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    I love the idea of D/L dentistry!

    Nosborne, JD
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    It is probably a sin to ressurect an old post like this, but I've been researching this topic (unformally) on and off for a while. I would really like to get on with a doctoral degree but the narrowness of research turns me off. (for traditional or distance programs)

    Earlier I suggested an Excelsior DA in Liberal Arts - the rationalle much like these gentlemen who (some of them) support DETC movement into the DA realm.

    The DA focus on breadth and subject matter content lends itself to the Liberal Arts, a field underrepresented in distance learning.

    Additionally, it could be attractive to K-14 teachers who desire a degree past the typical M Ed or content MA, but want to teach and not research for a living.
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    It's good to see this topic revisited but disheartening to learn that the U-Albany discontinued their DA in Humanistic Studies (shortly after I applied, should I take it personally?) and others like Middle Tenn. have transitioned their DA (in English, I think) to the traditional PhD model. Ho-hummm
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    That stinks... I'de thought of running off to college when I "retire" and become a civilian again - The U of Albany DA was one of two really interesting resident terminal programs out there. The other looks really fun, even tought I probably couldn't get far out of community college teaching with it.

    Look at the D Litt (earned) in humanities from Drew University in Madison NJ. Then tell me Excelsior couln't find room for a program lke that in its Liberal Arts dept. I still think a general liberal arts doctorate (RA or DETC) via DL would make them $$.
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    Bill: I've been in worse.
    Roscoe: Thanks. TNU has too much residency for me, but I am delighted that they are now offering the DA. More power to them!
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    GMU has a doctorate??

    [George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia)
    Community College Education

    I can't find this and have never heard of it. Do you have a link. I've been all through GMU website. Thanks!
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    Re: George Mason DA Community College Ed

    Thank you for the link. I went to it but I cannot tell that this is a distance learning program? Is it? I am certainly interested but I can't find any information on this being done through DL. It looks like a regular residential program to me. Do you know if it is? Thanks.
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    George Mason DA

    Hi armywife,
    Yes, the George Mason DA in Community College Ed is a residential program. In the DL realm, I think the closest relative to that program of study is an EdD in Educational Leadership. Best,
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    The "Doctor of Art/Science" and "Doctor of Business Administration" degrees are not considered first professional degrees as using the DETC Accrediting Commission's referred definitions:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,

    Sue Reilly

    Susan M. Reilly
    Director of Accreditation
    Accrediting Commission of the
    Distance Education and Training Council
    E-mail: [email protected]
    202-234-5100, ext. 103
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    Re: Re: George Mason DA Community College Ed

    When I inquired about the DA at George Mason last year, I was told that by Fall 03 there would be a DL option. However, there is, as of yet, no sign of that happening. So who knows? It may or may not be DL this year or next. I'm not holding my breath :) In fact, I signed on elsewhere for the full phd.

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    Re: Re: Re: George Mason DA Community College Ed

    Where did you sign on and what program?

  15. Leslie

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: George Mason DA Community College Ed

    Curtin University of Technology in Media and Technology (specifically Internet Studies). I looked carefully at George Mason's DA and considered it even though it was not DL because it's only two hours for me to drive there and it's only twice a month on campus. But...........I've had my fill of taking classes :) So I decided on a research degree.

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    What about Sc.D.

    UMASS Lowell offers a Sc.D. in Computer Science and it seems to be a compelling program. It seems to be identical to a Ph.D. program (i.e. research & Sc.D. thesis.) Would a graduate of an Sc.D. program be considered second rate to a Ph.D??? Are any of the discussions about the DA degree applicable to the Sc.D?

    JoAnn Peeler
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    Re: What about Sc.D.


    Nova used to offer the Sc.D. degree in Computer Science as well as its other doctoral programs in the School for Computer and Information Science. In 1994 they offered the Ph.D. and most of us, including myself, who were in the Sc.D. program opted for the Ph.D. Interesting enough prior to the Sc.D. the doctoral degree offered was the D.A.

    Anyway, as for the Sc.D. and Ph.D. comparison in the U.S. I think we do opt for the Ph.D. because it is more recognizable. In some countries, as in Australia, the Sc.D. is considered a higher doctorate than the Ph.D.

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    For those who enjoy a gamble, as in the case of Northcentral University, the Trinity (Newburgh) Doctor of Arts is always an option. Hypothetically, if one enters the Trinity DA and a year from now Trinity obtains NCA accreditation, one would have a DA for about $8,500 (50 hours X $170). There is of course the chance that NCA accreditation will not be obtained, but then, few thought Northcentral would obtain accreditation. We shall see.
  19. Bruce

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    My gut tells me that NCU was a much safer bet than Trinity.

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