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    No! I am focusing on my MBA; for going for a Ph.D., either Business or Information Technology. Since I don't work for the public sector, studying a Doctorate in Public Administration requires learning a fundamental subject, which I do not have time.

    I am interested in learning with collaboration and group works. So, far I am pleased with the Imperial College London Global MBA cohort. So, ESCP Business School might be the program for me. I wish Liberty University's program id Ph.D, not DBA.
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    Ok. Maybe by the time you're through with your MBA, Liberty will add a Ph.D. in IT or BA. However, have you considered these programs at the University of the Cumberlands?
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Two years ago, I started my Ph.D. in IT at the University of the Cumberlands when the program was brand new. After two courses, I dropped out because the program was too dry, lacking research at the Doctorate courses. It is more like a Master level course with direct knowledge final exam, which my brain does not design to cram the entire textbook and fill in the blank on the final exam. I hope the program course structure has changed. I am interested in the University of the Cumberlands' Ph.D. in Business Administration because of IACBE accreditation; however, I am afraid they will not accept me without an MBA. So, I plan to finish my MBA first...then make another move after. I do not see I stop learning anytime soon.
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