1. stephanievc123

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    Hi there,I'm stephanie. I really want to do the diydegree, and know i want do psychology or business. but have no idea where to start. I printed off which courses I need for botbut have no idea which tests to take or where to start. I don't want to pay the website guy 200 dollars, so here I am.
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  3. stephanievc123

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    Starting from scratch-DIYDEGREE

    Hi all, totally lost. I would like to earn a bachelors degree in psychology without taking any classes other than the capstone and intro to psychology. I contacted excelsior but was told that at least half of my credits would have to be earned in online classes. I do not qualify for financial aid and don't have that kind of cash lying around, and loans are out of the question. And i know cleps doesnt offer alot of the test I need. Does anybody know substitute tests that I can take that would count so i wont have to give up. And what is DSST?:aargh4:
  4. stephanievc123

    stephanievc123 New Member

    Btw...I'm starting from scratch, no credits at all.
  5. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator Staff Member

    Have you actually applied for financial aid to see if you are eligible for something like a Pell Grant?
  6. AsianStew

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    A do it yourself degree is great. Your best options are the Big 3, namely COSC, TESU and EC. If you are starting from scratch, you are best off taking courses for credit elsewhere and transfer them into either one. The general education requirements and free electives should practically be identical for all 3.

    Another option, if you would like competency based degree programs, they are great as well. You pay for a set price per term, if you finish faster, the lesser you pay for the degree. Nothern Arizona Univ, Patten, Hodges, WGU, and a few more offer this type.

    The majority of people transfer to them when they reach 90+ credits, they may apply early and get an academic evaluation to see what courses are required to finish the degree, these are courses that make up the concentration/major (AOS Area of Study).

    You can start getting college credit by taking FREE credits to see how online learning is.
    Please see this thread from a few months ago in regards to the ACP and providers.
  7. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    Furthermore, here's another link from earlier in the year mentioning ACP, Saylor and Straighterline.

    Moreover, head over to Saylor Academy website and click Earn College Credit, Find Out How.
    That's a very informative page, and at the bottom, a link to FREE & affordable credit.

    But what is most important is below it, the resources point to this forum website and the sister forum (are we still not suppose to link to other sites?). Anyways, register there as well under the same name you have here, I am on both forums like other members, but my alias there is bjcheung77.

    We are here to help, I'll add a list of free credit below and corresponding credits you get.
    You can complete the following for FREE and it will give you the corresponding credits listed beside it.

    Kaplan PLA LRC100 - 3
    The Institutes: Ethics 312 - 2
    NFA Q118, Q137, Q318 - 3
    TEEX Cybersecurity 101, 201, 301 - 6
    FEMA PDS Cert, 7 Courses - 7 (only for COSC and a small number of schools)
    Other FEMA credits all are free - Again only usable at COSC and a limited number of schools
  8. SteveFoerster

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    No one ever actually said we couldn't link to DegreeForum, at least when it's clearly relevant for someone's situation, as in this case.
  9. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    Thanks, I just wanted to make sure. I don't believe it, I spelt Northern wrong for NAU in the post above. Haha... Anyways..

    Stephanie, you should create an ACE Credit Registry to store your credits from Saylor, Straighterline and other ACP providers.
    The service is free to store all your ACE credits and when you need transcripts, it's $20 first one, $15 for subsequent ones.
    So, create yourself an account for ACE, complete the free credits I have suggested, and you'll have 21 credits FREE!
  10. sanantone

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    I don't have a degree plan for TESU's new psychology program, but the members of the other forum can help you put together the psychology area of study. Excelsior's psychology program is a little less test friendly than TESU's, but TESU's is not as test friendly as it used to be. Another alternative would be social science, which is almost 100% alternative sources of credit friendly. TESU's BSBA in General Management and some of the other areas of specialization are 100% test friendly.

    Sanantone's BA in Social Science - Degree Forum Wiki - Wikia
    Sanantone's TESC General Education Options After July 1, 2015 - Degree Forum Wiki - Wikia
    Sanantone's TESC BSBA in General Management After July 1, 2015 - Degree Forum Wiki - Wikia
  11. GoodYellowDogs

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    You could also do a Liberal Arts degree at Excelsior with a depth in Pysch.
  12. AJ_Atlanta

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    I would say TESU is test friendly, just that you cannot test out of %100 of it. As I recall there is really only one psychology class that has to be done at TESU (as well as the cornerstone and capstone); not really bad.
  13. jsd

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    Very late to this game, but yes: TESU's psychology degree is still very test-friendly, aside from "Ethics in the Social Sciences" (and the cap/cornerstone as you mentioned).

    JSD's BA in Psychology (after July 1st, 2015 - Degree Forum Wiki - Wikia)
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    So, Saylor is free except for a test proctoring charge?
  15. SteveFoerster

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    Yes, it sure is.
  16. catlin0915

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    If a NA accredited degree is ok and starting with nothing, University of the People is $100 a class and about $4000 for the entire degree. Also, Nations University is about $1000 a year. Both of the are Nationally Accredited, though. Some schools accept transfer credits from NA institutions.
    I'm not affiliated or attended any of the schools listed above, "instert any other relevant legal jargon here."

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