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    A lot has occurred since I last updated so here is a present time update:

    COVID-19 got to me (not illness) and ended up getting laid off from my employer along with others. The Fuqua program is a working professional program and currently my wife and I have decided we want to move to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Due to this, I applied late to SMU Cox for their full-time Master of Science in Finance and was admitted. I will be deferring the Fuqua program to 2021 and will decide then if I even want to do it based on the position I land with Cox.

    I opted to go with SMU Cox because they are a powerhouse in the Dallas market since they are located right there in Dallas. I get to recruit with companies such as Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Pwc, etc.


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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Congrats! Welcome to SMU! I graduated in 2010 with a Master of Science in Telecommunications from Lyle School of Engineering. Although, what I am doing now has nothing to do with my degree; however, I am still proud to be a Southern Methodist University's alumnus. #PonyUP
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    You know how crazy 2020 has been? Insane. Got an email from SMU that 99.9% of recruiting would be virtual and most professors requested their classes be remote instead of in-person. Due to this, if I am going to be pursuing a degree remotely, I would much rather do so at Duke. I let SMU know my decision and will be moving forward with Fuqua. Here is to hoping the next few weeks do not throw something else at me because I have been losing my mind with all this.
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    Also, I have an interview with A VERY LARGE company coming up, so send positive thoughts my way. A Senior Project Manager at said company who is pursuing his Executive MBA at Fuqua has been helping me with interview prep and such. Fingers crossed.
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