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    It can take 2 weeks to get an e-mail response according to their inquiry form. So, I'll wait two weeks for a response to my inquiry.

    I called and got through to someone in the IT Master program right away when I called their office at 611300885685. The person mostly will refer you to pages on thier web site and she referred me to their web form to enter information about my experience and wait for someone to evaluate it and respond letting me know if I will be likely to be accepted.
    I guess it depends on their current enrollment whether they are trying to find excuses to screen people out or if they are trying to fill empty slots and will be flexible.

    Try calling their office directly during weekday business hours their time instead of leaving voicemail.
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    If they only accept 80 credits from a two-year college and require 120 units to graduate, it looks like I would be further away from a degree at TESC than Excelsior.

    I may wait the 2 weeks to see if I can get into CSU in the upcoming trimester (January?). I think it's too late for the Sept trimester.
    If I can't get in with my current experience, then I will have no choice but to consider either Excelsior or TESC so I can complete the 4-year degree if I want to get into Charles Sturt within a year.

    Maybe I could complete the 7 upper division courses to complete the degree requirements from Excelsior to get into CSU in time for their May 2009 trimester or if not then September 2009, but I have no idea how much study is required for each exam. If I could do one exam a month, it would be 7 months, if it took two months each, it would be 14 months before could finish while I also work full time.
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    In which subject areas do you need these additional 21 credit hours?
  4. joe2008

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    What I need from Excelsior is:

    21.00 semester hours at the upper level with a depth in the Arts & Sciences

    Each depth consists of at least 12 semester hours in one specific

    These are 9 exams I was considerering and would need to pick 21 units worth of credit out of these:


    I have got these preapproved by the school and would need 21 upper level credits from these while meeting the depth requirement unless there are some other courses or exams that are better and then I would submit those for preapproval.

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    What is your status with CSU?

  6. joe2008

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    They said:

    1. If you have completed a Degree and have 2 years experience in the IT Industry: you would be accepted on any Masters, except for the MBA (Computing) where 3 years experience is required.

    2. If you do not have a Degree you can apply for entry with the right experience

    - 7 years I.T. experience for the Masters of Management (IT) or MBA (Computing)

    - 4 years senior experience for the other Masters programs

    I still don't know what their criterior is for "senior experience." I think I will just complete the Excelsior Liberal Arts degree since I am only 7 exams (21 upper level credits) away from completing it. I hope I can complete them quickly.
  7. RFValve

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    This is the normal load according to my friend that is following the program. He was advised by the University that one course per semester is what they suggest for students. He stated that one course kept me busy enough but I guess you could start with one and then take tow or three depending on your background.
  8. joe2008

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    I spoke with the school directly and was told 2 courses at a time is the the schedule the program is designed for, but you can take one at a time if 2 is too much for your schedule. It will then take you twice as long to complete the program.
    It would probably be safest to take one and see how that goes before attempting 2 at a time so you don't risk wasting money if you can't handle it and end up having to drop one of them during the trimester.

    You will have to decide how many hours during the week and on weekends your can devote to the courses.
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    Do they tell you how much for per credit, or the total tuition?
  10. joe2008

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    It is still $2100 AUD for each course you enroll in.
  11. sharon333

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    That is pretty pricey.
  12. spmoran

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    Accepted to Charles Sturt

    I just received my acceptance letter to Charles Sturt this morning. I will be studying the Master of Systems Development. Since I have never gotten any certifications I will be starting from zero. It sure looks like a program that can keep my interest, and the pricing is right in line with U.S. schools. Books and materials are included, and my company has a modest annual reimbursement plan, so affordability should not be an issue. I think that relevance is what I find most interesting about the program. I'm a Senior SharePoint Developer and have been doing the .Net thing since beta. I can see where everything I will study is relevant to my current and foreseeable work efforts. I'll keep you all posted on my experience.
  13. TEKMAN

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    Why CSU without Certs? That is more expensive than any other schools in the United States.
  14. spmoran

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    Mostly because I like the direct relevance of the program. I've started a few grad programs and dropped because they were not really relevant. Even though this costs ~17K USD, I think I will be able to stay engaged all the way through. And I want to pick up the certs along the way.

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