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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    The Charles Sturt University's IT Master program seems to be unavailable. Does anybody know it is still exist?


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Oopsss. I found it... the Army's Network blocked the site. Is there any body received a degree from CSU IT Master? I want to get a second Master degree with a little study by using existing certifcation and Graduated Courses.

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  4. RFValve

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    I have a friend that is doing it. It seems a very generous program for those with Microsoft or Cisco certifications in terms of credit transfer (my friend got 50% with no bachelors degree) but not very interactive. My friend tells me that most of the courses are self taught with an online discussion group just for questions. Exams are written by using prometric.

    The program is ideal for those with little academic background but with lots of certifications.
  5. Randell1234

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    I told a co-worker about it and he just finished it. He liked it. Do you have specific questions?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Thanks Gents.


    Currently I have the following certifications:

    CompTIA A+
    CompTIA Network +
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (2000, 2003)
    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (2000, 2003)
    Cisco Certified Network Associate

    Next Certs:

    CompTIA Security+
    Sun MicroSystem Solaris & Red Hat Linux
    Cisco Certified Network Professional
    CISSP - Certified Information System Security Professional

    Maybe: CCIE later.....

    I tried to talk to them on the phone, but somehow I couldn't reach them. I sent them a message, but never got reply.

    I have these questions about the program. Do they use your prior certifications toward the degree? If so, what is the maximum number of credit/ percent of the degree completion can be used? If the student has lot of certification, can he or she complete the program without taking any additional course? Do they just teach you the class and go take the certification exam as the final exam or both?

  7. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    I can answer some of these, my friend has a MCSE 2003 and got 50% for the master's credit. 50% if the maximum one can get.
  8. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    He used the certs to gain 50% of the credit for the masters. He completed the certs before getting into the program. The max is 50%, the rest are courses that are a lot of paper writing.
  9. dl_mba

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    Hi Randell,
    Do you know if the degree was Master of Management(IT) or Master of System Administration and Networking?
    So you also mean there are no online exams for the 50% of the courses after the maximum transfer?


  10. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Thanks RFValve & Randell for the information.
  11. joe2008

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    I might enroll in this program if I'm accepted. Do you have any more information on his experiences with the school?

    I understand that the suggested program is 2 subjects per trimester and 3 trimesters per year, so you finish the 12 course program in 2 years.

    I wonder about that study load and whether I should complete my Microsoft certification exams before enrolling so I don't have to do 2 courses at a time (or self study for the Microsoft exams at the same time being enrolled in the university subjects). I'm working full time and will probably only have about 2 hours to study each weekday and maybe 12 hours total over the weekend, so about 22 hours a week to spend preparing. May plan would be to get the university course work done during the week and spend the 12 hours on the weekend preparing for the Microsoft MCITP exams.
    If I would need all that time just for the CSU course, then there won't be enough hours in the week to get it all done and I would need to pass all the Micorosft exams first, then enroll in CSU and take one subject at a time for 6 trimesters.

    How much study time did he need to complete each course?
    Where does he go to take the course exams? Is there only one exam for each course and how much course work did he have to submit during the trimester between the exams?
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  12. joe2008

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    Did he talk about the workload, how much time was required to study each week and what kind of papers he had to write?
  13. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Actually, the recommended load is one course per term. The courses are a bit heavy.
  14. joe2008

    joe2008 New Member

    According to their presentation, it is 2 courses per term.


    If you only took 1 course at a time it would take 12 trimesters (4 years).

    However, if students have been finding this pace of the program too heavy of a load to pull off while working full time, I will plan on completing the certification exams before enrolling in the program. If exams are all done before enrolling, then I could take one course at a time and still complete the program in 2 years.
  15. joe2008

    joe2008 New Member

    I just called the school in Australia and spoke to someone in the office. It's already Monday there.
    They confirmed that the courses are still $2100AUD for international students and there are no other fees for books or anything else.
    They also said 2 courses per trimester is the recommended course load but you can take one at a time if you cannot handle the study load or the financial cost of taking 2 at a time.

    While looking through the links again, I noticed another program I wasn't considering before.

    The MASTER OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY. I just realized that I have 100% of the certification exams required for this program already completed even though I only have 3 of the 6 certifications required in their normal MS 2003 stream network administration progam. The non-eligible certs for the network admistration program plus my Security+ certification were all worth credit in the MISS program.
    So if I enroll in their MISS program, all I would need is 6 university courses for $12,600AUD spread over either 1 or 2 years.

    I think this will be a better program for me to get the masters degree completed ASAP and then I could upgrade to Microsoft 2008 certs on my own in the future.

    I had to submit a questionaire for the MISS program and now I need to wait another 2 weeks for a reply to find out if I'm eligible for admission since I don't have a bachelors degree.

    The entrance requirements say:

    On another page the say they consider an undergraduate degree to be a 4 year degree.
    I have an AA degree and 8 years IT experience, the only question is whether they are going to consider at least 4 years of my experience "senior" enough to wave the requirement for a bachelor's degree.

    If they say my experience isn't "senior" enough, I will be delayed entry into the program while I find a way to quickly complete the requirements of an acceptable bachelors degree and then reapply at another time. (I need 21 upper level credits for a BA in Liberal Studies at Excelsior)
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  16. sentinel

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    Have you compared the degrees offered by Thomas Edison State College to determine whether you could complete the undergraduate degree sooner? There are no upper level credit hours required by TESC and many of the 200-level courses transferred into your degree map to 300-level or 400-level courses at TESC.

    I would think anyone without an undergraduate degree is going to have some difficulty with graduate degree coursework. Sure there are exceptions but being so close to an undergraduate degree why not finish it first? You would be a lock-in for admissions to Charles Sturt University.
  17. joe2008

    joe2008 New Member

    I looked at TESC several years ago and thought I was closer to completing a degree at Exclesior, but I don't remember the details anymore and I never sent in my transcripts for evaluation. Maybe I'll look again.

    I had already had a credit evaluation at Excelsior, so I'm sure about the 21 upper credit units needed there.

    What specific degree program at TESC is the most flexible about accepting courses towards the degree program and has no upper division credits requirements?

    I probably have at least 120 credits (including my computer certifications) but it's almost all lower division courses taken at community colleges after chaging majors a couple times and many of the credits are now more than 10 years old and may not transfer any more.
    To complete the Liberal Arts undergradute degree at Excelsior, I would need to complete 21 upper level arts and sciences credits (Seven 3 credit courses or exams).

    I would be surprised if I'm closer to a degree at TESC, but I would certainly go ahead an enroll and pick up the degree there if I had all the requirements or were only a couple exams short of a 4-year degree.
  18. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I just a little bit worry about the school for one reason, the staffs are not active. I made serveral phone calls, and left voice mails, also emailing serveral times for more information about the program. 'Cause I want to earn a second degre there. However, I never received any response.
  19. joe2008

    joe2008 New Member

    7 courses (21 units) is pretty close to getting a BA at Excelsior, but I'm even closer (6 courses) to getting the MISS at CSU.

    All 7 course requirements needed to finish a degree at Excelsior are arts and sciences couses that I have no interest in and will be difficult just for that reason. All 6 courses needed at CSU are courses related to my degree that I would be interested in and motivated to study for and finish.

    So, I think I would actually have an easier time completing those graduate level courses and would probably struggle more with those undergraduate couses and exams in history, religion, sociology, psychology, world population and biology etc. at Excelsior. On top of that, I would get the masters done that much faster if I can go straight into Charles Sturt.
  20. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    The BA (Liberal Studies) is probably the most flexible. How many credit hours do you have from your various certifications?

    The older credit hours will transfer if you are employed in an IT position. There is a maximum of 80 credit hours transferable from a two-year college.

    The only reason I suggested TESC was in the event you either already had the necessary 120 credit hours or you might want test-out of the remaining credit hours if applicable.

    Print the degree plan for the BA (Liberal Studies) at TESC and fill in the courses that match with the requirements. Maybe Excelsior College will still be the best option for you.

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