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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by lukajoey, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. lukajoey

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    I'm going crazy trying to find a program where I can get a PhD in Management or Leadership or Org. Behavior that is B&M but low residency/distance. I have ruled out all of the online programs and am looking for an RA, b&m that is geared toward adult, nontraditional learners and is hopefully not too expensive as I am paying out-of-pocket. Any suggestions? Again, not interested in the online programs for what I'm looking for....thanx. This is really a struggle and I've been researching my butt off for a month now.....
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    Wait, you want an inexpensive distance doctoral program in business that's not online? I guess there's the University of South Africa, but other than South African schools I can't think of anywhere that would meet those unusual criteria.

  3. GeneralSnus

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    Indiana Tech has a Ph.D. in Global Leadership that requires one Thursday-Sunday residency once in July during each year of enrollment. The program is 60 credit hours at $615 per credit.
  4. Randell1234

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    What do you consider "not too expensive"? Where are you located?
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    Have you looked at Sullivan University? You said you want a program that is "hopefully not too expensive" as you are paying out of pocket. The problem is that we don't know what your threshold for what is or not expensive. Anyway, you've read this thread about Sullivan's management PhD program (I know because you posted a question there), but have you looked at this thread?

    In addition to contacting Dr. Pina (Dean of Online Studies at Sullivan University) who can answer all your questions regarding the program, I think reading this thread may answer some more questions regarding the program, especially information regarding transfer credits, which substantially affects the total cost of the program. Lancaster's (a university located in the UK) PhD in Management program is another program option from a respect B & M school. TEKMAN can provide more info regarding the school and their requirements (he's contacted them not long ago, and have received specific information from the program dean).
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    Would you happen to know the exact tuition for a doctoral program at the University of South Africa? Everyone says it cheap. I'd like to know the exact amount (for my future plans).

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, to Follow up with Cyber's reply. Lancaster University is the lowest tuition you would find. Here is the break down with the program.

    The program requires minimum 4 years from the day of acceptance. You're required to travel to Lancaster, UK for every semester (3 times per year). The current tuition is about $8,250.00 per year. There is no course, only 80,000 (about 500 pages with double space) word dissertation and oral defense. You'll visit your supervisor 3 times per year. You must submit about 2,500 words of your dissertation proposal along with your application.

    Frankly, if I have to pay out of my pocket; I would attend Lancaster University because of their reputation, which is ranking #6 in UK and the program is triple accreditation include AACSB. The reason I stick with Capella University because about 95% tuition and fees are paid by the Post 9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon program.
  8. lukajoey

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    So far I am seriously looking at:

    - Sullivan, PhD Management, $50,000+ (applied yesterday to start January - figured I can transfer doctoral credits if needed);
    - Colo. State PhD Education, Interdisciplinary Studies program or the Organizational Performance and Change program (I am still waiting to hear back from someone regarding distance option and fee -
    this may be very expensive, but I'm not sure yet);
    - Northeastern, EdD Org. Leadership & Communication, $25,000+/- ;
    - George Washington University, EdD, Human & Organizational Learning, Executive Leadership cohort at $72,000+

    I really do not want to spend more than $50,000 and I strongly prefer a PhD over EdD as I am consulting in the business world and even though I do not personally care about the degree knowing they are basically the same - my clients, public, etc. perception matters here..........

    I also work across the country and am "located" on both coasts, so regional perception is not a factor - I'm simply having a really hard time finding the school that offer a low residency PhD.....

    Thanks for any help


    MS, Management, with either concentration in or 2nd MS in Marketing, Texas A&M-Commerce, in progress
    MS, I/O Psychology, Springfield College
    MA, Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University (75% completed)
  9. Tireman 44444

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    For my year (2011), $2,227.00. Yours might vary with program and such.
  10. Cyber

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  11. Cyber

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    That's it for one year's tuition? That is exceptionally low. With such low tuition, satisfying admission requirements seems more of a hassle than actually paying for the program - quite the opposite of online doctoral programs in the U.S.

    I say that because they require a research-based master degree or one with significant research component or course/s. That means many terminal or course-only master's programs do not satisfy their admission requirement, according to what I read from their website. Anyway, thanks for the information. I'm impressed...
  12. Cyber

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  13. TEKMAN

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  14. distancedoc2007

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    My experience has also been around $2,200 per year, give or take. The foreign student levy is slowly creeping up year over year, so getting in and out soon and fast is wise. These are good programs and are not easy to get into.
  15. not4profit

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    University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has a Doctorate of Management (DMgt) that can be done online with "limited residencies." I don't know how many residencies they require. UMUC can be pretty expensive for out of staters as well. It is not a PhD, but, it is a B& M state school with apparently few residencies.

    Doctor of Management - Graduate School of Management & Technology - UMUC
  16. TEKMAN

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    Case Western Reverse has Executive Doctor of Management. It requires 15 years experience in senior management position.
  17. lukajoey

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    That Case Western Executive Doctorate is outrageous - $45,000 per year x 3 years = $135,000!
  18. AUTiger00

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  19. TEKMAN

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    "Tuition for the three-year program is currently $99,5001, which covers tuition, books and food while on campus. Travel and lodging expenses are not covered."

    ah!!! Pricey!
  20. Ted Heiks

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    UMUC charges the same tuition to in-staters and out-of-staters.

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