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    Jagiellonian College: Non-research DBA/DSc, fully online/self paced, 90 ECTS, 1 year, 2.5K Euro
    They also have on offer an MBA, fully online/self paced, 90 ECTS, 1 year, 2K Euro
    Skip the Honorary Dr. and their BBA that is 1 year, 1.5K Euro as ECTS are not awarded

    While searching for inexpensive graduate degrees, an acquaintance from Germany notified me of an interesting offering from Poland. A particular college has a simple English website targeting students who can complete the degree either in English or German. I reviewed the links and original Polish college website and what is being told seems to check out!

    The college website is very simple, somewhat repetitive with information provided, the school is accredited by the country and also shows properly with the H+ designation in the German Anabin database! I was so surprised to notice that the institution only has business programs available at the moment in English/German. I wonder if they're going to expand on that...

    From my observation, this will appeal very much to individuals who have gone the ENEB/UC1 way to obtain a dual Masters. You can use this college to obtain a dual DBA, DSC, similarly to the dual degree I mentioned about previous in another country preview link for the PI, each of those doctorates could be had for under 5K, and be done in 3 years total.

    Just to be on the safe side, I am sending an email/contacting the Jagiellonian College directly using their Polish site and inquiring about the program as I don't see the DBA/DSC anywhere, it may be hidden or this is done through some partnership, I will find out more before I partake in their programs.

    The Polish website of the university is available here:
    Please note that German-language counselling and study registration is only possible via the website you are currently on (

    Yesterday, I sent an inquiry about their Doctorate Programs (DBA, DSC)

    Hi, I have just one simple question for the DBA and DSC, the scripts are in English. Can the dissertation be in English instead of in German? I only know English and don't know German. Thank you for your time.

    And Today, I got this reply.


    Thanks for your interest in the DBA/DSc. program.
    Of course you can write your dissertation in Enlish as well.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Diplom-Kfm. Univ.
    Doctor of Business Administration

    Student Service Jagiellonian College (deutsche Informationsseite der Hochschule)
    Tel.: 0049 152 18401962
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    No it doesn't.

    The site lists American accreditation by AAHEA - which is completely unrecognized by DoE or CHEA. We've had other threads on this "accredtitor."

    Also, we were informed by @tadj some time ago that the DBA is not a recognized in the Polish system, ergo Polish Universities are not allowed to award it.

    We had a thread a while back, on University of Dąbrowa Górnicza, which was co-awarding DBA's with some Swiss Cantonal outfit (i.e. unaccredited.) That's a good school.I think they should have known better - but the Authorities put a stop to it.

    A recognized DBA for $2,5K -- that could be completed in as little as six months? You trippin' Jack! :(
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    Before any forum discussion, I think that it might help to lay out the full information.

    This is the international website of the Czech branch of the Polish college.

    This is the website for their DBA program that's offered on an international basis.

    You probably don't need the German intermediary in this context.

    The official Polish website is this:

    This is an accredited non-research university in Poland:

    They are listed by WHED under 'Jagiellonian College'. The Polish name of the school hasn't been updated by WHED. It's now called Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu.

    AAHEA is only a part of the claimed accreditations. They are a fully accredited college in Poland. They also have full degree-granting rights in the Czech Republic. It's the status of the DBA that we will probably discuss here.
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    Checked these guys out... In short, it would be like a propio, and I remember they said to on their page. So, kurwa...

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
  7. tadj

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    The extra AAHEA accreditation may be a deal breaker for some people who know about its checkered history. But it's fair to keep in mind that accredited colleges in the Czech Republic have likewise obtained extra program accreditation through AAHEA. It doesn't mean that they have ceased to be accredited colleges in Czechia. For example, this is an accredited Czech Republic college with AAHEA accreditation for its professional MBA programs;

    Of course, Universidad Azteca has also obtained AAHEA accreditation in the past: "The MBA & DBA programmes of Universidad Azteca are accredited by AAHEA." (Source:
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  9. Johann

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    I think those who know AAHEA's history might agree that becoming AAHEA accredited is no kind of academic distinction. I'm not surprised that Azteca bought in -- but a genuine school with decent accreditation in its own country? well, as long as they didn't exchange their nation's accreditation for AAHEA...

    Coincidence? A German poster PM'd me yesterday. He'd been looking for a fast, inexpensive DBA and I referred him to this list of 29 American programs -- all RA or NA.

    He replied that not ONE of the 29 schools was acceptable in Germany - RA or anything else not withstanding. (There are some big names on the list - Temple, Liberty...)

    Yet he refers me to this Jagiellonian College thing this a.m. saying it's H+ on Anabin (all degrees acceptable to Germany). I think he's referring to the original Polish school.

    I repeat again --- and again -- if it looks too good to be true - it ISN'T. A recognized DBA in as little as six months ( as my correspondent said) for 2.5K? ENEB couldn't pull that off, with six Groupons per deal.

    Also, @Mac Juli said that this is "like a propio" and that was explained "on their page." Propios are unapproved degrees but may legally be taught. Few countries have such laws. Suggest a careful reading here, IF you're still interested.
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  10. Johann

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    I think it's fair to keep in mind that any programmatic accreditation from AAHEA is likely as meaningful as their institutional accreditation.
  11. tadj

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    I know the Polish college. I would still want to find out more about their degree-granting operations in other countries esp. the Czech Republic. I've been on a trip to Toruń when I came back from Canada after many years. It was before the pandemic hit. I really loved this city. It was absolutely charming.

    It's the birth place of Copernicus, or as he is known around here - Mikołaj Kopernik.

    I will say that I like this disclaimer on the Czech branch website:

    DBA - "This title can only be used after the name." That's how it is used in Poland. You definitely don't go around calling yourself a Doctor after finishing postgraduate DBA studies. It's a business qualification in this country.
  12. Messdiener

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    Great question! I've always hoped the same for the Spanish-language programs too. While I studied Spanish for years, it would be much easier to conduct postgraduate work in English!

    The German intermediary only seems to offer business degrees, but the international/Czech site that tadj has shared here also seem to offer law degrees (at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels).

    Curiously, they also offer a 150-hour TESOL certificate course. Not to knock them, but I do wonder how employers would look at a TESOL certificate from a Czech branch of a Polish university's Faculty of Administration and Economic Studies.

    And in addition to the aforementioned DBA, there's also an open-ended D.Phil. program: While this web address mentions 'philology', the site itself speaks of "managerial study" and "business administration". Concerningly, it only requires a 40-page thesis.
  13. Garp

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    There are obviously a number of concerns such as who is issuing the diploma and how and where it is recognized. This reminds me of the ENEB/Isabella issue that was clear then muddy and finally after a lot of threads became clear as Proprio and what that really meant.

    But the other thing is the name of this college. At first I was very impressed as Jagiellonian University is a famous and prestigious name that I have seen reading histories and so on. But then I looked and it isn't the famous one founded centuries ago. Instead it is a private college founded in 2003. Hmmm.


    I was wondering how THE Jagiellonian could get hooked up with AAHEA. Well of course, because it isn't the Jagiellonian.

    And someone Googling a DBA from Jagiellonian and coming up with THE Jagiellonian and being impressed is a happy bonus for the holder of the AAHE accredited Jagiellonian College DBA.
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  14. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    Copernicus and John Paul II won't be happy about the um imitation Jagiellonian. It would be somewhat like someone setting up a small private Oxford College in the UK and getting it accredited by ACI and off they go. Then someone could say they have an DBA from Oxford with a UK address (but not THE Oxford, no the one founded in 2012 and accredited by ACI).

    Perhaps this small Jagiellonian that still has wet paint smell and the similar name to the one founded in the 1300's has good degree granting authority. But it comes across as confusing.
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  15. Johann

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    Dang! This place has more red flags than Pyongyang, N. Korea on Apr. 15th * How may red flags does it take before people say NO! ???

    * Kim Il Sung's birthday --- founder of N. Korea and ruler, 1948 till his death in 1994. Big annual parade.
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  16. Johann

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    I'm ready to file this school away with the one owned by the banned-extremist-unindicted-bombing- conspirator and the DBA school pretending to be both Spanish and Mexican but domiciled in Florida. How about everyone else?
  17. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    I was about ready to sign up for the DBA thinking it would be a DBA from THE Jagiellonian. Buyer beware.
  18. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Reminds the short lived expensive international entity KNU-OU that claimed award of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv degrees
    Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is well regarded and recognized in all the world.
    The intentional entity KNU-OU (online Faculty as a subsidiary) wasn't awarding fully accredited Ukrainian degrees but a private propio type degree if any were awarded at all.
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  19. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    Oh, wait not that Harvard. Harvard College on 5th avenue in between the Taco Shop and Laundromat.
  20. AsianStew

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    Basically, this DBA/DSC has a fine print on their webpage, it's not a research doctorate, it will not pass the third cycle/stage of the Bologna Process. I would compare this to a slightly better, cheaper, easier, and faster version of European International University or the Paris University of International Education. Even though I'm not going for any evaluation services, I might take this program for learning purposes and improving my research/written work (or the other $1500 Spanish offering, but I don't like using DeepL/Google Translate). If my guess is correct, I think Validential will evaluate this the same why they did for EIU & PUIE, it'll be RA equivalent at the doctorate level. For sure, they'll pass the CUCFE as they're the bottom of the barrel option that most people will skip.

    ENEB has a partnership with MCA, it seems they're not aware that MCA isn't even accredited. I am thinking for this partnership that Jagiellonian College is working along side with, neither parties know AAHEA is an unknown accreditation agency (legit international institutions may have been fooled, just like Universidad Azteca as per the posts above discussing the same institution). I also believe that this degree is more of a Spanish propio but at the doctoral level. There are red flags, but I am using their platform to prepare me for doctoral studies... just like ENEB, I am not going to be using Validential or anyone else for evaluation purposes, I don't need to have them on my CV/resume at all. Again, I'm thinking of using them for filling pockets of experience/knowledge I am missing...

    Edit to Add: I think this will work well with the CMI Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership offerings in the UK, even though these Level 8 are not DBA, they're similar to Doctoral studies without the dissertation. It can be an affordable addition or supplement, maybe even just doing the CMI Level 8 would be sufficient enough as these can be had for about the same price...
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