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  1. Randell1234

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    Welcome to the board and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Pugbelly2

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    Congrats! Great feeling, huh?
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I got the results today - I passed the written exam from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) for my Lean Bronze Certification (LBC). This is a two part process:

    1 - pass the written test and you earned a LEAN KNOWLEDGE CERTIFICATE
    2 - submit the portfolio outlining:
    Completion of 80 hours minimum of education/training requirements, Five (5) tactical projects: events, projects and/or activities to which specific lean principles and tools were applied, Portfolio reflection: results of the events, projects and/or activities.

    Have it accepted and you have earned a Lean Bronze Certification. I plan to submit that by the end of the summer. Wish me luck on that.

    So I have my LEAN KNOWLEDGE CERTIFICATE and on to Lean Bronze Certification next.
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  4. wildrover

    wildrover New Member

    Recently got an online certification in Technical Writing at Sacramento State (CSUS). The course wasn't what I expected. Thought it would be mostly about writing, but it was actually about all sorts of subjects – like Usability, Return on Investment, Project Management and much more.

    There was actually a lot to memorize, but I got through with a good grade, and the instructors were much more dedicated than I would have imagined since we had to communicate mostly by email or online chat.

    I got a lot of good advice for studying on my own, which was really difficult at first. I missed the classroom and being able to ask questions face to face. One instructor told me to use a tool called Lexicon ( for mastering a lot of new terms. It's free and really did the job. Tracked my progress and let me test and retest as often as I wanted.

    I'd actually recoment the online learning experience to anyone. I think I'm going to start another course soon.
  5. baceworld

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    Hey everyone please suggest me any online university for computer programming courses. I want to do BCS OR Any other computer programming course thanks in advance.
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  6. jaringtn

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    OK, I've been really busy the last 6 weeks but May 15 saw the conferral of my Master of Public Administration (MPA) with Honors from American Public University (APU). After my time with UoP and then Andrew Jackson before it changed to New Charter and considering the last 26 months of health issues especially the last 15 months dealing with congestive heart failure I am EXTREMELY PROUD of this accomplishment. I'm taking a little break for a few months but I'm considering a second Masters at either APU, Amberton, Chadron, or Cameron or looking at Doctorate programs like Valdosta State's DPA or Walden's PhD or DBA or NCU's programs as well. I'm just not sure which way I want to go but for right now I'm just enjoying the accomplishment.
  7. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    A bit off topic but I have been selected to be a "partners in the development of the Biomedical Systems Technology program" for a Consortium for Biosciences, which is made up of 12 community colleges. They were awarded a $15 million grant from the (DOL) to develop training and expand workforce skills in the biosciences industry.

    I was selected based on industry knowledge as opposed to academic credentials.
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  8. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    congratulations! That is a great accomplishment.
  9. ramdon

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    First post,

    B.S. Management/Marketing, Park University (Minot campus)
  10. honesroc

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  11. honesroc

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    Last week I completed all course requirements for my masters at Liberty. I still have the post 9/11 GI Bill available to me, however for the time being I'll enjoy the extra free time;) I also wanted to thank you all on this board - you've been an inspirational and motivating presence throughout my studies.
  12. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    BA Stony Brook University Interdisciplinary Social Science with specializations in Sociology History and Psychology. Golden Key National Honor Society

    (Previously attended Clark University (Worcester MA) studied Psychology with a minor in English Literature)

    Diploma in Registered Nursing - Flushing Hospital School of Nursing. (closed)

    Masters level 9 credits in Sociology - Stony Brook University
  13. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    I am very impressed with the many members who have multiple graduate degrees!

    You inspire me!
  14. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    Does the EdD degree function similarly to the PhD in most fields? By that I mean, will it be helpful to an instructor who is seeking tenure?

    I had always thought that this was a degree for school teachers and administrators, as opposed to university instructors. If it is, that is something I'd like to investigate!
  15. keegan

    keegan New Member

    I completed ACCA !

    I'm officially an Affiliate.

    Currently I'm doing CAPM with the target of doing the online exam in November. But more important, I'm going to start my Masters next year. I still haven't chosen as yet...MSc Finance or MBA from EBS.
  16. LBTRS

    LBTRS Member

    Ok, I have to jump in...All I had when I showed up on Degreeinfo was an Associates in General Studies that I earned while in the military. Here we are ten years later and I've earned a Bachelors, Graduate Certificate, Dual major Masters, and now working on an MBA. I had some very newbie questions when I first showed up here, now I feel like a pro.

    Only one hiccup along the way, I got half way through the MBA Program at Bellevue University and PCS'd (change duty station in the military) so I took a term off. Well, I never started back up and those six classes became too old to apply anywhere else so I had to start over on the MBA. Oh well, live and learn

    The dual major MA and AS were the only in-person classroom degrees, the others are via distant learning.

    I wish the best to each of you in your education goals!
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  17. Sloane9

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    Thanks for the post!
  18. saptalents

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    nice info bro,,,,,,,,,,,i like this
  19. mvasq

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    Hello everyone,

    Congrats to everyone on their educational achievements.

    A.A Central Texas College (2011)

    BSL Excelsior College (2013)

    Grad Certificate in Public Policy Liberty University (2013)

    M.A Human Service- Business, Liberty University (2015, in-progress)

    DBA? Maybe
  20. Graves

    Graves Member

    A.A. Liberal Arts - 2008 (Pensacola State College)

    B.S. Liberal Arts with psychology and business adminstration minor - July 2012 (Excelsior College)

    M.A. Psychology - 2014 (APUS)

    I confirmed completion of my coursework, and applied for graduation. I started lurking this forum prior to starting my bachelor's. I didn't expect to go this far while I am active duty. I'm still wondering how my degree will be perceived, but this forum is a good support system. APUS is offering me some help as well. I will continue being a member here, and will keep everyone updated on my status. If I can be another success story of distance learning transitioning into prosperity, then so be it.

    Clinical/Counseling psychology Ph.D./Psy.D.
    M.Div (Buddhism or Christianity)
    MSN-PMHNP (After initial BSN)

    These are the four fields I am interested in. I plan to start applying later this year. Thank you all for the support, and best of luck in reaching your goals!

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