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  1. Garp

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    CPU had a number of well known grads and went down in flames. Whether that was just or not has been argued. For their time they were innovative.

    All CPU PhD graduates seem to get painted with derision by people who will say that the degree is a "correspondence PhD" and then point out the damning parts of the California state report that yanked authorization. Yet, even the California state government says that degrees earned during certain periods are still legal for use.

    Also, at one point the State of California apparently deemed them equivalent to accredited PhDs when the state had the "full institutional approval" category before regulation was moved to a new Department and schools were "authorized"? From Wikipedia:
    "On June 2, 1986, the California Department of Education granted all of CPU's programs full institutional approval for a three-year period, ruling that CPU's curricula met California Education Code Section 94310(b)'s statutory requirement of being "consistent in quality with curricula offered by appropriate established accredited institutions which are recognized by the United States Department of Education."[7]"

    So, should CPU PhD's who earned their PhD during the "full institutional approval" period be treated differently even in comparison to those who earned it during the "authorized" period. I realize you cannot force that as organizations and institutions can make their own rules about acceptance.
  2. Garp

    Garp Active Member

    I am thinking that if I were a CPU grad with a PhD earned during that full institutional approval period I would continue to use it and simply put an asterisk next to CPU on a resume or web site saying earned when CPU was granted "full institutional approval" by the State of California (deemed by the State of California as meeting the same requirements as accredited institutions).
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  3. Garp

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    While looking up CPU I noticed Dr. Laura Schlesinger as an alumni and thought how did I miss that before? Wikipedia lists her as a graduate of Columbia Pacific University with a PhD in Physiology. I think someone either made a mistake or deliberately screwed with the page. Her biography on her site says THE Columbia University and is very specific.

    "Dr. Laura holds a Ph.D. in physiology from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, and received her post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of Southern California."
  4. RFValve

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    30 years ago, we did not have many DL options so it was quite normal to see people working as faculty with CPU, California Coast, Kennedy Western, etc. I had a faculty supervisor with a PhD from CPU working at an online accredited University.

    20 years ago, we did not have so many PhD faculty available as we have now, after Touro International U. (TUI) and Northcentral started with their online programs, all the CPU, California Coast, Kennedy, etc PhDs became obsolete and did not see many faculty with these degrees later.
  5. Johann

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    It's been a lot of years (about 19?) since CPU collapsed amid litigation etc. I think it's an empty question, to ask whether grads before and after CPU failed its California sniff test should be treated differently. Whatever one's thoughts, it's very unlikely to happen. Even this long afterwards, employers and/or schools are not going to differentiate - all grads will likely be regarded with the same skepticism. Same results with the general population - book buyers, etc. who have heard the CPU story.

    My take: CPU failed - not because it couldn't provide education, but because the people in charge did bad things. Things that no decent school should/would do. 100% for money - a failure caused by greed. Unfortunately, the consequences continue to affect all grads, whether we (or they) like it or not. We shouldn't even try to rewrite history. Let's consider it a lesson/warning to other schools and move on.
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  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Or, quite possibly, desperation. Still no excuse. As I said before, no benefit will come of rehashing the self-induced debacle any further. Just like a renewed Kennedy Western debate - the time has passed long ago. Or maybe put it just below the all-MIGS forum. Yeah, that's the place for it! Better tell Sheila, Enrique an' them-all to pack a few things. Maybe put some in storage. ...Incoming! Tighter quarters for everyone.
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  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    They put it in the legislation, but no one followed it. Ever.
  8. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I have a different take. CPU wasn't any better or worse than any other unaccredited DL school operating from California at that time, and a whole lot better than most. But the State targeted them because they were HUGE.
  9. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Well, I was about to go back on vacation, but then this opportunity to trash Rich came up - and y'all know that I can't resist the opportunity to trash Rich.

    Yes, the esteemed Dr. Dr. Douglas, who should know enough at this point that when he posts on a subject with which he has a connection, he should include a disclosure statement to ensure that there is neither a conflict of interest nor even the appearance of such a conflict.

    So what is there that he should post when he bespeaks of Columbia Pacific University, of all degree mills? The fact, perhaps, that Cal Pacific's founder, Richard Crews, was one of the two adjuncts on Rich's doctoral committee at Union (the other adjunct was John Bear).

    But I see no such disclosure in Rich's two posts, in which he clearly defends Cal Pacific (which I have always called a degree mill).

    For shame, Rich, for shame! When will you learn? When will you finally demonstrate ethics in your allegedly doctoral conduct? When will you leave me with no way to embarrass you - you know, the way you embarrass yourself so well?

    For shame, Rich! :D
  10. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I have no regrets at having been a consultant in the designing and early operation of this school. I was impressed by the two founders. Crews was a Harvard MD and a long time military psychiatrist, who devoted full time to CPU for many years. Les Carr had previously been president of a large regionally accredited university in Illinois, and another in San Francisco. Three of their full time administrators had also been presidents of regionally-accredited schools. Stuff like that helped with the acceptance of the degrees. Crews died a few years ago. I haven't heard from or about Carr for years, and do not know his fate.
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  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Dr Lester Carr went on to found Columbia Commonwealth University - first in Montana, then Wyoming and finally, Malawi. The site has been inactive for a few years. I did find a 2016 copy on the Wayback Machine - there was a Message from the President, with his name and a picture. The President was an African, not Dr. Carr. I could not find Dr. Carr's name on the site or in a record of court proceedings dated 2017, I think. The proceedings were a lawsuit heard in Blantyre Malawi - Columbia Commonwealth vs. the Government authority for suspending Columbia Commonwealth's accreditation. The school lost the lawsuit. It looks like the school may have closed in 2017. I think the last US operation, in Wyoming would have ceased with that State's "Accredit or Die" law around 2007, IIRC.

    I found about 150 obituaries for Lester, Leslie, Les Carr & similar. Haven't had a chance to narrow them down. If Dr. Carr is still with us, I think he would be around 86 years of age. I think I'll let him alone to enjoy his final years in peace, if he is still able. He was President of Lewis University before being involved with CPU and Columbia Commonwealth. There's a Wiki on Columbia Commonwealth - but says Dr. Carr is Still head. Full of old info.
  12. Rich Douglas

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    Still with the weird obsession. Still boring.
  13. Johann

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    Sorry for turning you into a Dutch or South African one-N Johan, Dr. Bear. Snipping quote, typing quickly. My apologies. Found it too late to edit.

    Two-N Johann - The 100% fake German.
  14. Johann

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    Right. Six weeks ago, I finally got the Internet at home after 27 years ,,,, and this? Well, I did learn a bit about 20 types of Navajo rugs today - that was interesting, at least. Two Gray Hills rugs are still my favourites. Many other nice ones - from everywhere in the Four Corners.
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  15. Garp

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    There is romance in the air between you two! One day the slowly unfolding love story will be a made for TV movie. Dr. Steve and Dr. Rich Levicoff? Or perhaps Dr. Rich and Dr. Steve Douglas? But imagine the breakfast table bickering between the two of you!
  16. Johann

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    They'd better hurry up, then. I'm not saying they're old (I definitely am) but well, Steve is retired and Rich says he's contemplating it. Do we really want to see a decidedly different "On Golden Pond?" Perhaps a remake of "The Odd Couple," or "Grumpy Old Men II." Or, stretching things a bit, "All in the Family, Part Deux." I'll leave you to speculate who plays Archie and who plays Edith. Who do you think could best say "Oh, Archie..." in that disappointed, even horrified tone?
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  17. Rich Douglas

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    No. This is an incredibly imbalanced situation, not a relationship. The guy is a troll. I have nothing to do with him and very little to say about him. He's the most negative person on this board, but it seems to be his only refuge, so he stays at it.

    Don't feed the troll, please.
  18. Johann

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    Or, for any Romans tuning in - Noli beluam pascere. :)
  19. JBjunior

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    This "joke" seems to take a different tone, compared to how I have seen it used in the past, when you are discussing an openly gay man and a heterosexual married man (unless I have Rich mixed up with someone else).
  20. Garp

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    As far as I know Rich is Cisgendered and would not want to sit through a conference with Steve L. much less encounter him every morning at the breakfast table. That said, people are often more pleasant in person than on social media (ie in person Steve may be more civil and engaging).

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