Doctor of Leadership - Integrated Project - Design Your Own Concentration

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    Andrews University offers a Doctor of Leadership (D.Lead) that allows students to design their own 12-credit concentration using courses that are 600-level or above. That means you can use masters-level courses, which helps a lot since Andrews doesn't offer many doctoral programs that aren't in education. Instead of a dissertation, students complete an integrated project that involves the student's workplace and a doctoral portfolio. There is also a requirement to submit a research article to a professional publication.

    Students can receive credit for prior learning if they have considerable leadership experience and credit for post-masters and/or doctoral coursework.
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    Interesting program I read about it yesterday but at $1386.00 per credit ill pass better options out there.
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    I'm not trying to reignite the money issue, but I do want to say it's over-blown. It is so much more important to do the right degree for you.

    I'm still paying on my student loans and will likely have a huge balance remaining when I die. But the degree was transformative, financially and professionally, and I've never regretted it one little bit. It was, by far, the best investment I ever made towards my career.

    I'm not saying it doesn't matter, but there are things that SHOULD matter even more.
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