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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kizmet, Mar 7, 2020.

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    Sigh... my anonymous posting isn't sufficient enough for you?
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    The problem isn't how it might make healthy people sick. The problem is how it threatens--and sometimes kills--compromised and elderly people.

    Because we did such a horrible job at prevention, we need to work on stretching the curve by slowing its transmission among our communities. That means even if you're not someone particularly threatened by the affliction caused by the virus. Everyone needs to work on ways to create social distance to make transmission more difficult. That creates a wall that helps protect everyone, vulnerable or not-so-vulnerable.
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    From the Huffington Post, but stated publicly:

    Asked about the delays Friday, Trump defiantly said: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

    When asked about his demolition of President Barack Obama’s pandemic response team, Trump called it “a nasty question.”
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    I don't know if any of our members are getting sick. I hope not but I guess it's bound to happen. I expect to get sick at some point but I'm not in a high risk group so I guess I'll fight through it. I'm not really sure what to do though. Self-quarantine and call the MD etc. The store shelves are a lot emptier now and there's less traffic. Everyone is suspending their activities and practicing some degree of social distancing. All the schools are closed. Can't go to the movies. The gym is pretty empty. Maybe I'll read a book.
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    Without testing, you have to treat it symptomatically and be very self-aware of its affect on you. If you have symptoms that are flu-like and persistent, you might have it. But a visit to your health care provider will likely result in palliative care and a recommendation to rest, drink lots of water, and (of course) stay away from others.

    If the test is available, you might get some clarity around your specific illness, but I'm not so sure the results matter. You wouldn't do anything different from having the flu. The test is especially valuable to people who've been exposed but are not symptomatic. It is also extremely valuable to those who are particularly susceptible to the illness caused by the virus, like the elderly and those whose health is compromised--especially pulmonary illnesses. Finally, this thing is horrible because of how contagious it is, making it much more likely people will catch it through community (indirect) exposure.

    I'm 60, but I'm in good health. If I get it, I'll self-quarantine and ride it out, unless my lungs somehow get bad. But I don't want to get it. Even more, I don't want to get it and pass it on to others before realizing I have it. So lave sus manos, everyone! And make sure your Netflix account is paid up.
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    I like entertaining Dr. Levicoff!

    But say, folks...around here, people are hoarding toilet paper and bottled water. The TP I can sort of understand if you're going to have to self-isolate for a couple of weeks (but why so much of it?) but bottled water? Our City water is perfectly safe (though harder than most rocks). I don't get it.

    Meanwhile, though canned and frozen foods have vanished from our store shelves along with pasta, rice, and dried beans, fresh foods abound including marvelous farmed fresh Atlantic salmon. Gas is two dollars. IF this is a panic, it's a pretty pleasant and inexpensive panic.
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    We're shopping at the grocery store in the exact same fashion as always: one week at a time. There is ample reason to take this pandemic seriously. But there is no reason to panic shop as if you were stocking your bomb shelter. The only shortages will be cause by this hoarding. But even that will blow over in a week or two. How much TP can people stock up on?
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    I see Fox has entered Stage Two today.

    Stage One: It's a hoax and an attempt by Democrats to hurt the president. (Because, you know, Democrats are always releasing deadly pathogens to hurt the president's image.)

    Stage Two: It's real and the president is doing an amazing job. All those sick people and the families of the dead should just pipe down.

    Stage Three: It's Obama's fault.

    These stages don't have hard boundaries; you'll seem some blurring during each transition. For example, this is not longer a hoax, but Democrats are using it to hate on the president. Also, Trump is doing an amazing job, but it's still Obama's fault.

    When it becomes undeniable (instead of merely obvious like now) that the president is flailing and failing, they'll go to full-on Stage 3 Obama-blaming.
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    That you even know this means your digestive fortitude is superior to mine.
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    Oh, no. I didn't watch it. Doing that could trigger the zombie apocalypse. I leveraged the reporting of other, trusted sources.
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    Hope everyone is alright and taking this seriously.
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    Yes and no - in that order.
    I've been having fun doing such searches as coronavirus songs, coronavirus jokes, and coronavirus t-shirts. :emoji_mask:
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    There are a lot of existing coronavirii out there. To be accurate, this one is Covid-19.
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    My wife and I are back in the US as of last week. Thankfully, we weren't in one of the countries where screening was required before returning. That would have made our stressful travel days even worse, by far.

    I've already lost out on significant income due to in-person bookings for work being cancelled. I've been doing remote work for several months already, so I'm hoping I get enough to weather the pandemic storm. Also, my new job starting next month is work-from-home, so I'm feeling good about the chance that I will be able to start as planned, and won't have any delays due to lack of need while the country all but entirely shuts down over this.

    No guarantees, however, so I must admit that it's making me nervous. I'm not personally afraid of getting sick, but I'm afraid of what will happen as life slows to a crawl in response to the pandemic.
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    Welders, as a group, are not known as being especially low key people. The joke running around is that we're all the safest on the planet because of the UV waves.

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