go well for you here.

    I'll help you by letting you know that "getting in" is a non-issue. You can get into probably 3,000 colleges by having a pulse and checkbook. That's not a slam, it's the truth.

    Master's in Education has a folder, my advice is to start there.
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    Hello. The OP said they are interested in “getting it” in regards to the degree not “getting in” to a program, right?
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    OP "At this point the content of the degree isn’t on the priority list but more so just getting it. "

    ?? I read this to mean he's worried about getting accepted into a master's program.

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