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  1. dede

    dede New Member

    I would like to know why all tests of GRE, CLEP, DANTES (DSST) or ECE (formerly ACT/PEP), are no longer offered in Germany?
  2. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    I'm sure all the U.S. military bases in Germany offer them. Civilians can probably get permission to participate.
  3. dede

    dede New Member

    Thank for prompt reply!

    Do you mean all civilians including non- US citizen?

    If so, where do I find the nearest one to Munich or Augsburg?

    Are they open center for the whole year?
  4. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    Hopefully whether you are a U.S. citizen doesn't hinder you. Find the closest command to your location and contact the Public Affairs office of the command. Explain your situation to them and the worst they can say is no. Most U.S. commands are pretty friendly with the locals and reach out to the communities. I don't know much about locations of the bases in Germany.
  5. Dennis

    Dennis New Member

    I myself did not try to test at military bases but from others I've heard that being a civilian will hinder you to get admission to this testing sites. To my knowledge, there are currently two working CLEP/DANTES testing centers in Europe: one in Geneva and the other in London. London seems to be a good choice for German based students because the flights from Germany to London are pretty cheap. I'd recommend to look whether one of the following airlines offers flights to London in your vicinity: Air Berlin, Easy Jet or Ryan Air. Of course you also can travel to Geneva to take your tests.

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  6. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    I'm American, in the US and a US Army veteran and I can't access US military facilities.

    Dede's question implies that these varied tests were formerly available in Germany and I believe that is incorrect.

    Would I be correct in saying that European universities do not accept these tests for credit and that the utility of these tests is mostly limited to US schools? Dede has not indicated how he or she intends to use the tests.
  7. dualrated2

    dualrated2 New Member

    Contact the testing officer at Heidelberg and see if they test civilians. If you check their website and click on CLEP, it reads like they might test civilians or at least have in the past. The email address is at the bottom of the opening page of their site.

    "Testing is free for eligible military personnel and for some civilians. The unfunded (examinee pays) civilian test fee is $120."

    If Heidelberg tests civilians, other bases in Germany might also. I'd at least inquire.
  8. triggersoft

    triggersoft New Member

    That is absolutely correct.

  9. B.N.

    B.N. Member

    FYI - Easy Jet also flies to Geneva

  10. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    I asked because dede hasn't said how the tests would be applied. Applying them to an American degree not accepted in Germany could be a waste of time and expense.
  11. triggersoft

    triggersoft New Member

    That's just a question of trickiness:
    once they are applied to an American degree, I guess they would also be accepted by EU universities (because they wouldn't know resp. udnerstand where the credits come from: they just see the name of the courses and the credit points, and that would be all right).
    But if you would directly try to apply CLEPs/DANTEs/etc. to an EU degree, I reckon that would not work because our philosophy of education is: going to a course for a whole semester once or twice a week, and getting a grade at the end of these 5-6 months. Thus, testing based credits would not really be respected, at least at the univrsities I know (in 3 different countries).
  12. Will Makeit

    Will Makeit New Member

    I believe from my own experience that the ONLY testing sites in Europe for civilians are:

    1) MST College, London: Next testing date will be in September

    2) Webster university, Geneva: Nest testing date 25th June. See you there if you go!

    They do Clep and Dantes in both places.
  13. dede

    dede New Member

    Thank for all.

    I would like to get my Excelsior degree entirely by testing.

    Dose UNISA accept credit transfer. If yes, how many credit?
  14. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Dede also mentioned GRE which is quite different from CLEP and DSST.

    To recap, Excelsior offers applicable credit for GRE subject exams with maximum credit awarded at a score above 80th percentile.

    Are GRE subject exams available in Europe?
  15. JLV

    JLV Active Member

    Yes, GRE tests are available in Europe. They are available basically everywhere in the world.
  16. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Thank you. The GRE subject tests should be far more difficult than CLEPs or DSSTs but passing them, to be applied to an Excelsior degree, would solve the problem of multiple travels to take multiple tests.
  17. JLV

    JLV Active Member

    Yes, I think so too. What´s the point of spending hundreds of dollars in flights and hotels, plus expensive proctor fees? I think there should be a better stratrategy, and taking GRE´s is, as you said, an excellent way to get credit at a cheaper price. When I was a student in the US, a CLEP examination cost something like $ 20 per examination....
  18. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    Not to argue. U.S. citizens can get passes to get on most military installations. I know this for sure. I live 2 miles from post and I can get on anytime I want no strings attached. Most people never try. It's your money, you should try it. I'm also a veteran. I took tests many, many, many times while I served in the military with civilians. Have a good one.

    It never hurts to ask people.
  19. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Post 9/11, that is surprising. I'm not too far from an AF base so maybe I'll take a run at the gate. :)
  20. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Some military bases have an open base concept and others have a closed base concept. I lived in the greater Seattle area from 1986 to 2001. Tacoma, WA, is home to two bases, Fort Lewis Military Reservation and McChord Air Force Base. Fort Lewis had an open base concept, which meant that they had no problem with me, a mere humble civilian, driving up to the gate, getting waved through, and driving to the education center that had one of the local campuses of Chapman University. On the other hand, when attempting to gain admission to McChord Air Force Base once, it was made very clear to me that (a) I was to turn my vehicle around immediately and go away; (b) if I was interested in attending Chapman University's MS in Human Resource Management program, I should deal with the admissions process via telephone; (c) once admitted to Chapman, I could come on base; (d) that with the provision that I have a student ID, tuition statement, etc.; and (e) I was to materialize only as near to the beginning of classtime as possible and de-materialize as soon as possible thereafter. Anyhow, that's my experience. And things may have toughened up re open base/closed base since 9/11. So it might not be personally against you.

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