Do you think Michael Moore is bitter?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Mr. Engineer, Nov 9, 2004.

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    I comprehend just fine, thank you very much. I don't remember your having mentioned this, however.

    Anyway, I was only showing the hypocrisy, that's all, of many Dems who talk equal opportunity and call the GOP racist but the facts are that the GOP has done much for blacks and other minorities, especially under Bush.

    Now, does grgwll stand for George Will, the famous writer?
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    I actually voted to reelect Mosely-Braun when I lived in Illinois. I thought Peter Fitzgerald was too conservative. Turns out he spent six years in the Senate as a moderate. I hated to see him retire.
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    No, it's not!

    You need to get out Phelps, ha!
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    I could not agree more. How many minorities did Clinton appoint to his cabinet? I have a lot of problems with Bush, but I will be the first to say that, in terms of the people he has appointed, he has done more to promote racial and gender equality than ANY president in U.S. history. Probably more than all of them combined, in fact.

    Actually, it's grgrwll, and it stands for another famous writer, who you probably haven't heard of. And if you have, you probably despise him -- he had the gall to speak out against totalitarianism.

    (Here's a hint -- I've only removed the vowels. If you understood this writer, you would understand why that is the representation I chose.)
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    You are simply too condescending! I comprehend very well when there is clarity and poignancy!

    Now, why would I despise someone who detests totalitarianism? Who in his or her right mind wouldn't?

    So, if you're speaking of George Orwell, of course I have heard of him and have read him. Again, you are too condescending.

    Assuming I have not heard of him (if you mean him) is like implying I have never heard of Ayn Rand.

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    God does not hate gay people or anything else. Just needed to post that.


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    Perhaps you should tell that to Fred Phelps and his minions.

    They tell me that the most important part of Christianity is hatred. And many people on this board have supported this. For example, a Christian minister voiced his hope for Arafat's death. Not for his conversion. His bloody death. I thought your God could work miracles -- and the conversion of Arafat would have been the greatest miracle of my lifetime. It could have changed everything. Perhaps if more Christians were praying for his conversion rather than for his death, the world would be more peaceful now. Assuming, of course, that these people want peace, which is a very bad assumption.

    When it comes down to it, you and Fred Phelps voted for the same Presidential candidate. You have played an active role in supporting the same policies.

    Have you EVER done ANYTHING to stand up to the "God Hates Fags" people?
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    I am sorry, but you are soooooooo wrong.

    On the way home tonight I heard Dr. Robert Gordon, President of the American Health Association, say he has counseled numerous folks with Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST) and they are still upset about the 2000 election and that they "cannot get over it."

    He said they are "red with anger" regarding the 2000 election.
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    VERRRY funny. But, there are reasons to worry, too

    re #2: Onlt two Dem presidents got re-elected by a greater percentage of the vote - the last, LBJ in 1964. Are we Dems supposed to keep banking the Bush's Iraq War will have the same denoumont?

    ew #3: It was remarable tha the youth went for Kerry after the media hyped our loses and deaths in Iraq. But what happens when they too wake up and find out that these media elites aren't really on their side, either? - just like their elders?

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    Please explain...

    Wel, Carl, tell me what is his message besides a born-again Marxism anayltic?


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