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  1. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    To my best knowledge,no school irrespective of amazing historical significance awards degree written in Latin in Britain and the down under,but a few American fine institutions do still dish out diploma scribbled in Latin...is that true?
  2. DougyK

    DougyK New Member

    Hmmm .. I do not know of any degrees written in Latin. Where did you say you saw one?

  3. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Pretty sure Harvard still does . . . including the first and middle names of the recipient. Ricardium Jones. Ioannes Bear.
  4. cableplus

    cableplus New Member


    Your Harvard JD diploma is probably written in modern English as the case with the school of education.I imagine,FAS(Faculty of Arts and Science) still retains the long standing tradition of issuing latin diploma for its postgraduate degrees.

    I guess,coz you can't show a latin scribbled JD diploma to your client saying this is my stellar credential,the content is incomprehensible thus utility level is nil for siphoning big bucks,but for FAS guys,apparently it's a varying story...


    They no longer latinlise the name,ordinarily preferred spelling will be used...
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  5. MarkIsrael@aol.com

    [email protected] New Member

    When the University of Ottawa (Canada) graduated me as a Master of Computer Science, they told me I could have the diploma in English, French, or Latin. I thought the diploma was just an ornamental thing to hang on the wall, and anyone who wanted to verify my degree would contact the University directly. So I chose Latin. Boy, was I wrong! As it turned out, I needed to show the diploma to US Immigration every year as I crossed the border, to get my TN visa renewed.

    So I had to get a notarized translation of the diploma. I asked my (American) immigration lawyer what the procedure was for obtaining that. She replied "Well, you have to find someone competent to translate the language" -- and, reasoning from the fact that I was from Canada, added, "It's in French, I presume."

    "No," I replied, "It's in Latin." I added that I had taken Latin in high school and could certainly translate the diploma myself, but asked if she could swear to the accuracy of my translation. When she said no, I said, "I thought lawyers were good at Latin."

    She said "No, we stink at it. But my diploma is in Latin as well."

    Here's what my diploma says:

    Universitas Ottaviensis [University of Ottawa]
    Senatus Universitatis admisit [The Senate of the University has conferred on]
    Mark Abraham Israel
    qui omnia quae per statuta requiruntur feliciter compleverit et sententia examinatorum se dignum praebuerit, ad gradum [who has fulfilled all the requirements and passed the prescribed examinations, the degree of]
    Magisterii in Computandi Scientia [Master of Computer Science]
    cum omnibus juribus, honoribus et privilegiis ad hunc gradum pertinentibus. In cuius rei fidem, nostra chirographa subscripsimus et sigillum Universitatis his litteris affigendum curavimus [with all the rights, honours and privileges proper to that degree. In testimony whereof we have hereto subscribed our names and caused the seal of the University to be affixed to this document.]
    In urbe Ottaviensi, die XXVIIa mensis Maii AD MCMXCVII. [Given at Ottawa, this 27th day of May 1997.]
    Cancellarius [Chancellor] Decurio magisterii [Dean]
    Rector et vice cancellarius [Rector and Vice-Chancellor] Secretarius [Secretary]
  6. Scott Henley

    Scott Henley New Member

    I believe McGill University in Montreal, Canada still issues their degrees in Latin. Harvard does, and universities in Scotland are also known to issue in Latin, as well as Oxford (I think).
  7. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    McGill does still issue diploma in latin and had ever viewed a copy of it,the format is consistent with modern diploma wording if translated.Who can confirm if there is any school in Britain which is still inured to issue diploma in Latin,I think Oxbridge is using modern English in their diploma now..

    BTW,the eminent HBS(Harvard Business School) issue modern English worded diploma,but the format is consistent with Harvard's latin certificate.
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    I'm pretty sure that Boston College still issues Latin undergrad diplomas.
  9. ncavac

    ncavac New Member

    Seton Hall University does as well
  10. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    Boston University does issue diploma in Latin but unsure if Boston College does.

    University of Washington at St.Louise,Pennsylvania University,Bates College etc are still in the tradition of issuing latin diploma,to my best knowledge.

    Does anyone know if any British university is issuing diploma scrawled in latin?
  11. Scott Henley

    Scott Henley New Member

    I'm sure that Oxford and Edinburgh still award degrees in Latin.
  12. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    I can confirm that neither Oxford nor Edinburgh awards degree penned in latin.But their old degree are indeed written in Latin
  13. Charles

    Charles New Member

  14. brad

    brad New Member

    Just wondering

    Going back to Mark Israels degree for a moment....

    How does Latin have a word for computer?

    Just wondering....

  15. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    Re: Just wondering

    Magisterii in Computandi Scientia [Master of Computer Science]

    The latin word Computandi means compute,reckon or calculate,thus this word is used as English equivalent computer.If threre is a novel invention and no fitting word in extant latin can describe it,competent latin linguistician can apply latin grammatical and lexical rule to coin a mint condition latin word.

  16. etech

    etech New Member


    just wondering.. couldnt you ask the University of Ottawa to issue you a replacement diploma in English ? dont they do that ?

  17. cableplus

    cableplus New Member

    Usually,a certified translation wil accompany your latin diploma,if the school does not provide one automatically,you can request your registrar to give you one.
  18. mcjon77

    mcjon77 Member

    Georgetown's diplomas are in Latin. They didn't even bother to give me a translation :mad: . So for all I know my degree could say that I graduated from Georgetown's school of beauty and hair styling :D .

  19. MarkIsrael@aol.com

    [email protected] New Member

    Brad wrote:

    > Going back to Mark Israels degree for a moment....
    > How does Latin have a word for computer?

    More literally, Magisterii in Computandi Scientia translates as "of mastery in the science of computing". However:
    The Latin word for "computer" is apparently computratum: http://users.adelphia.net/~florusc/latine/latinePage26.html

    etech writes:

    > just wondering.. couldnt you ask the University of Ottawa to
    > issue you a replacement diploma in English ?

    Yes, I eventually ordered an English one. They took a few weeks to deliver it, but they did.
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  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My school (Canada) did award the degrees in Latin until the early to mid 90's when they modernized the diploma. Personally, I thought it was kind of neat and unique.


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