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    I personally met someone from Guatemala. Guatemala you remember is the country where Kamala gave her famous "Do Not Come" speech.

    He was one of the nicest people I have ever met and spoke near-perfect English. After being in the U.S. for several years, he told me that he recently quit his job and was planning to go back to Guatemala. I asked him why and he said well life gets boring when mostly what you do is work and that he missed his homeland.

    I had known what I know now, I would have suggested he get a college degree first before returning home.

    A lot of people that come to the U.S. both legally and illegally do end up going back home for various reasons.
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    "Saber rattling" huh...

    I guess people really shouldn't trust Libertarians just like they shouldn't trust the far-Left and any other holder of any and all flavors of One True Teaching.
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    Why? if he needed / wanted to earn one, he could likely get a degree for nothing or almost so from a good Uni in his home country.

    "Many students pay nothing for their education with all expenses covered through government aid. The maximum fee at the public institutions is 150 cordoba (US$40) per semester while the average at the private universities is about US$1,000 per year."

    The country has plenty of schools. Here's a list of their Unis and some info. You'll note that the Autonomous U. of Nicaragua goes back to 1812. We have some Americans on this board who study / have studied via distance degree programs in Nicaragua.

    Do you think America is the only place in the world "good" enough to grant degrees?
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    Please come here and walk around my neighborhood, telling that to every household with "Let's Go Brandon" flag or sticker.

    Seriously, the singer is right in identifying problems; where he is wrong (and quiet exceptionalist) is assuming any other country is problem-free (even relatively, on balance) than the USA. However, what I find uniquely American (and one of the reasons it will be OK, at the end) is this culture of strong criticism. Even up to these extreme degrees. Way better than the saccharine "we are perfect already" attitude that annoyed me so much in Canada, not even mentioning full-blown Fascist jingoism that is huylo's ruZZia*

    *for those who don't know: latin script "Z" and "V" are loyalty brands of choice in Russia since 02/23/2022; the far more common "Z" earning the moniker "semi-Swastika". The popular russian joke is saying drunk russians stole a symbol after WWII, and in usual snafu lost one half and bent the other - hence "Z". This is an adaptation of an old joke featuring Soviet Army NCOs.
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    If we are talking young person in position to get his first college degree, I would recommend doing it to buy some time and rethink an impulsive decision.
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    Not some rando. He's the front man for a band that's a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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    Um, I meant on their part.
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    Indeed, "not some rando." I still wonder why the OP chose not to identify Mr. Armstrong, but left it for someone else (in this case, me) to do. Hmmm...

    This is indeed among the murkiest of threads - murkiness abounds.
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    I'm already planning a future return to Jamaica or somewhere in Africa. The U.S. is good economically but there's no real work-life balance. If I had a good paying remote job, I'd be gone already lol.
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    Nice save attempt. However, they're not "rattling"; My in-laws stayed in Kyiv, and russians just shot up another apartment complex there with a cruise missile. Which is, of course, way better than what Kharkiv experiences, and incomparable with Mariupol, Siverodonets'k, Bucha etc. etc. etc. It's a war.
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    Please. I would prefer a response from Rachel83az. Regarding the citation, I merely clicked the 'reply' link. As I understand -the Degreeinfo software provides a verbatim quote. Is that not correct? There was no way for me to more precisely cite her remarks. As for the the old neo-punk rocker - His CV and accomplishments are not relevant. I will see elections decided in manner with which I disagree, I will see the judiciary make decisions I hate, and I will experience other disappointments. However - I cannot imagine ever cursing the U.S. and renouncing my citizenship.
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    Yes I do. Many developed countries are at least close to the rights and opportunities enjoyed by us. It recently got even worse for our rights because in the developed countries in the rest of the world all women have control over their own bodies. All developed countries except for Poland, Malta, and the USA women have a right to have control over their own bodies. Here in the USA that is no longer true nationwide. Another example, in most other developed countries health care is a right not in the USA. This is why the life expectancy in other developed countries is about 5 years better than in the USA. This is despite the fact that on average we spend far far more on health care per person than any other country in the world. So there are arguably other countries with even better rights than we have here in the USA.
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    I used the term "saber rattling" as a reference to the Putin regime's verbal threats and airspace violations against NATO and other EU countries, not as a reference to their murder and destruction in Ukraine.

    Is that good enough yet or do you want to keep being a jerk to someone who's agreeing with you?
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    Re citation. Not buying it. Quote was indeed verbatim. Then you decided to make it "the US" instead of "American Exceptionalism" that had become a cesspool.
  16. Johann

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    And as for Mr. Armstrong's cv and accomplishments - fine. But he has a name. That's relevant.
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    Yes. Most EU countries. Not all of them, but most.
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    Plus, it's looking like certain factions in the US are looking to make mixed-race marriages illegal again and there's a good chance it'll go through. I don't know of any other country where it is currently illegal to marry someone based on the color of their skin. Gay marriage, too. Though not every country has legalized gay marriage, many have. If the US illegalizes gay marriage again, the countries that do have gay marriage will have more freedoms and advantages than the US.
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    Possibly - but if the person has spent some time in a country and arrived at the decision in a deliberated fashion - (s)he shouldn't be buying time. A degree program in that case merely delays their ability to get on with his life as they have consciously and firmly chosen.

    And if 15 years on this forum has taught me anything, it is this: A degree is NOT a panacea. It's never good for everything, and in some cases, not good for anything. Over those years I have certainly met some people, on this forum and in regular life, with multiple degrees - a profusion of them, in some cases - who are living proof that degrees won't always solve problems. I don't think "buying time" is a good purpose for a degree program. LevelUp's friend, if he needs a degree program. may very well be best served, at minimal cost, in his own country -where he feels he'd be happiest.
  20. Johann

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    If that kind of utter crap goes through, I want Justin Trudeau to build a wall - and Joe Biden to pay for it. And if Joe or whoever's next can't be compelled to - I'll ante up my share to Justin, with pleasure. This is looney tunes - batsh*! crazy!
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