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    More honorable, too. Whatever's right or wrong with SCUPS, it's one or two light years ahead of the silly Masters Divinity Skool of Evansville, IN, run (despite denials) and facultied (that's probably not a word) by the same Hogg-wild folks who run TTS.
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    Re: CBC

    Well, IMVHO, the CBC is the least of three evils in Canada. (With the other two being CTV/BCE*, and Global--Izzy Asper's fiefdom).
    *amateur hour on this network...I get more info out of TVA, and I don't even speak French!
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    Well, that was written in August 2003 and it's April 2004 now. Anyone know if George Mason has moved forward on this at all?

    Personally, I find Virginia state schools in general (except community colleges) have been really slow to build Internet-age distance learning programs. But that's another thread.

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    No news here. As the anxious childless midwife hereabouts of the D.A., I wish I had some good news to report. The only vaguely recent thing I know is bad: Middle Tennessee dropped theirs. Trevecca Nazarene's seems not to have gotten off the ground, or at least it has disappeared from recent advertising.
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    Looks like it disappeared between 2009 and 2010: "Apparently dormant since 1999, the National Doctor of Arts Association website, housed at Idaho State University, was taken down altogether at some point during the writing of this manuscript" (Vandenberg, P., & Clary-Lemon, J. (2010). Advancing by Degree: Placing the MA in Writing Studies. College Composition and Communication, 62(2), 257-282. Retrieved February 23, 2021, from

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