Critical Race Theory - Much Ado About Nothing?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Charles Fout, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    The schools already taking out many books from the curriculum replacing them with multicultural variety of books.
    No burning needed. As I mentioned before have teachers as relatives some are high school English teachers.
    History as interpretation also can be an interesting discussion.
  2. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    Oh no! Kids are reading more than books written by old white dudes! Anarchy!

    Seriously, I do not understand your point here.

    Is it bad to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints?

    If so, why are you here? Shouldn't you go back to the former-USSR?
  3. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Not at all. But there's a difference between having kids read authors like Chinua Achebe or V.S. Naipaul or Zadie Smith, which they should, and having English teachers say that kids shouldn't read Shakespeare at all:
  4. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Your response is a good example of CRT.
    There is nothing wrong with kids reading books by the boogyman - old white guys.

    A. I didn't pass judgment about books taken out of curriculum,

    B. Replaced by books that also written by the boogyman - that some are white people only from other country.

    Thank you for providing another example
    of CRT Marxist tactic.

    "Go back, Go back to were you once belonged"
    Back to the USSR.
    Are you anti immigrant?
  5. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    No, but you are.
  6. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    A perfect example of the inaccurate statements that you have been repeating. She did NOT say there was anything wrong with reading old white guys books. That is you twisting the truth. That is your LIE!
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  7. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Let's look at another example of right bias media that is also telling the truth instead of lying about CRT.

    Here is the Chicago Tribune. It is rated High accuracy by It is also rated as right bias. I can't read the articles there but I can do a search for all the articles that contains Critical Race Theory. Here is the list of the article titles and the first few words for from each article then the author/date. Note that I left off the list a few articles that were labeled as opinion pieces.

    Column: How you define ‘critical race theory’ may define how you misinterpret other words, phrases...
    our answers to these questions may serve as a telling indicator how you define other common words...
    By Jerry Davich|August 3, 2021

    Column: Army general shoots down GOP’s ‘critical race theory’ hysteria: ‘It matters to our...
    Column: Army general shoots down GOP’s ‘critical race theory’ hysteria: ‘It matters to our...
    By Rex Huppke|June 23, 2021

    One of the nation’s largest teachers unions vows to defend members who are punished for teaching...
    ... of the nation’s largest teachers unions on Tuesday vowed to defend members who are punished for...
    By COLLIN BINKLEY|July 6, 2021

    Column: Tanned skin or bleached skin? Sun worship or sun worries? Your answer may reflect critical...
    I had never considered the distinction between tanned and bleached skin until talking with a...
    By Jerry Davich|June 14, 2021

    Florida board votes to ban critical race theory from state classrooms
    Florida adopted a new rule Thursday to prevent public schools from teaching critical race theory, a...
    By Leslie Postal|June 10, 2021

    Central Florida 100: Cruising, critical race theory and LGBTQ+ rights
    Last week: CRITICAL RACE THEORY: I’ve got a sobering question for Sean Hannity and his local minions...
    June 4, 2021

    The school culture wars: ‘You have brought division to us’
    July and August are supposed to be the quietest months of the school year. In Williamson County,...
    By Sarah Mervosh and Giulia Heyward|August 18, 2021

    ‘Qanon is a fabrication’: Republicans react as QAnon conspiracy theory continues to gain mainstream...
    Political newcomer Marjorie Taylor Greene was mocked as a supporter of QAnon conspiracies. She won...
    By BEN NADLER and RUSS BYNUM|August 12, 2020

  8. Charles Fout

    Charles Fout Active Member

    You have a great point. Not to long ago I read a story of the Library of Congress acquiring the manuscripts of Omar Ibn Said. My mind was blown. Such an incredible story. Omar Ibin Said was from the Sahel, perhaps Senegal. He had studied for twenty-five years before being captured and sold into slavery. He managed to write his autobiography (in Arabic) while enslaved. I can't understand why I never knew anything about him until I saw the Library of Congress story. To take a term from Carter G. Woodson I have allowed myself to be mis-educated. I have so much to learn.
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  9. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    We must insist that our children are taught honestly rather than indoctrinated using curricula developed by “progressive” ideologues.

    By this I conclude my participation in this tread.
    I respect many of the views expressed.
  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    This is claptrap lacking any self-reflection.

    You don't have to put "progressive" in quote marks. We already know what you think about progress.
  11. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    You still have not grasped the point. The point is not pushing any progressive agenda. At least not in K-12. CRT, real CRT that has been around for many decades, is not taught in K-12. That is just silly fear mongering coming from the right. If you looked at right biased media that is High accuracy they say basically the same thing. You have to get into the gutter of right biased media like Fox, Newsmax, and OAN to get the silly definitions of CRT that you have been repeating here. That is right biased media that is rated at Missed accuracy and below by
  12. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Bill I understand what you are saying but
    Its noth about teaching CRT.
    Its implemented in schools and government agencies, workplaces etc.
    Its used as a carrier to promote to achieve political goals.
    Both sides use it as a carrier for political gains.

    I will halt on that note.
    I'm even not really qualified boogyman ;-).
  13. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    This is just nonsense. NO one had heard of CRT until just recently when Republicans stumbled on it and realized they could scare their ignorant base with it.

    Oh, please. Give us examples of this. I contend that no one is "implementing" it because it is not a thing that is implemented. It is a theory that is used to understand a phenomenon.

    Go ahead. Show us how this is being implemented.
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  14. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    You really exist. You are not the bogeyman.

    The bogeyman is the made up fear about CRT. I gave you multiple links that explained what CRT really is. Show me one link to a source that is rated high accuracy by that says that CRT is the horrible scary thing that you say it is. You didn't read the articles that I linked to, some of those were right biased sources! Why not? Are you really so frightened to learn the truth as to what CRT actually is? It is not the scary bogeyman that that the mixed and low accuracy media sources say it is.
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  15. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    I will concede that some people may use CRT to justify bad behavior. Does that mean that we should ban CRT?

    Some people insist on driving drunk and killing people. Should we ban cars or alcohol?

    Some elementary school teachers are monsters. Should we ban elementary school?

    Some people think it's okay to use a crowbar to break into homes. Should we ban crowbars?

    Some universities take advantage of students and drive them deeply into debt. Should we ban universities?

    Or should we acknowledge that the bad behavior is bad and ban that instead? Instead of banning things wholesale, we ban the activities that are unequivocally bad for society.
  16. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Actually this seemingly simple statement requires some thought.

    It is true, I think. The right base I believe is ignorant in this regard. It is not because they are any less intelligent. It is because of where many of them get their news, I believe. For example, my sister would turn the TV onto Fox News in the morning and just leave the TV on playing Fox News all day in the background. Those that get their news only from Fox, Newsmax, OANN and such places are getting their news from media sources that are rated Mixed, Low and Very Low accuracy, as rated by Whereas, on the left people more commonly get their news from CBS, ABC, and NBC. These sources are rated High accuracy. I believe that CNN and MSNBC (which is rated the same as Fox News) are also influenced somewhat by this fact that much of their audience watches High accuracy news and seems much less likely to go off on one of these seemingly coordinated mass disinformation campaigns like the right biased media has on CRT. So MSNBC and CNN are being pulled toward NBC, CBS, and ABC. Whereas Fox News is being pulled more toward Newsmax and OAN, likely making them worse. At least that is my current thought on the matter. I'm looking forward to other thoughts though.
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  17. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    People in Fox News demographic tend to believe 2020 election was "stolen", mask wearing is "tyranny", horse dewormer helps cure COVID, and, oh, the world is run by a secret cabal of blood-drinking paedophiles, all Democrats and most are in league of it and will soon be locked up in concentration camps or murdered en-masse by still-President Trump. Can you point to similar stupidity from CNN viewers? You know, outcomes.
  18. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    More data points that to me point to an explanation such as I theorized. Over the past 15 years or so the right has been conditioned to mistrust the "mainstream" media, meaning CBS, NBC, and ABC. Where that has lead to is that many of them get their news from social media at worst and Fox News at best. When confronted with this they make the absolutely RIDICULOUS assertion that they check the validity of the news they consume themselves. That is what Lerner has said and two other Republican friends that I have.
  19. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    In this tread, I used information that came from
    the conservative newsletter Imprimis, a small unknown yet it has nearly 2 million subscribers, which is surprising because almost no one has ever heard of it.
    Imprimis is the monthly speech digest of Hillsdale College, published by the Center for Constructive Alternatives.
    Imprimis Factual Reporting: MIXED - biased toward conservative causes
    Imprimis was launched in 1972. By 1991, there were 300,000 subscribers. Over the years, nearly every major conservative intellectual and writer has appeared in Imprimis' pages.
    As posted earlier here is the link.

    "Everyone should read this publication and be informed. Then you will understand the origin of statements like “white teachers are guilty of spirit-murdering black children” and “all whites are intrinsically oppressors.” It is abominable that our taxpayer money is being used to support such rot.

    George and Marlene Fox, Kennewick"
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  20. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded!"

    But yes, Imprimis has been a major fundraising vehicle for Hillsdale for many years. As for it's MBFC rating... I agree with it, although I suppose it's not meant to be journalism, it's just someone's opinion every month, usually an excerpt from a speech someone gave at the college.

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