DETC versus Regional degree. Answer this question!

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    Cool beans, Ann!... I graduated Magna Cum Laude with 3.83 GPA from Columbia Southern University with a BSBA a few years ago. It was, by and large, an excellent experience for which I have no complaints and absolutely no regrets. Currently working on an MS Information Management/Project Management from Grantham University. Grantham has been a great experience thus far as well; they are both a B&M and DL institution, and DETC accredited at this time; however, I hear that they are also pursuing RA as well. Currently squeaking out a 4.0 GPA, but I probably just jinxed it.
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    How is Grantham a B&M institution? "Grantham University offers coursework exclusively through distance-education programs," Grantham says themselves here. A "100% online university," they call themselves here.

    How current is this information?

    They had an application in process with HLC, and were scheduled to host a comprehensive evaluation visit from January 23-25, 2012. "Following the visit, the team will submit a recommendation to the Commission concerning initial accreditation status." The result was no grant of candidacy or accreditation.

    This résumé for former Grantham Provost Vincent Pellegrino seems to indicate that within the 2010's Grantham also pursued the possibility of accreditation with WASC. In this respect it mentions a "San Diego campus." I don't see any evidence that Grantham ever developed a San Diego campus, beyond presumably having the idea that they might set one up in conjunction with an application to WASC.
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    Go for MBA at WGU.
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    I'm finished with DETC degree

    I have already finished the degree and have pretty much decided on American Public University for the master's degree. It is pretty inexpensive, online, plus it has the regional accreditation and the programmatic accreditation that I desire for a business program (ACBSP). I think it will:smokin: work for me.
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    I received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from a NA school. University of Management and Technology. I have a Master of Science degree in Management and, have not had a problem receiving calls from employers for HR, Adjunct Faculty,project manager, analyst, program management and general management positions. It has been difficult for me to see the merit in the argument of those who speak ill of NA schools. I’ve had plenty of interaction, professional and personal, with people who’ve graduated from RA schools. I’ve been surprised at their lack of post-secondary level acumen. Any education at its core, will manifest itself by what the student puts into it, and how they apply it in the field. Having the degree will get you an interview, but unless one can articulate the concepts of their specialty, and if hired, apply it to the firm to increase bottom line and add value, they will go back to the drawing board RA, or NA degree. This school is recognized by the U.S. Department of education, CHEA( Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and DETC(Distance Education and Training). They also have programs that have (program accreditation) from PMI(Project Management Institute) as well as AAPM(American Academy of Project Managers ). I am still active duty, (Air Force) and just to ensure I have future success, I have attended career fairs and job interviews and, as I stated earlier, haven't hard a problem, getting offers. It has helped me serve on boards, and help me get hired for an Adjunct Faculty position, so I'm experiencing the payback. :D .. Plus the military also, recognizes national accreditation for commissioning programs.
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    ?? On Adjunct Position

    Mrworkman said... "It has helped me serve on boards, and help me get hired for an Adjunct Faculty position, so I'm experiencing the payback."

    Is the Adjunct Faculty position at an NA or RA University?
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    I also have an M.S. from the University of Management and Technology (NA) and I'm an adjunct at a community college (RA).
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    Are you teaching academic classes or vocational?
  9. Neuhaus

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    I teach Human Resources in the Business Department.

    While I could have been hired initially with only a bachelors such employment is only allowed for a two year term. After that two years is up you either have to have a masters or be terminated. I am approaching my third year.
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    So, if I understand you correctly, you are one of those success stories about using a masters degree from a nationally accredited school in order to teach at an RA community college? Wonderful!
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    I met only the minimum standards to teach a vocational program at my local CC with of course is RA. I did not think I had a snow balls chance. At the time I had only my DETC degree from AJU. No one even cared where it from as long as it was accredited. I beat out guys with much much betted educations then me to get the job.
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    I am. And part of the reason is that I don't dwell on accreditation when I'm actually in the thick of a job interview.

    I went to the hiring fair for adjuncts. The department head asked "Do you have a masters?" I replied in the affirmative. They wanted transcripts. I sent them. I would assume that if they had an issue with accreditation it would have come up by now.

    But I also realize that many anti-NA activities ts would argue that I am morally and ethically obligated to give an Oregon-style (as in their requirement for unaccredited degrees) disclaimer that my degree is nationally, but not regionally, accredited. To those people my failing to disclose that fact was a material concealment. I don't feel that way.

    But there are professors out there with advanced degrees from known diploma mills like Atlantic International. So, maybe the colleges aren't policing as effectively as we like.

    I guess I feel that many people with NA masters degrees have either been conditioned to never apply for teaching jobs at RA schools or conditioned to behave apologetically about their alma mater's accreditation. Granted, I do see a number of teaching jobs that specify a regionally accredited degree but many more do not.

    So I guess I am a "success story" but I don't feel I'm any more a success story than anyone else who gets a degree in anything from anywhere and ultimately lands a job in their field. My MSM didn't get me my (part-time) job as an adjunct. My experience in HR got me that job. The MSM just helped them check off a box. If anything, my biggest obstacle to hiring was that I have my PHR but not my SPHR. The validity of my masters simply never came up.

    I recognize also that my MSM wouldn't be accepted in certain circles like for employment with NYS (RA or state registered/state accredited only). But that's also why I opted for an MSM rather than an MBA from an NA school. If I do eventually get an MBA I'd like it to be from as prestigious a school as I can afford and reasonably complete a program with.
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    Congrats! If you are located close to a community college or technical college that has a need for instructors, they are usually willing to work with you and the NA degree isn't an issue.
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    Now that HETA is no more, is there another link we can post on this thread for those that want to do the NA to RA bridge?
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    I am out of the DETC now DEAC debate and questionings these days. I have recently finished a REGIONALLY-ACCREDITED master's degree in organizational leadership with a concentration in human resources. I no longer have to question if my degree is good enough. It was always good enough as the DETC degree got me my first job making over $50,000.00 a year, plus national accreditation will will get you into plenty of schools to pursue a graduate degree. I did not have to sell the degree. I had to sell myself to start a new high paying career. Most employers just want to know your degree is accredited and on the website for recognition from the US Department of Education and CHEA. You can have a degree from Bubba Gump University as long as it is recognized by the educational powers-that-be.
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    Congratulations! :beerchug:
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    Nice work Ann! I'm glad it all worked out for you.
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    The "debate" over the whole national accreditation issue was emotional, not factual, and insisted upon by people with a whole lot at stake. But here are some non-controversial facts:

    -- Both forms of accreditation are legitimate

    -- Both forms of accreditation are recognized by CHEA and the US Department of Education

    -- There are some situations where a degree from a nationally accredited school will not be an acceptable credential. This are typically related to employment and further higher study (using the credential as a prerequisite)

    -- The extent of the gap between NA and RA degrees is hard to pin down due to a lack of current research. Many anecdotal examples and some older research point to this gap, however.

    -- Any single person's situation may vary widely. Some may never run into this distinction, while others may find themselves walled off from certain opportunities because of the source of their degree(s). YMMV

    -- As with all such things, it is important to assess one's present and future needs when making any decision about pursuing a degree.

    Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?
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    I started this thread

    Since I started this thread, I have completed my DETC accredited (now DEAC) bachelor's degree. I have also completed my REGIONALLY-ACCREDITED MASTERS DEGREE IN ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP WITH A CONCENTRATION IN HUMAN RESOURCES.

    How ya like me now!:naughty:
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    Way to to go Ann!

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