Degree from UMUC: is it appropriate not to mention that it's from UC?

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  1. notfound123

    notfound123 Guest

    Hello, everyone,

    Every now and then I notice that people say/write University of Maryland when asked about their alma mater, without adding that their degree is really from University College (which is not a subdivision, but a different school all together)

    I'll be graduating from UMUC soon... so just wanted to know everyone's opinion. Would this be considered a lie if one mentions it on their resume like that, without adding University College?
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    In my opinion, you would be telling a lie. If I was interviewing you, I would end the interview and mark you off as a liar. Would it be any different if I said California Coast University was California University or California State Univerosity or University of Califorina or...Yale?
  3. Scott Henley

    Scott Henley New Member

    The following institutions are part of the University System of Maryland:

    Bowie State University
    Coppin State University
    Frostburg State University
    Salisbury University
    Towson University
    University of Baltimore
    University of Maryland, Baltimore
    University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    University of Maryland, College Park
    University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
    University of Maryland University College
    University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
    University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute

    Technically, saying you went to the University of Maryland would be the same as saying you went to California State University. Obviously there are 23 campuses in the CSU system, so it would be ridiculous to leave it at that.

    There are 7 Minnesota state universities (notice how I used smaller case for state universities) yet only three of them have Minnesota State University in their name.

    However, trying to capitalise on the prestige of one institution through omission is wrong.
  4. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    It would be wrong, and observant enough people would consider it a lie. And the University of Maryland University College is rightfully impressive.
  5. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    I dare you to try and say 10 times really fast:
    • University of Maryland University College :eek:
    If someone asks you which school you graduated from, it would probably be more appropriate to to tell them University of Maryland University College -- even though it's quite a mouthful to articulate!
  6. notfound123

    notfound123 Guest

    I am with you. I often read articles in UMUC's magazine about its alumni, their achievements, etc. And guess what, I do usually follow up on that kind of stuff... and often, too often, notice that they claim to be graduates of UM (pretending to be from UM not UMUC).

    Here is a good example, two UMUC's graduates - Jonathan Corners and Sachiyo Nomura:

    .. now take a look at his/her bio on
  7. notfound123

    notfound123 Guest

    I am pretty sure they did it because UMCP's school of business is one of the best programs in the United States...
  8. GeneralSnus

    GeneralSnus Member

    I don't think that would be technically correct. The name of the system was changed from the University of Maryland to the University System of Maryland. I think it would only be technically correct if one said he was a graduate of the University System of Maryland.
  9. macattack

    macattack New Member

    There is only one "University of Maryland" and that is the flagship in College Park. Home of the top ranked Smith MBA. Because of this (and the funny UMUC name), it is no wonder sneaky, deceitful types would choose to leave off the University College portion.

    As the previous poster correctly pointed out, UMUC is a member of the University System of Maryland, not the University of Maryland.
  10. Fortunato

    Fortunato Member

    Wow - you have to be all kinds of arrogant to seek publicity from the same school you play down your connection to on your resume.
  11. cklapka

    cklapka Member

    So, then the Baltimore, Eastern Shore and Baltimore County are not considered University of Maryland? What are those others considered?
  12. GeneralSnus

    GeneralSnus Member

    It's a bit complicated, to the point that the University of Maryland has had to publish a style guide about naming conventions for the media.

    From the Guide:

  13. macattack

    macattack New Member

    What randyp said.

    I will add:

    If you graduate from University of Maryland, Eastern Shore for instance, you should list it as "University of Maryland, Eastern Shore" not "University of Maryland".

    Same goes for Texas A&M - Commerce versus College Station and UMASS-Lowell versus Amherst and so on.
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  14. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    I agree with the points made here, but I also believe Maryland is just as much to blame for the confusion. They want potential students to be impressed with and attracted by the "University of Maryland" name, but then want to make the distinction.

    They should just rename UMUC "Maryland State University" and be done with it.
  15. cumpa

    cumpa New Member

    The University of Colorado spreads it's major graduate programs between the flagship Boulder campus and the Denver campus which houses the School of Public Affairs. The University of Colorado-Denver also houses the medical school so at least in our state I think if you earned a degree from UCD it's safe to say you are a CU graduate. I honestly don't think most employers would know the difference unless it was for an academic position.
  16. notfound123

    notfound123 Guest

  17. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    "For now, it will be Babrowski's job to lead a turnaround that begins with closing 400 to 700 stores and two distribution centers as part of a campaign to fix its financial performance."

    If the want to turn around the dismal failure that Radio Shack (aka The Source) has become in recent years, then return it to its roots as an electronics components retailer and not another consumer electronics retailer. And staff the stores with knowledgeable people.
  18. Vincey37

    Vincey37 New Member

    Unfortunately the differences in practice between states makes this more confusing than it has to be.

    For example, in Pennsylvania, all campuses of Penn State issue degrees from "The Pennsylvania State University" with no mention of campus. Thus it is completely appropriate to refer to a degree from any campus with the same name, although if I were a graduate from the nationally recognized University Park campus I would be certain to make that distinction over the glorified community college that is the Delaware County campus, among others.
  19. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, here is my story. I graduated from Troy University (Formerly Troy State University) - University College. I list in my resume as Troy University, Troy, Alabama. Troy University - University College delivery lectures from different region include Florida. All my courses were done online at Fort Walton Beach campus. My transcript says "Troy University, Troy, Alabama. Most of my employers didn't ask me where I attended the school. I don't feel I lie or anything because if they need a copy of my transcript, they have to contact the main campus in Troy, Alabama. I believe University of Maryland - University College is separated from the University of Maryland - College Park.
  20. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    Troy University is still one school under its own single accreditation, board, chancellor, administration, schoolwide standards and lines of responsibility and accountability. UMUC and UMD (UMCP) do not share the common elements of being ultimately the same school, besides their common membership in the state university system.

    Is one person on earth okay with a graduate of Charter Oak State College identifying their degree as a degree from the University of Connecticut, since they're both part of the same public university system, and, umm, the University of Connecticut is the flagship, and it's also sort of a generic name, really, because Charter Oak is also functionally a "University," and definitely "of Connecticut..."

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